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Have You Facing Problems with Home Wifi Setup, Get The Solution Here

We all have a home setup if you are a student then this space you use to attend your online lectures and classes and if you are a working professional then the space is used to complete your tasks, virtual meetings, and other things. To manage things from home we all should have a dedicated internet connection to connect tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

If your classes schedule and your parents’ meeting and working hours fall at the same minute then the wifi speed gets slower automatically. Nobody can focus on their tasks and things will get delayed. You’ll not be able to connect with your friends, colleagues, teachers on virtual call groups. Faster speed internet connection is a prime requirement nowadays for every student and professional.

The need for this internet service is not limited to only educational resources, accessibility resources, accessibility, and meetings but it is also a necessity of the entertainment platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, MX Player, etc. No matter how wonderful features your devices and gadgets have besides that if your Wifi does not give you high-speed internet support then nothing will be productive.

You can’t tell your mom to stop their work or access the internet as their work is also important. As the problem does not last for one day, the situation will be the same every day. You both can’t resume your schedule. We need a permanent solution to resolve it.

Boost up WIFI accessibility and enjoy your work and entrainment time

You can ask the network providers about the upgradation of WiFi standard, speed, network range, performance level.

Router Spot

Router catches the internet signals and enables high-speed connectivity to all corners of the home and available devices. The router should be set up at a spot where it can receive proper signals. Keep your router in an open place otherwise, it will be harder to connect the devices. If the spot is congested with stuff and too many systems or boxes or items are positioned near the router it will create a disturbance to produce the signals and impact the speed and performance of the internet router.

Basements, Congested corners, inside rooms, are not the proper place to position the router. Upgradation of the Firmware will resolve this problem at some level.


Every Internet Service Provider claims that they install high-speed routers for you with decent internet speed at affordable prices. It is true at some point but now you are connecting multiple devices the whole day so to keep enjoying the high-speed internet without any disturbance you need to upgrade the internet plans and services. 

You need to spend more to purchase high-speed internet plans so you can watch your favorite web series, movies, videos, or games, etc. over the internet by connecting Smartphones, PC and Android, or smart TVs. 

You can ask the support from ISP to subscribe to high-speed internet plans hence all the devices can connect well and stream the apps and calls efficiently. Upgradation of the modem will be worth it for you.

Install Mesh

Upgrading the router, its location, or increased data plan subscription may resolve your problems to access the internet connection but in case, your home has a huge area then installing a Mesh System will resolve the internet connectivity issue for multiple devices. It will boost up the internet speed across the rooms of your home.  All the access points will reach out to the Wifi signals through this Mesh-router arrangement and you can enjoy the high-speed internet with no disturbance.

Mesh setup is one of the best ways to eliminate the poor Wifi connection and will level up the speed. No matter where you’ve seated the mesh setup will make the internet accessibility better.

Routers frequency 

Wifi routers are categorized with two different frequencies. ISPs offer a suitable router according to your home requirements so that the router can produce high-speed internet performance accessing the frequency signals.

High frequency improves the connectivity point’s performance. All the devices operated efficiently without interference. If you have a router with 2.4GHz it offers a better reach across your home network however upgrading the frequency to 5GHz will speed up the 2.4GHz device’s performance.

You can talk to your service provider, and subscribe to an ideal frequency router to connect the devices.

New-gen Wifi connection 

  • How many years ago, you subscribed to the wifi connection? 
  • Have you ever thought about upgrading your Wifi connection?
  • Which wifi standard is available at your home? Is it WiFi 4 or WiFi 5 or WiFi6?

Technology has upgraded over the years such as WIFI and if you haven’t upgraded your home wifi setup till now. It’s time to upgrade your Wifi.

Upgradation is required as it eliminates the network disturbances elements, and makes better reach to available devices. You get advanced connectivity, speed, performance, and flexibility over multiple devices and connections points. 

If you are using a Wifi router 802.11ac then you can skip the upgrade for now but if you have an older version of Wifi technology upgrading is essential to get the full support.

