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Are slot tournaments a thing?

It seems as though humans have been gambling since pretty much the beginning of intelligent civilization, with their being various archaeological finds that point to the sustained use of gambling type games thousands and thousands of years ago. Of course, this has all manifested into where we find ourselves now, with a gambling industry that… Read More »

Are Video Online Slots related to Classic Video Games?

Video games were once something that teenagers played in arcades, but one their popularity was realised, home gaming machines and even mobile, handheld games were created so that more and more people could play them. Now video games can be played via mobile devices like phones and tablets, and rather than having to install big… Read More »

Wondering What To Do Before The Indian Premier League?

You may or may not know that the fantasy sports conglomerate, BalleBaazi is giving all the fantasy sports enthusiasts a chance to win up to 10 Crores rupees. Yes, you read that right. A chance to win 10 Crores rupees. Now that we have your attention, we want you to participate in this league and… Read More »

Fortnite(iOS/ Android): How to change the language on Fortnite

While people are working on a PC or laptop, they also engage themselves in many exciting and adventurous video games. To cut off your boredom, video games are the best. There are Pub-G, Car racing, Fortnite, Minecraft, are some of the best gaming application, on which any gamer love to spend time. To ease access,… Read More »

Top Online Rummy Websites for You to Play

With the rise of online card games, there has been a tremendous growth of gaming websites in India. Now, you can visit any gaming website and find a table to play Poker, Rummy, Blackjack and other popular card games. Because of this shift, the players who used to play card games in offline or live… Read More »