The Best Places to Eat in Milwaukee

By | Oct 16, 2022

Milwaukee is known for three things, beer, brats, and cheese, so every restaurant here offers a taste of American comfort food with huge portion sizes.  Whether you’re from the area and are looking for new interesting eateries, or you’re new to town and aren’t sure what to try, consider some of these restaurants!  You’ll want to return to them time and time again.

Mader’s Restaurant

If you want a delicious and filling lunch after a long morning of looking at Milwaukee houses for sale, you need to head to Mader’s Restaurant.  As an old-school classic in the city, you’ll get to feel like you’re eating within a piece of Chicago history with a fun twist.  The restaurant plays into the food with Bavarian decor and traditionally dressed waitstaff and makes it a fun experience for everyone.  The food is always perfectly seasoned, and fans love the schnitzel above all else.  

Odd Duck

The highest-rated restaurant on this list, at 4.8 stars out of 5, and a fantastic eaterie year round: Odd Duck is a fantastic stop for anyone.  Whether you’ve been here before or you’re new to it, you’ll always have something new to find.  The ever-changing New American menus encouraged sharing meals and trying multiple dishes while you’re eating.  This is a great way to get as many flavors in as possible, but it’s good to remember this is a small plates restaurant.  Many of these may feel more like tasting-menu portions, but their flavor is worth it. 


One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Sanford, is also the most expensive location on this list.  The service, menu, and flavor are all worth the incredibly high cost, though.  Not only is it tasty, but the presentation ensures that you feel like royalty with edible art pieces bite after bite.  The elegant venue and fantastic staff ensure that every experience here feels like a special occasion.  This restaurant is a must-visit location for important dates and anniversaries.  


If you’ve never had food from Zarletti, you’ll want to run and go as soon as possible.  This moderately expensive Italian restaurant offers creative dishes and delicious wine served by glass or bottle.  You’ll feel like you’re getting pampered as you try the bolognese and are blown away by the ragu.  By the time you try their cannolis, you’ll already start planning when you can come back and eat here again.  Every dish is heaven.  

Swingin’ Door Exchange

This restaurant is the second highest rated at 4.7 out of five stars and is by far the most affordable.  An old-school eatery styled after a saloon, you’ll love the tuna melt, fantastic burgers, and crispy fries and sides.  Every dish here is elevated above the basic origins without breaking the bank to afford it.  

Milwaukee Will Keep You Full! 

One of the most important ways to keep warm through the rough Milwaukee winters is to get your fill of food and company.  Any of these restaurants will leave you full and happy, so consider checking them out! 

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