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Discover new tech tips for better accessibility of PC apps services

Quick tips and commands make our life simple and fast. Whether it is apps or PC programs everything will become easy to manage. Everyone should know the shortcuts of different gadgets to discover the thighs faster.

These quick tips and shortcut tips will save a lot of time to do productive things. For workaholic people, these trips are so much relief. There are thousands of tricks and tricks available on the web for fast work completion.

10 daily hacks and shortcuts you should know to be tech pro

Plug-in USB

Have you ever noticed the USB drive or USB cable connection?

It does not set up the first time. To connect the cable or drive correctly, you should check that symbol imprinted there. Is it pointing to horizontal or vertical? See the symbol face to stream things in the right way.

Recent Tabs

Every programmer and tech geek opens multiple tabs in their browsers. Due to so much hustle, sometimes we close the most useful tabs. To re-access, the apps, open the browser’s history and click on the recent tabs. To search any other important tab you can navigate other tabs listed in the history.

To open the recently closed tabs you can press the shortcut keys combination Ctrl+Shift+T. Mac PC users Command+Shift+T.

Youtube Video Link

We all love to watch videos on YouTube. Do you know that you can share your favorite music with your friends from youtube? YouTube gives you accessibility to share music videos via link. You just need to navigate the option of copy link tap on that now you can paste this link on any app Whatsapp, Instagram or go to message app to share this link.

You have another way to share the link from youtube, click on the share option given below the title text, list of your contacts will appear on the youtube interface just tap on the appropriate member name and hit on the send. It is so simple.

Advanced search content 

Want to access the specific website for a specific purpose. Here is a way for you,  use the command operator “site:”. Go to the Google search bar type the site:, enter the website URL just after the colon, and hit the search button. The search outcomes will be presented on the screen. 

You can type all the terms without quotation marks in your browser and still the website will appear in search results.

Junk Text

Spammers send too many junk emails and texts. The situation is quite irritating and sometimes it becomes hard to handle. It consumes the space of your phone. To stop them we only know about the block option but to handle it in a more advanced manner you can report such texts via text message to 7726. This action is given by GSMA’s Reporting Service. The messaging app also gives the accessibility to report junk messages. To do this locate the option of “Report Junk” and you will get relief.

Voice text typing in Google Docs

Most of the apps and google search engines give us the facility to type the text without hand movements. You can use the mic or voice typing facility. If you want to type long text, message, or mail and you are not in a comfortable situation to type in Google Docs. You can utilize the voice typing facility. But first, you have to enable voice typing accessibility in your google docs. You should also specify the commands for various purposes. It will ease your life and you can send the text and email at the right time.

Disney Plus Accessibility

Nowadays movies are released on OTT platforms and to watch them later people try to save or download them at their end. There are multiple OTT apps and channels are available that facilitate the video streaming services on demand. Netflix, Disney Plus is quite popular. You can download the movies from Disney plus App by just clicking on the download icon. Now watch your favorite movies whenever you get free time. 


We take so many screenshots in a day for fun or to save something really important that can’t be noted down. Taking a screenshot is much simpler than writing the text. Sometimes we only want to capture a single corner or middle part of the image but in the screenshot, the overall frame gets clicked. To separate the import view you can crop them and save them for further use.

On Android mobile, you just have to tap a combination of buttons or any shortcut icon. But to do this on MAC or Windows PC we have another way. 

Mac Users- 


Windows Users-

Start Menu> Search Bar> Snipping tool

Now select the pointers to cut down the part of the image according to your preferences. Snipping tools facilitate drag and drop cutting accessibility so uses the cursor or mouse to do that.

Find Whatsapp messages

Whatsapp is the most popular, most frequently used application for calls, massage, and sharing images, videos, audios, and other things. For an entire day if you don’t check WhatsApp on your phone you will receive the bombard or cluster of the message. It is hard to locate the important messages from the sea level cluster.

You can search for any WhatsApp message on Android phones and iPhones. You can go in-depth of chats and find the one of your use. Go to the search icon of your WhatsApp and type the specific related terms to get the message.

In iOS phones, the search icon is replaced by a search bar so you can type there.