Wifi 6 technology routers are best at each level whether it is speed, performance, or reach across all corners of the backyard and front of your home with multiple devices connected. It is reliable, affordable, and accessible.

You will get high-end performance routers and mesh devices to boost up the internet signals reach of your home. Now, you can continue to your convenience and comfort level including online classes, virtual meetings, music, and binge-watch. Upgraded Wifi technology offers connectivity support to more than one device.

Sometimes devices are not able to establish a dedicated connection because of weather conditions. When it raining or humidity occurs the frequency of Wii internet gets affected and creates a disturbance in catching signals. Things get normal after it passes. Wifi booster may help to operate things but you don’t have to panic and everyone should understand this basic fact that nature situations also impact the network & connectivity at some point.

Phone Hygiene/ Cleaning Tips to Improve the Performance and Health

To stay connected with your professional and loved ones there’s one thing that is very significant to you is your phone. Only thing is that you will not leave your house or even from one room to another room and why not the phone has everything from educational apps and sites to entertainment, health and travel monitoring apps, podcasts, professional collaboration meetings, business functionalities,  calls, chats and all.

The whole day the phone is either on our hands or desk surfaces. We don’t see the place and keep them whenever you have to do some tasks or rest from a busy schedule.

The world population talks about the hygiene and pollution-free environment and therefore they only do their home, surroundings, self-care while they forget about their gadgets, TV remotes, and smartphones. In reality, and by considering the reports when you will see the gadgets or devices through the microscope the germs will be found therein a huge percentage.

During this pandemic, when people come home they wash off their hands, and clothes as a safety concern but keep aside the phone and start using them without sanitizing. It is an invitation to bacteria issues and other infections.

Why is it essential to sanitize or clean the smartphone/ gadgets?

We go out to public places or crowded areas. The air is not fully clean, it is contaminated with dust particles, germs, and bacteria that cause serious infections and allergies. While you come in contact with the device’s surfaces or anything and you hold the phone, the bacteria move over to your phone and make them contaminated.

If you are sick or have sneezing or cough issues and spend most of the hours then the phone becomes a comfortable space for germs. It can travel around the clothes corners, surfaces, or anywhere you touch or come into contact. Try to use the phone’s minimum to reduce the risk of infection. 

Everything has gone digital and that’s why we spend more time on the smartphone to make digital transactions, scanning codes for different applications and managing chats and calls. The smartphone is like a bus to bacteria that take them anywhere from the phone.

We touch the germ-infected surfaces then touch the phone without sanitizing or cleaning our hands then keep them close to our pockets. You wash your hands to remove the dirt and germs infection, then again take out your phone from your pockets and use it. You again come in contact with germs as you have only disinfected your hands but not the phone. The germ directly goes inside the body and causes serious health problems.

We have a bad habit of keeping our phones near us on the side table or bed. The germs are at every open place no matter how much you keep the safety initiative. 

Motorola has suggested a modest way to disinfect the gadgets and devices that is to spray water on-screen and wipe it out with a microfiber cloth.

To clean the germs or disinfect the devices many liquids and disinfectors are available but Apple has not supported all of them. To maintain the hygiene of devices, Apple has suggested a few ways to make things easier.

You can use water, cotton swabs, cleaning gloves, microfiber cloth, isopropyl rubbing alcohol as the standard cleaning methods.

All of these will work the best depending on your phone’s body structure and building quality. Mainly the phones are waterproof, non-waterproof, water-resistant.

  • Many devices have been developed to kill the germs and bacteria from your hands as well as from your smartphone screen. Phonesoap is one of those that can remove germs through UV light. It also enables the charging capability to charge your phone. It takes a few minutes to sanitize your phone.

You can purchase this device from Amazon or any other online store. This device is compatible with all kinds of smartphones.

