Top 10 Best Purchasing Parameters To Choose The Laptop

By | Nov 21, 2021

All laptops are good at their level. Things that make a laptop one from another are concluded in this blog. These factors help you to compare the things as per your parameters.

Every year a new laptop arrives in the technology market. All have different product specifications so you should know which is the best suitable for your requirements. The main features and specifications that need to be discussed and compared are CPU Speed, Size, Storage Drive, Graphic images quality, card, RAM, OS, and other things.

4K screens are popular these days, high-performing CPUs are also needed, processors are also different, AMD’s Ryzen, Intel Core i5 processor, Intel Core i7 processor, Intel Core i3 processor, etc. align with the professional and gaming needs and make the experience better.

Features To Buy A Laptop For Every day, Professional, Gaming Purpose

As there are so many choices available out there in the technology market, so do any fake deals. There’s a definite set of specifications/ criteria that makes you buy the laptop under your budget.


Size is one of those factors that matter for a clear view. Generally, 14 inches,15.6 inches laptop size is preferred by the people. So decide which size is perfect for you. You can pick a compact size to large screen size laptop for your professional or personal use available in 11.6 inches, to 17.3 inches. 

The different brands have launched the laptops in different sizes but 15.6 is ideal for every person’s need. With the laptop size selection, you should also look at the weight that will be comfortable to hold for long hours. The weight is ideal from 1 to 4 kg. But now the laptop manufacturing companies design the laptops 1 to 3 kgs. 

You can also buy Notebooks Laptop because they deliver great performance, power, and are portable to use anywhere. You can also go for the convertible laptops so you detach the keyboard and use them as a tablet.

Please discover your needs: long battery life, portability, graphic designing, editing, gaming, office work, etc.

Keyboard quality

If you’re a writer, data entry operator, or coder then you need a laptop keyboard pad that should be comfortable and fast that can deliver a great user experience with all the keys. The keyboard is organized with function keys, page editing keys(page down, page up, keys, home, delete, end), arrow keys, alphanumeric keys, etc.

Nowadays laptops are manufactured with backlit keys that look attractive in a dark ambiance makes your gamin fun experience full of thrill. Although, it consumes the battery of the laptop. While you’re visiting a laptop dealer showroom then give the laptop keyboard a try and practice yourself to experience the speed and performance. 

Screen Quality & resolution

Your laptop screen should be comfortable and does not reflect the glare direct to your eyes so you can work for long hours without any disturbance. The laptops are offering Ultra HD, Full HD screen resolution for a better sharp quality of screen and graphics. With your selection prices gets higher so think before you buy if it aligns with your budget.

If you are involved in graphic designing, video editing, or other photographic, digital content creation work then Ultra HD laptops are suitable for you.

You also consider the response time(less than 5ms) and faster refresh rate(starting with 300Hz) for smooth, fast, and high-responsive top-notch playing and editing purposes.

Pay attention to the IPS display viewing angles as per your comfort level.


Whenever you search for the laptop buying factors, RAM or Random access memory is a significant part of the list. For entry-level laptops or beginners, 4GB RAM was sufficient but now the laptops are designed with the 8GB DDR3 and DDR4 RAM drives which signify the design component responsible for the data transfer. DDR5 is expected to be released in the 2022 laptops.

You have to consider a laptop with a dual-channel, for a faster data transfer. You can ask the dealer if your laptop is compatible with the RAM upgrade, therefore if you don’t need much RAM now, you can expand the laptop RM with your futuristic requirements. It will not bother your savings, it is quite affordable to upgrade the RAM.

Storage Drives(harddisk or SSD)

We have two options for the storage purpose drives that are HDD and SSD. Nowadays laptop manufacturing companies are focusing on developing a lightweight, stylish, sleek design that is tough with HDDs therefore you may find laptops with SSDs that have a long service life as compared to HDDs and higher speed and performance. This characteristic makes the thing convenient and comfortable as per your investment and the laptop with SSD storage is a decent deal for every individual.

SSDs drives have set the standard bar for their sleek design, loading, reading, writing speed, and durability. Your system starts faster. SSDs are available in different storage variants 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, the price of SSDs is comparatively higher than the HDDs.

