How to get gold in ESO ahead of the Dragonhold DLC

By | Oct 1, 2019

The Scalebreaker DLC was released on Augist 12th and we already know that the final Elder Scrolls Online DLC for 2019 will release within the next few months. ZeniMax has confirmed the final DLC for this year is called Dragonhold and will arrive in Update 24. The update will be free for all and will include performance improvements, Dragonhold content and balance changes also.

Pellitine, the ancient Khajiiti kingdom, was devastated by a plague and fire decades ago. Refugees made their way to the Senchal but worse things than slavers and pirates threaten the survivors of Pellitine. Free from the Halls of Colossus, Dragons have reigned fire down on Southern Elsweyr. There’s a lot coming with this update even if it’s not a major one so players need to be ready for the new additions to the game. It also brings the Season of the Dragon to its epic conclusion.

How to unlock the questline in Dragonhold

To unlock the final questline for the Season of the Dragon, you need to complete the main quests for Elsweyr and also Dragonhold once it releases. Then you can finish the Season of the Dragon quests. However, you don’t need to complete the story quests from the Dungeon DLCs unless you want to understand the whole picture of course.

Use addons

Like with other MMORPGs, you can install addons to give you a slightly better game experience which also means there are some good addons for gold hunting. The Harvest Map addon shows you where materials are and the Master Merchant addon lets you see the current average selling prices for items as well. Using those two addons means that you can earn Elder Scrolls Online gold much faster than normal.

Join a trading guild

This is very important as it will help you get a consistent income. In Elder Scrolls Online, you can join 5 guilds which means you can join a guild with friends, one for raids or dungeons, one for PvP and also a trade guild. Pay attention to their weekly requirements and their trader NPC’s location also since these are crucial. Once in a guild, you can sell items with any Banker NPC and you can also browse the guild store or put up your own items for sale. Everyone in a trader guild is an active trader and looking to buy or sell items.

Do your daily quests!

The fastest way to earn a bit of gold in Elder Scrolls Online is by doing different daily quests across the different guilds in the game which you can solo. Some daily quests send you to public dungeons which you don’t need a group for. It’s a good idea to do as many of these as possible to get the most gold from them which could be sold to players which need it on websites such as Eldorado. You can also use the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood if you have access to those DLC areas. For the Thieves Guild, you can keep dropping the quest to get a new one from the Tip Board and make sure you avoid the longer pickpocket quests like pickpocket 10 citizens or 3 specific items. Those take too long to do and remember to sell any items to the Fence NPC as well.

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