  • The development and manufacture of waterproof smartphones is a talking point of all the discussions going on in the smartphone industry. If you are using a gadget or any smartphone with the assurance of waterproof property then you can do the cleaning as follows:

To do this, wear gloves so the dirt or fingerprints will not appear on the screen and body of the phone. You need to make a solution spray with rubbing alcohol and distilled water so you can use it whenever you want to clean the gadgets. Spray it on the screen and take cotton swabs to clean.

If you are not able to arrange the distilled water and rubbing alcohol then the easiest way is to purchase the laptop screen cleaner from the market. It comes in gel or liquid form. You just have to spray it on the screen, take a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. 

 Now, you can use your phone with more safety and prevention.

Some phones are not waterproof. Cleaning them with water may disturb the functionality of the phone. The water can go inside the phone. 

To clean the phone with wipes, you can ask in the local market or any computer shop. These wipes are easy to carry and do not impact the phone. These wipes can also be used to wipe off electronic devices, gadgets, remote controllers, etc. It is one of the convenient, affordable, and safe ways to maintain the hygiene of smartphones and other devices.

The way you clean and take care of your body regularly, you should also clean the electronics devices, smartphones, or remote control. Dirt creates a blockage in pathways or ports, impacts functionality, and slows down the performance of the devices and phone. It will be best to take care of all the things by following the suggested methods we have mentioned in this post. 

If you have any other methods to maintain smartphone health do share them with us. It will help the users a lot and make them comfortable.

Top 9 Internet Browser Accessibility Methods on MAC

Web developers are responsible to design websites that are good at each factor including appearance, layout, functionality, easy user interface, responsive, developed with friendly themes. So, it can be visible in top search results and can be accessible on different browsers. For this, they install & download different plugins, extensions and advanced the functionalities of the website.

After designing the website and associating the plugins, we need to run the URL on different browsers to know the web browser compatibility hence in case of any compatibility issues we can resolve that.

We begin the process with Google Chrome browser,  Firefox, Safari, internet explorer is another option but it is not available on Mac.

There’s a huge difference between the technical behavior of Microsoft and Apple and that’s why they have their browsers.

How to test the websites on the Mac system?

If you are using Mac and want to test the website on internet explorer then you can follow these options:

Safari Browser

Every Mac user searches over the Safari web browser. To test your website on Mac, you need to access the developer tools.

Open your Safari browser and access the menu options. Select the Preferences > Advanced > develop menu.

The developer mode will be enabled. Go to User-agent, select the internet explorer. After this, the window will get refreshed.

Now, you can check how it will look on the internet explorer browser.

If all the elements go with the layout and screen then you can switch back to the original mode.

BootCamp Assistant 

This software is designed for the Mac system to extend the functionality of other OS. It is very useful to Mac users. Using this software you can have and explore the functionality of two OS on one system. Like you switch two email accounts on the same computer it is something like that. So just go, install and boot and enjoy the accessibility of the applications and software available on the windows system.

Remote Internet explorer 

To access the cross-browser compatibility, remote Internet explorer that is based on the concept of cloud atmosphere. This application allows you to access internet explorer on any system reducing the hurdle of dependency.

Now you don’t have to worry about website testing or the arrangement of a new system working with Windows OS. Now, the individuals are not using this much but they are working on other projects for the same utility.

Manage Mac desktop on another system

Many times when the system is not working properly and we want to manage the important tasks before the deadline gets over. The remote Desktop Application is here to do all the tasks on another system. Get access to others’ systems and connect your computer to the system you’ve access to. This accessibility helps you to work from any remote location on any system.


If you’re not interested in installing the setup of the virtual machine on your Mac OS system then it’s Ok. We have another way to do your windows compatible tasks whether it is gaming or website setup & development. Winebottler application is developed to manage the developer things on a Mac system without getting the support of virtual machines. You can import the windows file with .exe format and operate it on Mac os in the presence of WineBottler.

You don’t have to pay for this software and you don’t have to make changes in file format. Winebottler is a useful utility tool/software to manage or download the Windows-based application/ software games over the Mac system and experience the fun of both OS-based applications.