Unsend Email

It is the most useful trick or utility for all the professionals who spend their day sending and replying to email conversations. If the email is sent to an unauthorized person it may create problems or misunderstandings. 

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you accidentally send an important email without checking all the queries, details, tasks information, tags and grammatical errors to anyone then you can just modify the things and take the needful action in a simple way? 

Access the setting of Gmail and set the unsend email time period from 5 seconds to a minute. Now next time whenever you want to send the email for modification and improvements of details you have time to unsend.

Along with this, there are many other setting accessibilities offered by Gmail.

Keep updating yourself with all the advanced tricks and tips to fasten your speed and work performance over the laptop and be a professional.

Practice advanced tricks with the latest Windows 10 updates PC

Every device receives updates and upgrading versions on their devices. It updates the security features and advances the accessibility of programs. Newer Windows 10 updates are available for their users. It will upgrade the productivity of the tasks and will give you a smooth experience. 

Advanced tricks rolled out with May 2021 Windows 10 updates

To make your personal and professional life simpler and rocking we are uncovering a few tricks to perform on Windows10 PC. With these tricks, you will be able to organize things in no time.

Organize desktop screen window

While we are busy working on the PC the Desktop screen gets consumed. To clear the mess, you can quickly shake and throw out the window behind other windows. One by one the main window will be cleared with multiple windows.

There is only one active window in front of you and you can do the things in a clear clean window.

Access Additional start Menu

We all know about the two ways to access the start menu options that are by clicking on the windows icon from the bottom left or we can press the Windows key from the keyboard. Here we disclose an additional way to access the window menu with more advanced functionality options. To access advanced features or settings, you can right-click on the windows icon or press the Windows icon and X key together.

After doing this you can directly access Device Manager, Disk Management, Power Options, Apps & Features, Mobility Center, command prompt, System Setting, Network Connections, Power Options, Windows PowerShell, computer Management, etc. It saves your time.

Quick Access Events

People create the event on the calendar so they can stay up-to-date with their upcoming schedule and perform the work accordingly. You can set the events for important dates quickly. Go to Taskbar, click on the Date time box, then go to the Date you want to create an Event or schedule an important task to do. Mention the Details of the event, time, title, or name. Save all changes.

You can see this event in the Calendar app or make changes in the future.

Screenshot on Windows10 PC

The screenshot is not a frequent activity that we do on our laptop as we can save, download and upload images. There are many shortcut keys we use to perform different tasks on a PC therefore it is common to forget the combination of keys for a particular task that we don’t do often. Taking a screenshot is one of those tasks. 

Sometimes when we are preparing the presentation, document, visuals, or any other project we want to capture things quickly. It often happens that we forget the combination of shortcut keys. 

To take full screen screenshots, you can press the “Windows key” and “insprt sc” together. If you want to take a screenshot of a particular area then press “Windows Key”, “Shift” and “S”. It gives you the accessibility to drag and shot.

Access taskbar icons through numeric keys

Windows 10 updates and keys offer wonderful accessibility to their users. We know how to pin the apps in the taskbar so we don’t have to go to the start menu frequently. We can directly open them from Taskbar. 

We are telling you about the new shortcut to access the taskbar items, just press the Windows key and choose the number from numeric keys according to the position of the item.

Because of these shortcut keys, we don’t have to use the mouse or cursor and your typing speed doesn’t get affected at any action. 

Close background apps

Android phones give the accessibility to turn off the apps while they are not in use. You can shut down the background apps on Windows PC and save the data and battery of your laptop or PC. The app’s popups, notifications, and alerts create a disturbance so it is better to put them off.

To control the app’s activity you should access the PC. 

Go to the Setting, privacy section then scroll down background apps.

You will get to see the options to turn off all the apps together or manually.

It will reduce the consumption of app usage and data and keep your focus on the currently running application or task without any popup notifications.

App space consumption

We install different types of apps and software to get advanced accessibility according to the work-life. We also install games, for entertainment, Photo editing apps to enhance the quality of pictures and improvise the image background, lightning effect. Some apps are genuine and mandatory for our daily life but some high-performance unwanted apps consume the PC space and waste your time. Excessive storage consumption impacts the performance of PCs, so it’s better to uninstall them. To uninstall here you can follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate System section, 
  • Then. find Storage.
  • Select Apps & Games.
  • Select the one you want to delete from the PC and free the space.

