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By | Sep 9, 2020

Every PC has an administrator account to give the authority of the PC to its authorized user. He has the key to make identical changes, you can install any kind of software and hardware on your PC, get the accessibility of significant files. Along with this, you can also add user to windows 10.

When you are using a PC at home, in any event, your family member wants to use it for some task. Or in the office, you have to give access to any other user at that time; you can create an additional account for other users. And restrict them to use a certain type of application.

To give you a way of the new user account on Windows 10, follow this step-by-step guide and give access to another user without any risk.

Create the Windows10 user in a simpler way

Windows 10 have so many amazing built-in features, these functionality gives the user-friendly experience for the essential task. To make your device more secure from other users or hackers, creating an extra windows10 user account is a good way. This user account is not only for the other user the administrator can also access it at an unsecured location.

If you are using an outside network connection, then having additional count access is a far better way. If the individual is using an additional account and trying to download software or file, you will receive a dialog box on the screen regarding administration permission as the file or software can make changes in the functions and ongoing processes.

Method1: Account GUI’s

  • This method is the easiest method to add a user in windows10 PC:
  • Go to the Start Menu.
  • Click on the settings, you can identify this setting through the gear symbol button. On your keyboard a windows key is also located, tap on it, and locate the setting in another way, on the screen a search bar is located near to the Windows logo, just type the spell of “setting” and manage your PC settings from here.
  • Inside the settings, locate the Account options /icon, most probably it is located nearby Network & Internet.
  • Proceed with Account settings, and dive to family & other users.
  • Here you will see a “Add someone else to this PC”, a + sign is also located near this statement, here you can add a new user on your PC.
  • You have a set of multiple log-in options, in which you can choose the one, Xbox, Office Online, OneDrive, Office, or Skype. Type the appropriate Email address and proceed to next.
  • Check all the details before finishing up all the processes. If all the details are correct and reviewed well. Proceed.
  • Here the registration process is completed.
  • Now, whenever the user wants to log in to account he can take access of the device using his username and password.

Want a local account here’s the way

  • Tap on the Start Menu.
  • Proceed on Settings.
  • Find the Accounts options icon inside settings > Family and other users.
  • To provide access to other users > click on other users > Add someone else to this PC.
  • Locate the hyperlink, from the bottom part of the page, written as “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information. ”
  • Tap on link which is  add a User “without a Microsoft’s Account.”
  • Next, move on to the Account Registrations window, type the username for a person that will access the PC after a while, enter the security key to log-in.
  • In case you have forgotten your sign-in formation, set a hint, once you’re done, the registration process will be completed. With this, you get the way to protect the apps from unauthorized users.

Add user windows 10 as a GeeK

  • No matter how much a simpler option you got from Windows10, a programmer loves coding, if you’re one of those people; get access through coding lines.
  • Tap on the Start or windows logo option.
  • Type Command Prompt. Use the right-click button, the pop up open, choose “run as administrator”
  • Proceed with UAC and hit continue.
  • Associate new user credentials by using the following string line “C:\Windows\system32\net user John newnumberwhodis /add ”

Hit enter, and you will receive a message that says “The command completed successfully”

Grant additional permission to the new user

  • To grant all the administrative control in the hands of the new users you can proceed with the below steps.
  • Tap on Start Menu.
  • Locate the “command prompt” option.
  • Proceed “command prompt” > “Run as Administrator”
  • Start typing the followings words to give a new command to the system

C:\WINDOWS\system32\net localgroup administrators John /add

(With this process, there is a condition; to create the admin account user must have a local account on PC. Then you can transform it into an administrator account)

As you have an account on PC, you should take some time for its safety. You can secure an account in this way.

  • Installation of Antivirus

Make sure your PC is secured with all hacking problem and virus attackers. If you haven’t started to the day, do today and manage the settings for all users. If the setting is not done for all users, the virus can make a way into your device and crash the files and applications.

Although, hackers can leave the administrator account secured with antimalware software but running a local account without any security measures or anti-malware is not a wise thing.

  • Virus-free portable devices

It s said that if you want to keep data secure use a portable device, while we format our PC or want to move the data to another location, we use pen-drive, hard-disk, SD card, flash pens, etc. performing multiple plug-in/ plug-off steps to more than one device, one of the device is containing the virus, the portable virus can also affect these portable devices. When you will connect it with a PC without having malware, the device will also get affected by the virus.

  • Turn off PC if it is not in use

It usually often, we get a call or have urgent work, we leave the PC as it is, at that time someone can take access to the computer and steal the data, it is not good for your position and PC. So, it should be your prime responsibility or work to turn off the PC if you going outside for a min.

  • Don’t act on suspicious TABS

Whether the PC s device is your own or belongs to your family member if you are using it at the moment, for that period its security is on your shoulder. While performing any kind of task and any kind of suspicious activity happens or the PC is behaving unfamiliarly, perform a quick scan process to detect the activity or virus.

Also, don’t react on unrecognized email, message, or any kind of pop-ups, it may contain virus or malware that can affect the system’s security, make sure you are always using a secured internet connection on your PC.

  • Strong Password

Sometimes the user tries to crack the password, don’t try any basic number and text strings as your password, as anyone can get the access on your device using some hacking tricks. Use a combination of letters (both small and capital), numbers, and special characters. These kinds of passwords are hard to break and in this way, your device will be protected.

Whether you are operating the PC as an administrator or performing windows 10 add user method, this method will give you protection to your device.

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