How Social Media Can Help Your SEO Campaign

By | Feb 7, 2019

Your SEO campaign must include some social media assets. Facebook and other social media websites aren’t just for fun. Big businesses use social media to promote themselves and combining with some SEO, you can get your company well-known in the online environment.

To get some things straight, let’s see what SEO is. SEO stand for search engine optimization and using this tool, you can make your business much more visible on Google search for example. There are a number of ways in which you can use SEO with social media combined. Some things may help in your SEO campaign and get more Instagram followers faster.

Using hashtags

On every social media platform, the hashtag is a powerful feature that can be used in your SEO campaign. If you own a business, you can highlight some important aspects of your business using linked words with a hashtag at the beginning. By doing this, you will gain a steady stream of followers and clients. Every posting that you do must contain a hashtag so you can be found quickly by users on these social media platforms.

Switching from a normal account to a business account

If your profile is old and not updated and made as a person and not as a business, you will need to switch to a business profile. Both Instagram and Facebook have this feature to switch from a personal account to a business account. Once this is done, attention will come faster as you are now seen as a business.

Increase brand awareness

Increasing your brand awareness through social media is important as customers are leaving reviews for your brand and thus, Google will automatically show the review in someone’s search query. The more reviews you get, the number of people that know about you will grow significantly.

Some businesses use Youtube to get followers and only one word present in any of your videos will gather people to watch what you have posted. Also, make the name of your channel to resound with what you are offering or doing.

Go mobile

If you own a website of any kind, make it accessible from a mobile phone as well. Statistics show now that 76% of all internet users use a mobile phone to search for data and entertainment and some of them may stumble upon what you are offering.

Going mobile has even more good parts. If you have advertised your company on other sites that are compatible in mobile view, then the chances in getting known for what you are doing increases significantly.

To conclude the above information, using social media as an SEO is a very good strategy and can land you lots of followers and many positive reviews. There are even apps for getting followers and they use SEO too like some apps for Instagram that can grow the number of people that are watching you.

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