Spicing Up the Kitchen with a Unique Salt and Pepper Shaker

By | Feb 1, 2019

The kitchen won’t be complete without the king and queen of the dining table – the salt and pepper shakers. To many of us, this pair of condiments is life! Without their distinctive flavor, foods are unpalatably boring. And so, they’ve become mainstays in every kitchen.

But aside from literally spicing your dishes, this pair of kitchen accessories can also add zing to your kitchen rack. These ubiquitous kitchen accessories come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials that will help enliven your kitchen.

Some are modern while others are vintage-inspired. There are classic and there are outlandish. Some have seasonal designs while others are for year-round. But whatever design you want, you can certainly find one that will suit your personal preferences.

Below let’s check out a few of our favorite unique salt and pepper shakers and mills.

Hand Grenade Salt & Pepper Porcelain Shakers

Add an explosive detail to your dining table with this pair of porcelain shakers. Made of high-quality porcelain, this salt and pepper shaker combo is designed to look like the hand grenade. Its outer surface looks shiny clean and the details are perfectly carved. Gessato’s unique salt and pepper shaker set is perfect if you love the unusual stuff.

Firefighter Dog with Fire Post Salt and Pepper Shakers

Dog lovers will definitely fall in love with this unique set of salt and pepper shakers. Guaranteed hand-painted by skilled artisans from Cosmos, this Firefighter Dog with Fire Post will surely add beauty to your kitchen rack and leave a smile to anyone. It is made of under-glazed, high-quality porcelain clay which gives it its glistening appearance. And just like any other hand-crafted porcelain giftware by Cosmos, this salt and pepper shakers are made to become classic.

Atlas Copper Pepper Mill

If you want to add something traditional in your kitchen, then the Atlas Copper Pepper Mill is the best pick for you. The copper finish has a very unique classic design that will certainly complement your traditional-themed dining room. It’s made of high-quality copper material which guarantees durability. It also has an ergonomic design that works perfectly for storing and grinding peppercorns into an edible consistency. But more than its aesthetics, the design, construction and material guarantee that it will last for years.

Hug Salt & Pepper Ceramic Shakers

Salt and pepper are like lovers, they’re inseparable. This set of ceramic shakers from Mint Inc.  perfectly depicts the intertwined destiny of these two condiments. Very minimalist in design, Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker showcases the striking contrast of black and white. It seems to tell us that no matter how “worlds apart” things or people are, they can still be in a brotherly embrace. The odd shape of the shaker isn’t only for aesthetics; it also provides added storage and ergonomic benefits.

Christmas Tree Nutcracker Salt & Pepper Shakers

Complete your dining set on Christmas Eve with the iconic Spode Christmas Tree Nutcracker Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. This shaker set is part of the renowned Spode Christmas Tree Collection that was first introduced in 1938. Its festive color and beautiful Nutcracker-inspired design capture the spirit of the Christmas season. It’s also worth to mention that Spode is one of Great Britain’s most iconic brands and definitely deserves a space in your kitchen rack.

Burger & Fries Shakers

If adorable shakers are what you want, then make sure to check out this set of Burger & Fries Shakers. Inspired by the ’50s, this colorful set of shakers will definitely spice up your kitchen. The realistic design and color-scheme give you that “McDonald’s vibe.” This pair of shakers let you imagine munching on your all-time favorite burger without actually getting the calories. They’re also magnetic so you can easily let them stick on any metal surface.

Rubik’s Cruet Salt & Pepper Mill

Inspired by the geek’s all-time favorite pastime – the Rubik’s Cube, this cool pair of kitchen accessories is a unique piece for your kitchen. The creative makers of these salt and pepper mills turned the cubed puzzle into an adorable kitchen gadget. But no need to worry, you won’t have to solve the puzzle to get a pinch of S & P.

King and Queen Salt & Pepper Mills

Last but not the least, this Greenhead King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills Set is something hard to ignore. Modeled on classic King and Queen Chess pieces, the design speaks loudly about this royal pair of seasonings. Salt and pepper are the reigning king and queen of the kitchen. This lovely set of grinders is made from 100% natural rubber wood coupled with ceramic grinding mechanisms. Turn your dining table into this royalty’s kingdom by putting down a checkered tablecloth.

There you have it – our favorite unique salt and pepper shakers and mills that can help spice up your kitchen. Which unique S & P shakers do you want?

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