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Technical Debt- Its Causes and Solution

Let’s just assume that you have two ways one is a quickie and another is messy and you are sure things will change in future. The other one results in a tidier design but can take longer to be operational. Technical debt is a metaphor given by Ward Cunningham. It describes as doing the work… Read More »

Why Should You Care About Technical Debt?

Tech debt can be called as elephant in the apartment which the dev team chooses to ignore, they do so at their own risk. Tech debt is basically responsible for a number of issues the team does in creating top quality software quickly, especially when the companies think of more agile approaches. Do you face… Read More »

Various Tricks To Avoid Facing Technical Debt

Technical debt refers to a situation when due to some or other reason when extra development work is required in execution of code. This mainly takes place due to execution of code that that was used for short run but not for overall solution. Tech debt is mainly associated with hardcore programming where refactoring plays… Read More »

Today, Public Universities Lead the Way in Online Learning

Online learning has grown from its humble yet innovative origins into full-fledged learning platforms available worldwide. From independent organizations offering free or low-cost courses to entire degree programs delivered in virtual learning environments, distance education via asynchronous learning networks have developed significantly in the last two decades. While for-profit schools quickly seized these opportunities and… Read More »

Top 5 best camera phones for photography

Photography has developed as a growing passion among the youngsters of this generation. With the advent of smartphone ranges in the electronic and digital market, the authentic idea of taking photo with a camera has shifted to the use of phones for capturing the best moments within a photograph. Phones have out shown cameras in… Read More »

Top 5 Apple iPhones below 20000 in India

Have you been dreaming of owning one of those sleek iPhones from the house of Apple for quite some time, but unable to fulfil your desire due to financial constraints? Learn about the best iPhones priced below 20,000 that are available in the Indian market. The Apple iPhone 5S Apple iPhone 5S which is available… Read More »