Modern-age laptops are coming with the NVMe SSD that are a bit more expensive than usual laptops.


Intel Core processors are the premium voice for every need that delivers high-response, faster processing, with a lot of technical features. Intel offers the high-performance processors of silicon giant i3, i5, i7 that can manage all the major tasks related to coding, programming, designing, with a great quality of the graphic card. 

While you are working on the laptop that also produced the heat the level is different for different brands. Despite all the factors, Dell and HPs are affordable and high-performance brands. If you are comfortable spending a bit more than Apple Macbooks are the best one to pick for every need related to video editing, graphic designing, or programming purposes.

If you are buying a laptop for gaming purposes then consider the laptops with AMD Ryzens. For many affordable deals, you can pick notebooks with AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU designed with a VEGA graphics chipset. If you are confused between Intel and AMD and your main purpose is gaming then go for AMD with a premium quality graphic card that supports all the hardware and software needs.

Biometric Security

To keep your device secure look for the security options that your laptop is offering till now their two-factor authentication and password for safe logging are offered but nowadays technology has reached to advanced level and companies are designing the devices with fingerprint sensors and face recognition. Smartphones have already been equipped with this feature Samsung smartphones are offering fingerprint sensors on the side, HP and Dell are also packaging the laptop with these security accessibilities. It will keep your device secure from unauthorized access. 

Type-C ports

Smartphones are coming with type-c ports by understanding the futuristic need and technology development laptop brands are enabling the type-C ports for the multi-utility support, compatibility, better connectivity, speed, and processing of the data. Now, users don’t have to worry from which side you have to connect the USB cable.

The dongle, pen drives, and other portable devices are designed with Type-C ports. Now users don’t have to navigate the 2.0, 3.0 ports devices then can directly purchase type-C devices. Thunderbolt 4 ports USB Type- C is the best for every need.

Connectivity (Wifi, Ethernet, or LTE)

Without connectivity or internet accessibility half of the tasks will not be possible and the laptop is of no use.  Laptops are available with LTE, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer, and internet accessibility.

LTE is responsible for mobile data signals connectivity. It is an advanced way. to connect the laptops with a dedicated prepaid data plan and enable the high speed which you have to recharge after a validity time.

Ethernet is an outdated way to access the internet as we already have fast-speed internet connectivity mediums.

Wifi means connecting to your workplace router and mobile hotspot. These are the most comfortable connectivity options because you can access the internet anytime anywhere in a safe environment. You can quickly enter the work environment and sign in and sign out from the devices in a few seconds. The speed depends on the signal strength, laptop-router interface, and location. 

Use a fast internet connection, router and position it to an open environment where the signals can produce at high speed and enable you high downloading uploading speed. Wifi Network cards technology has also improved Wifi4, Wifi5 are the older versions. For the best dedicated faster speed, internet connection installs WiFi 6 4G connections or WiFi 6 5G connections. Both are good for regular or professional use.

Battery Life

For the disturbance-free long working lifestyle and gaming experience, the laptop should have durable battery life that can run almost 4-7 hours. The battery is exhausted by the internet access, Bluetooth connection, screen brightness level, background apps, online video streaming, playing high-process games, graphic designing work, and other processing things. Ultrabook Chromebook, Windows 10, Windows 11 are best at battery performance level. Pick a laptop that enables fast charging and less heat.

The laptop is a thing that you will not purchase every year. Mostly, the user operates a laptop for 3-4 years and then upgrades. Although the components sustain for 1-2 years and after that, they upgrade the components. Nowadays laptops are tested over multiple parameters in this list, sweat, rain, dust, and humidity protection are included. Pick a laptop brand that delivers the best assembling building quality and that components are easily available and compatible with all other software and hardware. 

Wrapping up this guide now, with simple advice, check all the factors we have listed here. Compare them with your budget and requirements and then look for 2-3 options. We are talking about more than 1 option therefore if 1 model is not available you don’t have to compromise with your specific needs, therefore, the deal would be convenient and worth it for you.