IE on local virtual machines 

Searching for the standard way to access the internet explorer. Here, you can do this by using the local virtual machines by which you can work on a different OS system.

Local Virtual Machine facilitates you to convert a Mac PC with a virtual Windows platform to run the Internet Explorer. It is a kind of parallel type of arrangement to run two OS on the same system. You can also try the Oracle Virtual Box setup.

Windows 10 Dev Environment

If you want to test your websites, on Internet explorer then the Windows10 dev Environment is great to do this task. It is a comfortable and a sort of remote virtual environment for developers to overcome their stress. You need to set your preferences for the website regarding the browser accessibility, OS, and virtual machine.

You can run the compressed file available for the browser, you can open this zip file/folder on your Mac OS system. The duration of the virtual machine setup lasts 90 days. 

Explore Browser Extensions

The extension is used to advance the functionality of web browsers. If you want to run the webpages on IE then we have an extension for you that will help you to drive the windows supported websites on MacOs. It is the IE Tab extension that can be installed on the Google Chrome web browser. To install this extension, on the Google Chrome web browser, explore the more tools > extension > then a tab will appear where you can type the name and download. 

You can download the IE extension from the Google Chrome Web store.

You can also go to google chrome browser, and type the name of the ‘IE tab’ extension and download it from there.

Cross-Browser testing utility tool

The most comfortable and easy way to test the websites over multiple browsers with a single tool. It is called the Cross-Browser Testing tool, which gives you accessibility to test the compatibility of websites over the internet on different browsers. It gives quick, accurate, and high-performance results for the browser compatibility for the apps and websites.

You can easily install the tool on the Mac system, and explore the functionality of testing. Many other extensions and tools are available on the web to access the Internet Explorer on the Mac system.

We have concluded all the best methods in this post in a simple tone. We hope, you found this post insightful and helpful you!

Access iPhone music playlist, files, apps, contacts, email to android

Android and iOS are the two main OS chosen by smartphone users. If you no longer want to use your iPhone and want to make a shift to an android phone. We can make things easier for you. 

Android and iPhone phones offer different features and functionality. The bot is good at its level of security, performance, and accessibility. If you have never used any android phone and have doubts after making a shift to an android phone.

Many software, switching tools, and data transfer cables are available in the tech market that lets you switch over the devices. So, what accessibilities you can access you only.

6 things you can manage on iPhone and Android efficiently


When we buy a new phone the first thing we think about is the files stored on the old phone. To manage the files in a professional way across all the Apple devices we have iCloud and its services while on the android phone Google Drive makes it possible to.

For this, you can open these apps on your Mac on your PC. You can easily drag and drop the files from Apple iCloud to Android Google Drive. 


Email accounts accessibility is one of the most important things that you will want to get without any hassle or complexities. You want all your emails as soon as possible on your new android smartphone. If you are using the Gmail account on your old phone then the process is to simply open the Gmail app and type your email address and password to get back the access. You can have more than one Gmail account on your android smartphone.

In case you have an Apple or outlook or Hotmail or Yahoo account, you can get the accessibility from the same place. Access the Gmail account interface, setting > add account > type the email address and get the accessibility

Apple iMessage on android device

iOS and Android are two different platforms. To manage the messages Apple has iMessage and Android has messages. To access all the messages on your new phone, you have to follow a few steps:

Open iMessage app > settings > Messages > turn off the toggle > also off the Facetime.

Then go to Apple’s Deregister iMessage > No longer have your iPhone? > enter phone no. to get a confirmation message through the link.

To receive the messages without any disturbance above two steps are compulsory.

iSMS2droid is an app that gives you the accessibility to import all messages on your new phone. For this, you’ll need to take a manual backup of specific files, and then you can transfer the new files or messages to your new phone.


App Store and Google Play store offers different types of apps based on their OS compatibility. You can’t access any app across these platforms. Many apps are designed and developed for both platforms in free and paid versions.