Remove Ad suggestions

Many times when we see Apps on the Start Menu, these are Microsoft app ads. It encourages us for the installation and purchase. This ad suggestion also consumes space, to avoid these apps, access Settings, then navigate the Personalized Section, and Start. 

Select Toggle to view settings, 

Off the setting for “Show suggestion occasionally in Start.”

File type & extension visibility

File explorer organizes and stores the files without file type visibility. If any user is looking for any specific file types then you can check the file type or file extension in file explorer. It is simple to do

  • Access the Searchbar then Click on File Explorer Options. Then View Tab.
  • Here you can find the choie “Hide Extension for known file types”.
  • Tick off the boxes, apply the Changes, and confirm Ok.

Windows Background Scrolling

While working on the PC we open multiple tabs, background scrolling allows you to see the data partially. When we open different tabs on the same window, it takes time to shift ver different tabs and hides the data of another tab.

Open the two windows of tasks, set the size, use the touchpad to move, and hover on both windows. You can scroll down and up to view it partially. If you are not able to hover and move on the windows it might be that the default setting is off for this accessibility.

  • To activate background scrolling, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse, turn on toggle ”Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them”

Now, back to the desktop, click on any app, the window will open, minimize the size, now open other software or programs, minimize the size of the windows, to see the data of another window hover the cursor on that window, try to practice scrolling on the touchpad. It will definitely work.

So, what do you think about these tricks and shortcuts?

Don’t you think you will get more organized, quick, and productive with these accessibilities? Let us know which trick you like the most. Which trick you already try in your routine life. 

6 Amazing Ways to Manage the iPhone Android File Sharing Process

Are you an android phone user or iPhone? It’s irritating to hear from someone who says that I have an iPhone and it will take time to transfer photos in your android. We can’t compromise with the quality and size of pictures as we can print them later. Now, you can handle this excuse with a few simple tricks that we are going to share here. 

How to share iPhone media files to android?

These ways will make it possible to share or transfer photos between iPhone and Android.

Drag and Drop method 

People who are interested in technology tricks are already aware of this method. In this scenario, you need both phones at your place and also you need a USB cable and PC to make this method successful.

  • Carry a supported cable to connect PC with iPhone and Android phone. You will see a popup on the PC screen click on that so you can see inside items, files, or photos.
  • Find the storage location of photos.
  • Select the required photos that you want to transfer from one phone to another.
  • The expected time to transfer is measured on the file size, PC’s speed, and the count of photos/files.

If you are not capable of managing two phones at the same time. First, connect a phone to import the photos on PC, once you get all the photos on the PC then do connect the other phone in which you want to export these photos.


It’s a bit of a professional way to store photos no matter which OS platform you have on your phone. It’s a dedicated cloud environment, enabling a free storage space like Google photos and Google Drive. It keeps your photos and files without declining the image quality. You can use dropbox to solve this image transfer problem.

  • First, you need to install dropbox on your phone. Create an account on this service. It’s easy and free to use. To manage your photos from your phone camera storage to dropbox storage space enable access. If you think some of the photos have not synchronized and stored in dropbox then you can do it by yourself by manual process.
  • Open the Dropbox app and tap on + to add the photos. The photos will upload starting shortly.
  • To transfer the photos through dropbox, the app should be installed on both phones. So you just need to sign in to your account and you can access the photos and files on your phone (Android and iPhone).
  • If your friend also uses Dropbox to store photos and files and you also have a dropbox account you can share or transfer required photos using a single link.

Send anywhere

Send anywhere is a very impressive app to share photos from iPhone to android quickly. By scanning a QR code you can access photos. This app is available for both platforms iOS and Android, you can download it from the play store and app store. This app requires internet data.

  • Download and install the app on iPhone.
  • Go to Photos.
  • Tick the images you want to share with your friends, a link and QR will generate and make things easier.
  • To get the photos on your phone, open the QR code accessibility option and take your android phone to scan the QR code from the iPhone.
  • When both phones get connected the image sharing process will start. You will notify when the photos will be transferred to your android smartphone.

