Access iPhone music playlist, files, apps, contacts, email to android

By | Jul 29, 2021

Android and iOS are the two main OS chosen by smartphone users. If you no longer want to use your iPhone and want to make a shift to an android phone. We can make things easier for you. 

Android and iPhone phones offer different features and functionality. The bot is good at its level of security, performance, and accessibility. If you have never used any android phone and have doubts after making a shift to an android phone.

Many software, switching tools, and data transfer cables are available in the tech market that lets you switch over the devices. So, what accessibilities you can access you only.

6 things you can manage on iPhone and Android efficiently


When we buy a new phone the first thing we think about is the files stored on the old phone. To manage the files in a professional way across all the Apple devices we have iCloud and its services while on the android phone Google Drive makes it possible to.

For this, you can open these apps on your Mac on your PC. You can easily drag and drop the files from Apple iCloud to Android Google Drive. 


Email accounts accessibility is one of the most important things that you will want to get without any hassle or complexities. You want all your emails as soon as possible on your new android smartphone. If you are using the Gmail account on your old phone then the process is to simply open the Gmail app and type your email address and password to get back the access. You can have more than one Gmail account on your android smartphone.

In case you have an Apple or outlook or Hotmail or Yahoo account, you can get the accessibility from the same place. Access the Gmail account interface, setting > add account > type the email address and get the accessibility

Apple iMessage on android device

iOS and Android are two different platforms. To manage the messages Apple has iMessage and Android has messages. To access all the messages on your new phone, you have to follow a few steps:

Open iMessage app > settings > Messages > turn off the toggle > also off the Facetime.

Then go to Apple’s Deregister iMessage > No longer have your iPhone? > enter phone no. to get a confirmation message through the link.

To receive the messages without any disturbance above two steps are compulsory.

iSMS2droid is an app that gives you the accessibility to import all messages on your new phone. For this, you’ll need to take a manual backup of specific files, and then you can transfer the new files or messages to your new phone.


App Store and Google Play store offers different types of apps based on their OS compatibility. You can’t access any app across these platforms. Many apps are designed and developed for both platforms in free and paid versions.

If you are using an app on iPhone that is also available on the Google play store then you can access it through the web browser. You just have to log in with your email/username and password and you’ll have control over your app’s account.

Android apps let you explore the user interface with tools, customization options, control options. You can also make changes to settings and manage the efficiency of your apps.

Calendar, contacts & photos

The three accessibilities & utilities are one of the most useful and core things you can get on your android phone from the iPhone. By single google account, you can backup and access the calendar, contacts & photos across PC and phone.

Take your iPhone, download Google Drive app on your phone, log in to your google account.

Go to menu options and tap on settings. Tap on backup. Select the files and categories you want to take the backup and access on your android phone. You can backup all the things at once or do it manually.

You will need a wifi internet connection for this process. If it is not available at the moment you can proceed later. Once all the things are backed up, get your android phone. Log in to the Google account to access google calendar, google contacts, google photos.

With this accessibility, your contacts, photos, and important date & events will be secured and you don’t have to remark or add them again. Google has given the accessibility through different apps to categorize important dates, events, photos, contacts.

On an Android phone, you don’t have to download Google photos or any other google. These are installed by default, you only have to log in.

Music files

The days have gone by when you have the complexities to transfer the data from an iPhone to Android but the problem has been resolved by apps offered for both platforms. Now, you can stream your favorite music on Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Apple music. You just have to access the Google play store through your google account and all the playlists will be available to you in a few steps.

Another way to get the personal playlist on the device is to install a music manager app according to the device compatibility of PC and Mac. The music manager app gives the accessibility to streaming the playlist from PC and iTunes in various formats. No issues were raised about digital rights management protection.

You can import the Google Play music playlist and iTunes playlist on your computer through the Music Manager app.

Some people love to stream or listen to music on Youtube. For this, Youtube has launched a separate app Youtube play music. These playlists can also be accessed on the android phone and iPhone.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an android phone everything has become possible to shift across the devices without any difficulty. There are cloud storage apps, and other platforms cross-functional apps available that offer the accessibility to access the data over any device anywhere.