If you are using an app on iPhone that is also available on the Google play store then you can access it through the web browser. You just have to log in with your email/username and password and you’ll have control over your app’s account.

Android apps let you explore the user interface with tools, customization options, control options. You can also make changes to settings and manage the efficiency of your apps.

Calendar, contacts & photos

The three accessibilities & utilities are one of the most useful and core things you can get on your android phone from the iPhone. By single google account, you can backup and access the calendar, contacts & photos across PC and phone.

Take your iPhone, download Google Drive app on your phone, log in to your google account.

Go to menu options and tap on settings. Tap on backup. Select the files and categories you want to take the backup and access on your android phone. You can backup all the things at once or do it manually.

You will need a wifi internet connection for this process. If it is not available at the moment you can proceed later. Once all the things are backed up, get your android phone. Log in to the Google account to access google calendar, google contacts, google photos.

With this accessibility, your contacts, photos, and important date & events will be secured and you don’t have to remark or add them again. Google has given the accessibility through different apps to categorize important dates, events, photos, contacts.

On an Android phone, you don’t have to download Google photos or any other google. These are installed by default, you only have to log in.

Music files

The days have gone by when you have the complexities to transfer the data from an iPhone to Android but the problem has been resolved by apps offered for both platforms. Now, you can stream your favorite music on Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Apple music. You just have to access the Google play store through your google account and all the playlists will be available to you in a few steps.

Another way to get the personal playlist on the device is to install a music manager app according to the device compatibility of PC and Mac. The music manager app gives the accessibility to streaming the playlist from PC and iTunes in various formats. No issues were raised about digital rights management protection.

You can import the Google Play music playlist and iTunes playlist on your computer through the Music Manager app.

Some people love to stream or listen to music on Youtube. For this, Youtube has launched a separate app Youtube play music. These playlists can also be accessed on the android phone and iPhone.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an android phone everything has become possible to shift across the devices without any difficulty. There are cloud storage apps, and other platforms cross-functional apps available that offer the accessibility to access the data over any device anywhere.

Spare your free time in these Google Games or PC games at no cost

While working at our workplace we all get bored at some point. We feel the need to do some fun activities or chats. You can’t play heavy games like PUBG or others in the office but some games are offered by Google and can eliminate the boredom and freshen up your mood to complete the tasks.

Play Google games when you go offline on PC

You don’t need to arrange any other gaming console or tool to play these Google Games. It can easily play on your office systems. If you are done with your tasks or there’s nothing to do or spare time you can play Pac-man, Tic-Tac-Toe, dinosaur, or flight simulator.

Text-based adventure games

Google enables gaming accessibility for its users to avoid boredom. You can play text-based or visual games in your free time. Use the google search bar to type the terms and find the one you want to play on your system’s browser.

Go to the hidden google chrome console, type the text adventure to get it on your screen.

Use right-click on the browser’s window then Ctrl + Shift+J for browser accessibility. Confirm yes, once you tap on entering the game will get started.

Follow the game instructions, and use the commands to continue with your text-adventure games.

Flight Simulator

It is one of the most popular games available for PC users. People who love to fly in the sky full of stars can experience the atmosphere through this game. This app can be installed separately on your computer. To get the accessibility of the flight simulator Google Earth Pro should install it on the PC. To play this game, Ctrl+Alt+A. It’s such a nice game to spare the free time.


You may have heard the name of a famous spider solitaire game that is default installed on various Microsoft Windows PCs. It’s categorized as a card game. This Solitaire game is also available at Google Search. You just need to type the term solitaire or patience game and hit the play button to start the game. Set the difficulty level. Follow the rules and play the game.

Pac Man

Google browser allows you to play a classic, easy, popular game without any problem on your computer in your free time. It is a very quick pass-time game that doesn’t need any other information to play. It is available in HTML 5 version in a basic format web results for all. Search Pac man by its name. Start the game with a play button and control the game activities and moves with arrow keys available on the keyboard.