Utilize Google photos 

Google photos is a great utility app that keeps organized images available on the gallery or album app of your phone. It is a good alternative to get photos on Android phones. For Google photos sharing, the app should be installed on both phones. 

This app is already available on most android phones if it does not go to the play store of your android phone and download it. To get it on an iPhone, go to the app store.

  • Log in with your Google account.
  • Set the profile settings>photos settings.
  • Tap on the backup & sync option. It will take a while to back up the photos.
  • Back to the Android phone, and check whether you have got all your photos here or not.

If you don’t want all photos at the same time then tick on selected images and do generate a link to share the photos to android phone.

Use telegram

Telegram is a great utility app for chatting, sharing images, and files( the size can be 1.5GB). Like WhatsApp allows a feature to mark important messages so as the Telegram allows you to save the messages. Telegram app is designed for both platform users iPhone and Android.

  • To share photos and other files via Telegram, install it on both phones. Sign in to your account.
  • Select the one person to contact to whom you want to share the images and files. If you don’t want to share with you only instead of sharing with other contacts,  use the ‘saved messages’ option. You can thus from side menu list options.
  • We type the messages in text area, and to share the files and images we got the attachment accessibility. Tap on the add attachment button, select the required images and files then tap on send to share the photos to android phone.
  • You will receive all the files and photos shortly. Now open the Telegram app on your android smartphone,  and check the status of images and files,  download them. Now you can view all the media files in your android phone’s gallery or album app.
  • Send via Email

When WhatsApp, send anywhere, Telegram and other apps are not introduced or people are not as familiar with the functionalities of such apps, email is the most effective way to communicate or share things with others. The files will be transferred in original sizes and quality. To share media files via email you don’t have to do much.

  • Locate an email app on your phone.
  • Tap on compose.
  • In the field of ‘To’ type the person’s name, you want to share with.
  • At the bottom, you have multiple options to change the font type, bullets type, and file attachment. 
  • Tao on file attachment, locate the files from your phone to send, tick them, and hit the send button.

After completion, you can return to the home screen. It is the most common, convenient, and conventional way to transfer or share the contents with another without using any third-party programs or software.

Whether you are using Telegram, or email in both scenarios you need to have a proper internet or WIFI connection. So you can easily share the files from iPhone to android.

Many other data sharing apps were available on the app store but due to the digital surgical strike, a few apps have been banned in India and removed. App store. Xender and share are the most popular apps that are used by most smartphone users. 

But you still have these ways to share your photos and media files from iPhone to Android.

If you have any other way or app to share the files from iPhone to Android, you can share or comment. It is a nice thing to share essential things with others to make their life easier.

Making an Effective Technology Strategy for Small Businesses

Not including a successful technology strategy can use up an organization’s sources, thrust them behind the opposition or they may even finish surviving. This post offers a fundamental suggestion for small business holders on where to get initiated. Below are some attributes to take into deliberation when making a successful technology strategy.

Legal and administration conformity

Aiming for technology that keeps the business in lawful and government conformity comes before anything else. Most recent thing a business wishes is being distracted from foundational trade and going insolvent contesting proceedings. For instance, the restaurant industry must-have technology intended for Sales Tax, PCI observance, and worker timesheets, etc.

Key business and client knowledge

Technology that eases key business and client knowledge comes next. These are what unswervingly produce revenue and these are the overhaul that client reimburses for. This is the area; a business should properly plan for and assign funds.

Marketing and online status

For a trade to bring in clients, not only it must proclaim its survival to the clients but incessantly make a buzz to stay in front of the competition. Successful marketing is a very essential factor in any business’s accomplishment. In today’s internet savoir-faire world, most of the clients study any service or product on the internet before they purchase it. That creates having and keeping good digital status on the internet very significantly for any company.

Outfitted Efficiency

The next thing to think about is setting up technology associated with enhancing operational effectiveness. Technology investments in outfitted efficiency may assist in reducing costs, decrease waste and considerably enhance the baseline. Wherever the savings comprehended through enhanced efficiency go beyond the price of technology, it is the value of an investment. For instance, a restaurant business possessing technology for inventory and material development can considerably decrease inventory carrying charge and food spoilage, thus unswervingly appending to productivity.

