How technology can help you escalate your business to new level

By | Jan 25, 2016

Every business person wants to make his business bigger and better. By using right technology, any business can grow faster and create powerful long-term growth. Being a business man, it is necessary that you understand and apply advanced technologies in your work. Technology helps you in increasing business productivity and expands operations. However, the success of business growth demands a few more technological upgrades.

However, there’s no handbook or guideline to grow any business. This blog provides you with some easy and economical way to escalate your business to the new level with minimum equipment like a mobile device, laptop, and Internet access.

Laptop-based softphone software: Softphone application is a software that is installed on a laptop and works like a regular phone. This technology replaces expensive & multi-line telephone units while giving the same functionality at affordable price. It provides fast scaling of the business with an economical solution that blends both voice and data for employees.

Automated call attendant: The Smartphone is the essential tool for success. One can use an automated call attendant to give better customer service to the customers. When a phone is dialed, it’s either responded or the goes to voicemail. Though, a busy business owner or entrepreneur can choose to answer these calls with an auto attendant software that automatically provides a variety of options to the caller. This interactive voice response software offers understaffed start-ups with dynamic call flow handling.

Bulk SMS services: Today, IT companies have come up with a new program that empowers marketers to connect with the target audience at a minimal cost, and this development is called as a Bulk SMS. It is the latest improvement in the field of business promotion. In this program, one can send text messages to a large number of mobile owners in order to promote their services or products and to send alerts to the customers via Transactional SMS.

Toll-free dialing to your phone: Another easy and cost-effective technology is offering customers a toll-free number that dial directly to your mobile phone. Most business owners provide toll-free numbers that connect directly to their mobile phone. However, it’s the best way to build a positive impression on the customers while offering them quality services for free.

Include social media in various ways: Today, we all are active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with big fan bases spread across these three social platforms. Users have Facebook or Instagram on their mobile phones so that they can take a quick view of something interesting on social media. These platforms provide you with the best way to promote your business without paying bucks.

Networking: Mobile technology allows you to have connectivity between employees, workers, vendors, and customers. You can install applications on your mobile device that allows them to connect with others via social platforms. Moreover, you can use web-based applications to make direct communication with the audiences. Real-time information can be used to deliver business benefits and improve customer service.

Skype for Business: For business owners who prefer video discussion or conferencing, the best and affordable option is Skype for them. It is an efficient option for voice, video and desktop sharing.

Time tracking software: This new and innovative software will help you figure out what tasks give you a profit and what do not. It will help you decide what tasks should be outsourced, or updated with the user experience.

So these are some of the best and efficient technologies that can be applied to any business with ease. Technology plays a significant role in improving the customer experience while boosting profitability and freeing up resources to make growth.

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