Google Dinosaur

When the internet connection gets disturbed or not finding the proper to establish the connection you see the small dinosaur on screen. It indicates the Google Chrome browser dinosaur game. It is a very simple game to play with the space key.

In this dinosaur game, there are obstacles in the path. You should jump over the cactus tree.

Google Doodle Games

The google doodle changes every day. It is a combination of art and entertainment. Now the google doodle has turned into a dynamic and interactive experience. You can have fun with its past and current google doodle mini-games. These games are available at the Google Doodle archive.


Along with Google-free games you have the accessibility to play Android cloud games. If your status is offline on the Google Android app you can have fun with games. You just need to tap on the animated icon and the game will open on the screen to play.

It is designed in flappy birds style where you have to fly the clouds without touching the birds, these are obstacles inside the game.

If you are not interested in google games there are few other popular games that you can play without going online but you have to install them on a PC that will consume the RAM space and system space. If you are comfortable doing so, give them a try. Search the details of their official sites for a full understanding of the gaming interface and their setup.

High-performance ancient character standard PC games 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

When a game is in its development phase there is a story, ideology, culture or background interest, place. The concept of the game is derived from ancient Greece culture. In this game, you have weapons, different play styles that you can upgrade with each passing level or mission, or standard of the game. 

You will not feel bored at any moment as you have the opportunity to defeat your enemies to have interesting intense sword fights. You can select your favorite characters according to their capabilities and your comfort level. You have a choice to become a living legend or an odyssey in search of hidden interests or stories.

All these games are perfect to have casual game activity fun without spending money or installing the setup.

Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops 4 

It is an interesting game to play. You can play it solo or with your friends in multiplayer mode. Many maps are included with these games that too on offline mode so you don’t have to worry about the internet. This offline game also enables the 3 zombie maps without internet accessibility. You can make your battles intense and tough from the gaming interface to enhance the interest and experience of the high-performance high-tech games.

You have the accessibility to play over all modes, grabbing the flags on the battlefield, at full-fledged action mode. You can go over the solo mission or multiplayer mission. New features and weapons have been updated with the new version to enhance the excitement level of the battles.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Want to experience the fun of the Skyrim world. Install this game on your PC and get the experience of a pro gamer. Try the battle rounds and intense fight with your enemies in your favorite character. In the elder scrolls V: Skyrim you are entering into the fictional world of true beasts and dragons.

Here you can see the glimpse and atmosphere of Nordic mythology. It is the 5th franchise of this game series and if you have played the previous version this will be comfortable for you. Take a tour to all cities of Skyrim fighting with your enemies and utilizing the modes and their functionalities, weapons, and extraordinary power. The journey as a  legendary Dragonborn will be fun and full of excitement.

This game will not disappoint you at any moment. You can play it overnight and for hours and get addicted to its modes and battle rounds.

Go and install these games to your PC to spare your time and refresh your soul. It will charge you to do productive work with more energy. There are a few games that will addict you so don’t waste long hours playing these games when you have no work or getting bored with a routine. 

Discover new tech tips for better accessibility of PC apps services

Quick tips and commands make our life simple and fast. Whether it is apps or PC programs everything will become easy to manage. Everyone should know the shortcuts of different gadgets to discover the thighs faster.

These quick tips and shortcut tips will save a lot of time to do productive things. For workaholic people, these trips are so much relief. There are thousands of tricks and tricks available on the web for fast work completion.

10 daily hacks and shortcuts you should know to be tech pro

Plug-in USB

Have you ever noticed the USB drive or USB cable connection?

It does not set up the first time. To connect the cable or drive correctly, you should check that symbol imprinted there. Is it pointing to horizontal or vertical? See the symbol face to stream things in the right way.

Recent Tabs

Every programmer and tech geek opens multiple tabs in their browsers. Due to so much hustle, sometimes we close the most useful tabs. To re-access, the apps, open the browser’s history and click on the recent tabs. To search any other important tab you can navigate other tabs listed in the history.