In-source, Outsource, or the Cloud

Once you have found out what you need, it is time to prepare for how to obtain these abilities. Most non-technology small organizations have a minimum or no inner capability and appointing staff for non-core trade can create holes in the pockets. So, until the business has current employees that possess technology abilities, in-sourcing cannot be a good tactic. Most of the best technology, both interfaces and software are normally present on the cloud these days and should be regarded as the initial choice. From a small business’s viewpoint, Cloud is not only economical but also permits businesses to stay concentrated on their key strengths. Only if somewhat is not present in the cloud, outsourcing may be regarded.

Data tactics and safety

After getting planned for what is required and how to attain it, it is also significant to study and plan for data accumulation, withholding, and safety strategy. It is significant to have data accumulation in observance with administration rules for a physical place, withholding period, encryption norms, usage, and different attributes.

In conclusion, always plan for a daily review of the technology strategy to keep it associated with business targets and different features discussed over here.

Pioneering Ideas in the Area of Technology

Pioneering ideas in the area of technology have cut down the work and assisted in the quick growth. These ideas add to the formation of ground-breaking technologies above time. So as to make this innovative thought, it is essential to possess the knowledge that is basic in this procedure.

Therefore, we acquire the method: idea, knowledge, and technology.

Up till now, pioneering technologies are conventionally classified into 2 sections: information technology (technology of automatic information dispensation) and communication technology (technology for storage and broadcast of data or information). For instance, with the assistance of communication technology, individuals can obtain and transmit different content, being in diverse corners of our world. Global relations, involving education, business cooperation and lot more are now feasible faster and additionally efficient. If we remember the communication improvements in the area of education, initially, it must be highlighted that individuals can go into higher education institutes and study distantly despite their place. In addition, each competent pedagogue educates about something new and helpful. Communication with delegates from different countries adds to our self-growth. All this ultimately endorses the formation of competent and distinctive staff.

Information technology allows:

– To mechanize definite labor-exhaustive operations;

– Computerize and optimize manufacturing planning;

– Optimize different business processes (for instance, client relations, asset

administration, document administration, organizational decision-making), taking into consideration the specifics of different branches of financial activity. Information technology is employed for big data processing arrangements, computing on an individual computer, in science and learning, in administration, system-aided blueprint and the formation of systems with AI or artificial intelligence. Information technology is the present technological arrangements of enormous strategic significance (economic, political, defense, social and cultural), which direct to the arrangement of the latest idea of the world order – who possesses the details, who possess the world.

The reach of information and communication technology plays an imperative role in structural modifications in all the regions of our life. For somebody, it will be tough to find out these technologies. Members of staff who will not be capable of studying will have to offer a way to the younger age group. Therefore, we are confronted with a problem, as in order to make use of innovations in different technologies and expand it, it is essential to have a competent youth. In the main, there is an issue of education.

In any case, only education is able to make a developed age group that will carry on striving for the latest knowledge and will meet up the needs of ground-breaking technologies. Additionally, I am persuaded that pioneering ideas in technologies have made an absolutely novel life, which creates the latest challenges for our nation. And, how we will deal with these tasks and challenges relies on the prospect of our nation.

6 Smartphone Trick to Make Your Work Easier

Smartphones have become the companion of our life. We can’t go outside without our phones. The whole world fits into this smartphone that has made our life smarter and easier. Nowadays every individual keeps a smartphone in their hands but they are still not aware of some of the advanced features, specifically helpful for workaholics and professionals. Get here some the best smartphone trick.

Today, in this post we are going to uncover some of the coolest features that can make your life easier and comfortable. These things are helpful for writers, and for those, want to do net surfing on their phone. You will get to know the amazing way of using the wifi cooler without using the password.

Enhance work productivity in 5 ways

Shared Screen

If you want to access the functionality of two apps simultaneously at the same time. Split-screen is a way that allows separate screen space for two apps. So if you want to enjoy music videos and as well as you don’t want to waste your time you can do writing g also without closing the videos. You just need to access the functionality of the split-screen.

