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By | Jun 8, 2021

Every device receives updates and upgrading versions on their devices. It updates the security features and advances the accessibility of programs. Newer Windows 10 updates are available for their users. It will upgrade the productivity of the tasks and will give you a smooth experience. 

Advanced tricks rolled out with May 2021 Windows 10 updates

To make your personal and professional life simpler and rocking we are uncovering a few tricks to perform on Windows10 PC. With these tricks, you will be able to organize things in no time.

Organize desktop screen window

While we are busy working on the PC the Desktop screen gets consumed. To clear the mess, you can quickly shake and throw out the window behind other windows. One by one the main window will be cleared with multiple windows.

There is only one active window in front of you and you can do the things in a clear clean window.

Access Additional start Menu

We all know about the two ways to access the start menu options that are by clicking on the windows icon from the bottom left or we can press the Windows key from the keyboard. Here we disclose an additional way to access the window menu with more advanced functionality options. To access advanced features or settings, you can right-click on the windows icon or press the Windows icon and X key together.

After doing this you can directly access Device Manager, Disk Management, Power Options, Apps & Features, Mobility Center, command prompt, System Setting, Network Connections, Power Options, Windows PowerShell, computer Management, etc. It saves your time.

Quick Access Events

People create the event on the calendar so they can stay up-to-date with their upcoming schedule and perform the work accordingly. You can set the events for important dates quickly. Go to Taskbar, click on the Date time box, then go to the Date you want to create an Event or schedule an important task to do. Mention the Details of the event, time, title, or name. Save all changes.

You can see this event in the Calendar app or make changes in the future.

Screenshot on Windows10 PC

The screenshot is not a frequent activity that we do on our laptop as we can save, download and upload images. There are many shortcut keys we use to perform different tasks on a PC therefore it is common to forget the combination of keys for a particular task that we don’t do often. Taking a screenshot is one of those tasks. 

Sometimes when we are preparing the presentation, document, visuals, or any other project we want to capture things quickly. It often happens that we forget the combination of shortcut keys. 

To take full screen screenshots, you can press the “Windows key” and “insprt sc” together. If you want to take a screenshot of a particular area then press “Windows Key”, “Shift” and “S”. It gives you the accessibility to drag and shot.

Access taskbar icons through numeric keys

Windows 10 updates and keys offer wonderful accessibility to their users. We know how to pin the apps in the taskbar so we don’t have to go to the start menu frequently. We can directly open them from Taskbar. 

We are telling you about the new shortcut to access the taskbar items, just press the Windows key and choose the number from numeric keys according to the position of the item.

Because of these shortcut keys, we don’t have to use the mouse or cursor and your typing speed doesn’t get affected at any action. 

Close background apps

Android phones give the accessibility to turn off the apps while they are not in use. You can shut down the background apps on Windows PC and save the data and battery of your laptop or PC. The app’s popups, notifications, and alerts create a disturbance so it is better to put them off.

To control the app’s activity you should access the PC. 

Go to the Setting, privacy section then scroll down background apps.

You will get to see the options to turn off all the apps together or manually.

It will reduce the consumption of app usage and data and keep your focus on the currently running application or task without any popup notifications.

App space consumption

We install different types of apps and software to get advanced accessibility according to the work-life. We also install games, for entertainment, Photo editing apps to enhance the quality of pictures and improvise the image background, lightning effect. Some apps are genuine and mandatory for our daily life but some high-performance unwanted apps consume the PC space and waste your time. Excessive storage consumption impacts the performance of PCs, so it’s better to uninstall them. To uninstall here you can follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate System section, 
  • Then. find Storage.
  • Select Apps & Games.
  • Select the one you want to delete from the PC and free the space.

Remove Ad suggestions

Many times when we see Apps on the Start Menu, these are Microsoft app ads. It encourages us for the installation and purchase. This ad suggestion also consumes space, to avoid these apps, access Settings, then navigate the Personalized Section, and Start. 

Select Toggle to view settings, 

Off the setting for “Show suggestion occasionally in Start.”

File type & extension visibility

File explorer organizes and stores the files without file type visibility. If any user is looking for any specific file types then you can check the file type or file extension in file explorer. It is simple to do

  • Access the Searchbar then Click on File Explorer Options. Then View Tab.
  • Here you can find the choie “Hide Extension for known file types”.
  • Tick off the boxes, apply the Changes, and confirm Ok.

Windows Background Scrolling

While working on the PC we open multiple tabs, background scrolling allows you to see the data partially. When we open different tabs on the same window, it takes time to shift ver different tabs and hides the data of another tab.

Open the two windows of tasks, set the size, use the touchpad to move, and hover on both windows. You can scroll down and up to view it partially. If you are not able to hover and move on the windows it might be that the default setting is off for this accessibility.

  • To activate background scrolling, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse, turn on toggle ”Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them”

Now, back to the desktop, click on any app, the window will open, minimize the size, now open other software or programs, minimize the size of the windows, to see the data of another window hover the cursor on that window, try to practice scrolling on the touchpad. It will definitely work.

So, what do you think about these tricks and shortcuts?

Don’t you think you will get more organized, quick, and productive with these accessibilities? Let us know which trick you like the most. Which trick you already try in your routine life. 

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