To open the recently closed tabs you can press the shortcut keys combination Ctrl+Shift+T. Mac PC users Command+Shift+T.

Youtube Video Link

We all love to watch videos on YouTube. Do you know that you can share your favorite music with your friends from youtube? YouTube gives you accessibility to share music videos via link. You just need to navigate the option of copy link tap on that now you can paste this link on any app Whatsapp, Instagram or go to message app to share this link.

You have another way to share the link from youtube, click on the share option given below the title text, list of your contacts will appear on the youtube interface just tap on the appropriate member name and hit on the send. It is so simple.

Advanced search content 

Want to access the specific website for a specific purpose. Here is a way for you,  use the command operator “site:”. Go to the Google search bar type the site:, enter the website URL just after the colon, and hit the search button. The search outcomes will be presented on the screen. 

You can type all the terms without quotation marks in your browser and still the website will appear in search results.

Junk Text

Spammers send too many junk emails and texts. The situation is quite irritating and sometimes it becomes hard to handle. It consumes the space of your phone. To stop them we only know about the block option but to handle it in a more advanced manner you can report such texts via text message to 7726. This action is given by GSMA’s Reporting Service. The messaging app also gives the accessibility to report junk messages. To do this locate the option of “Report Junk” and you will get relief.

Voice text typing in Google Docs

Most of the apps and google search engines give us the facility to type the text without hand movements. You can use the mic or voice typing facility. If you want to type long text, message, or mail and you are not in a comfortable situation to type in Google Docs. You can utilize the voice typing facility. But first, you have to enable voice typing accessibility in your google docs. You should also specify the commands for various purposes. It will ease your life and you can send the text and email at the right time.

Disney Plus Accessibility

Nowadays movies are released on OTT platforms and to watch them later people try to save or download them at their end. There are multiple OTT apps and channels are available that facilitate the video streaming services on demand. Netflix, Disney Plus is quite popular. You can download the movies from Disney plus App by just clicking on the download icon. Now watch your favorite movies whenever you get free time. 


We take so many screenshots in a day for fun or to save something really important that can’t be noted down. Taking a screenshot is much simpler than writing the text. Sometimes we only want to capture a single corner or middle part of the image but in the screenshot, the overall frame gets clicked. To separate the import view you can crop them and save them for further use.

On Android mobile, you just have to tap a combination of buttons or any shortcut icon. But to do this on MAC or Windows PC we have another way. 

Mac Users- 


Windows Users-

Start Menu> Search Bar> Snipping tool

Now select the pointers to cut down the part of the image according to your preferences. Snipping tools facilitate drag and drop cutting accessibility so uses the cursor or mouse to do that.

Find Whatsapp messages

Whatsapp is the most popular, most frequently used application for calls, massage, and sharing images, videos, audios, and other things. For an entire day if you don’t check WhatsApp on your phone you will receive the bombard or cluster of the message. It is hard to locate the important messages from the sea level cluster.

You can search for any WhatsApp message on Android phones and iPhones. You can go in-depth of chats and find the one of your use. Go to the search icon of your WhatsApp and type the specific related terms to get the message.

In iOS phones, the search icon is replaced by a search bar so you can type there.

Unsend Email

It is the most useful trick or utility for all the professionals who spend their day sending and replying to email conversations. If the email is sent to an unauthorized person it may create problems or misunderstandings. 

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you accidentally send an important email without checking all the queries, details, tasks information, tags and grammatical errors to anyone then you can just modify the things and take the needful action in a simple way? 

Access the setting of Gmail and set the unsend email time period from 5 seconds to a minute. Now next time whenever you want to send the email for modification and improvements of details you have time to unsend.

Along with this, there are many other setting accessibilities offered by Gmail.

Keep updating yourself with all the advanced tricks and tips to fasten your speed and work performance over the laptop and be a professional.