This functionality also enables the editing options from one app to another to create quick documentation. To perform this action you can try a traditional way, locate the square button after opening the app, hold on to the button till the moment the screen gets shared. 

The opening will shift to one side, and you can locate the other recently opened app to access their functionality Select the one you want to access as a shared screen format.

Gesture navigation is a new thing included in the latest smartphones by which you can quickly shift over the multiple apps interfaces and perform the actions.

Smart unlock 

Many smartphones are coming with the smart unlock access feature. This functionality allows the user to use the phone without entering the password or gesture. You can set a specific location. It can be your workplace or home so whenever you get inside the home and you pick out your phone, your phone automatically recognizes the place and it gets unlocked without doing any passkey action. 
It is one of the wonderful technologies included in Android smartphones that can make your life easier than usual. It is not on the screen so you have to access it inside the setting app. By accessing the setting you can enable this functionality.

  • Just open the setting app.
  • Go inside the security setting.
  • Access smart lock settings.
  • Here you need to enter a passkey in any form.

The same thing you can set for the WiFi accessibility and Bluetooth. While you are using this smart unlock feature at a specific location ensure that the phone should be in your hand or nobody can access the data of your phone as you know he wouldn’t have to enter the password. It is unlocked for them also. This feature is provided to make the phone accessible in a smart way without entering any pattern or passkey.

It is your responsibility to keep your phone out of the reach of non-reliable people.

GBoard and Language

Many languages are spoken across the world. If you are trying a message in the language that you can understand well but on the other side to whom you are sending the message is unable to read it. It shows improper communication. GBoard features allow you to translate your message into the preferred language.

For this, you just need to make some changes in the language settings. Access the Keyboard. Locate the ‘G’ hit this, now tap on g. A drop-down menu will appear then select the language you want to translate the words. Now, next time when you type something using google keyboard then it will translate it to the language that you have chosen from the dropdown menu.

QR scan wifi

Internet Accessibility is the part of our life that allows us to access information from different sources and domains. We know data tariffs are a little expensive. To limit the usage of data access, we set the password so it can’t be accessed by any other outsider without our permission. The password is a string of numbers, letters, and special characters which restrict outsiders to use your internet data. 

If you have set a long password strength to keep the data balance in the limit and your friend or family member wants to access the internet from your phone then typing or sharing the long string is a little convenient for them.  

If your friend is using the latest smartphones coming up with the Android 10 version then the internet or WIFI accessibility is easy for you. Here, you get a wifi QR code scan facility to get quick access to the internet connection. 

To get a wifi QR of the phone, you just need to Tap on the settings, then go to network settings then tap on the QR Code icon, and hit Add Network.

You can save important details or credentials. It’s a very quick and convenient way to access the internet connection from another user’s phone. The important thing is that you both should have the Android 10 version phone so the WiFi connection sharing functionality will be easier for you.

Pinned app screen

You can’t share or handover your smartphone to any common individual because people have a habit to explore the entire functionality of the device they are keeping in their hands. 

Most frequently, people usually go to the gallery section where they can explore your pictures. It’s a bit uncomfortable when you can’t rudely ask them to give your phone back to you.

If any individual wants to take over your phone for a while to call someone or for online searching, you have amazing android functionality to restrict the other phone from full access to your phone. Android users can access the option inside the setting > security and location >  advanced setting_screen pinning.

You can either draw a pattern, PIN, or any other password option.

If you are giving this phone access to the Google browser you just need to visit Chrome, tap on the pen icon, take action on the confirmation pop-up, now the user can’t access any other option till the moment you don’t tap the back button or home button. Once again you need to dial the code or password to get out from this pinned app mode.

Reduce Data usage

If you love to do internet surfing there are many other web browsers available for you. These web browsers will reduce internet usage. Another option is to reduce the data charges is to turn off push notifications coming from different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Etc.

Many android phones coming with the data limit accessibility feature where you can set the daily data usage limit or monthly data usage limit. You can also track the access of usage from data and network setting interface. When the data reaches its limit you can swipe it and continue access internet services on your phone. You can make changes to the data access limit.

All the 6 ways are efficient to enhance your smartphone accessibility and productivity.