Phone Hygiene/ Cleaning Tips to Improve the Performance and Health

By | Aug 31, 2021

To stay connected with your professional and loved ones there’s one thing that is very significant to you is your phone. Only thing is that you will not leave your house or even from one room to another room and why not the phone has everything from educational apps and sites to entertainment, health and travel monitoring apps, podcasts, professional collaboration meetings, business functionalities,  calls, chats and all.

The whole day the phone is either on our hands or desk surfaces. We don’t see the place and keep them whenever you have to do some tasks or rest from a busy schedule.

The world population talks about the hygiene and pollution-free environment and therefore they only do their home, surroundings, self-care while they forget about their gadgets, TV remotes, and smartphones. In reality, and by considering the reports when you will see the gadgets or devices through the microscope the germs will be found therein a huge percentage.

During this pandemic, when people come home they wash off their hands, and clothes as a safety concern but keep aside the phone and start using them without sanitizing. It is an invitation to bacteria issues and other infections.

Why is it essential to sanitize or clean the smartphone/ gadgets?

We go out to public places or crowded areas. The air is not fully clean, it is contaminated with dust particles, germs, and bacteria that cause serious infections and allergies. While you come in contact with the device’s surfaces or anything and you hold the phone, the bacteria move over to your phone and make them contaminated.

If you are sick or have sneezing or cough issues and spend most of the hours then the phone becomes a comfortable space for germs. It can travel around the clothes corners, surfaces, or anywhere you touch or come into contact. Try to use the phone’s minimum to reduce the risk of infection. 

Everything has gone digital and that’s why we spend more time on the smartphone to make digital transactions, scanning codes for different applications and managing chats and calls. The smartphone is like a bus to bacteria that take them anywhere from the phone.

We touch the germ-infected surfaces then touch the phone without sanitizing or cleaning our hands then keep them close to our pockets. You wash your hands to remove the dirt and germs infection, then again take out your phone from your pockets and use it. You again come in contact with germs as you have only disinfected your hands but not the phone. The germ directly goes inside the body and causes serious health problems.

We have a bad habit of keeping our phones near us on the side table or bed. The germs are at every open place no matter how much you keep the safety initiative. 

Motorola has suggested a modest way to disinfect the gadgets and devices that is to spray water on-screen and wipe it out with a microfiber cloth.

To clean the germs or disinfect the devices many liquids and disinfectors are available but Apple has not supported all of them. To maintain the hygiene of devices, Apple has suggested a few ways to make things easier.

You can use water, cotton swabs, cleaning gloves, microfiber cloth, isopropyl rubbing alcohol as the standard cleaning methods.

All of these will work the best depending on your phone’s body structure and building quality. Mainly the phones are waterproof, non-waterproof, water-resistant.

  • Many devices have been developed to kill the germs and bacteria from your hands as well as from your smartphone screen. Phonesoap is one of those that can remove germs through UV light. It also enables the charging capability to charge your phone. It takes a few minutes to sanitize your phone.

You can purchase this device from Amazon or any other online store. This device is compatible with all kinds of smartphones.

  • The development and manufacture of waterproof smartphones is a talking point of all the discussions going on in the smartphone industry. If you are using a gadget or any smartphone with the assurance of waterproof property then you can do the cleaning as follows:

To do this, wear gloves so the dirt or fingerprints will not appear on the screen and body of the phone. You need to make a solution spray with rubbing alcohol and distilled water so you can use it whenever you want to clean the gadgets. Spray it on the screen and take cotton swabs to clean.

If you are not able to arrange the distilled water and rubbing alcohol then the easiest way is to purchase the laptop screen cleaner from the market. It comes in gel or liquid form. You just have to spray it on the screen, take a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. 

 Now, you can use your phone with more safety and prevention.

Some phones are not waterproof. Cleaning them with water may disturb the functionality of the phone. The water can go inside the phone. 

To clean the phone with wipes, you can ask in the local market or any computer shop. These wipes are easy to carry and do not impact the phone. These wipes can also be used to wipe off electronic devices, gadgets, remote controllers, etc. It is one of the convenient, affordable, and safe ways to maintain the hygiene of smartphones and other devices.

The way you clean and take care of your body regularly, you should also clean the electronics devices, smartphones, or remote control. Dirt creates a blockage in pathways or ports, impacts functionality, and slows down the performance of the devices and phone. It will be best to take care of all the things by following the suggested methods we have mentioned in this post. 

If you have any other methods to maintain smartphone health do share them with us. It will help the users a lot and make them comfortable.