Do You Need to Be a Math Genius to Become a Successful Programmer?

By | Dec 17, 2018

This is perhaps one of the most common questions of people interested to pursue a career in the tech industry. Many think that web programmers work on a lot of numbers and mathematical formulas. But the truth is that you don’t really have to be a math wizard to succeed in the world of programming.

Here’s why.

A good grasp of math can help you quickly understand the basics but the actual amount of advanced math you’ll handle at work is not that overwhelming.

If you’re terrible at or don’t have a background in math, you might need to work double time and spend extra effort as you begin to learn how to code. But once you’ve gained a better understanding of coding languages and concepts, the rest should be easier.

An experienced web developer at Bedrock IT explains that except for the routine arithmetic and mathematical concepts, most programming projects don’t rely heavily on math. Not being a genius in math shouldn’t be a hindrance in becoming a successful programmer or pursuing a tech career.

There are two routes you can take to become a programmer. The traditional path is to enroll in a university and get a degree in computer science. If you take this route, you’ll definitely learn math since you’ll have to take a number of advanced math courses.

The other path is self-learning. Some great programmers have learned to code through self-directed learning. The easy accessibility and wide availability of resources have made programming free for all. With just a simple browse, you can find amazing courses from beginner level to advanced levels for all popular programming languages.

In the absence of a traditional college instructor to evaluate your progress, you’ll need a tremendous amount of diligence, focus, and determination to fully understand the coding world. It would also help to have basic math and computing skills.

As you begin working with simple coding projects, you’ll realize what mathematical skills you’ll need. In most web and desktop software development, high-level math is very rarely used.

This is not to say that math-genius-programmers and non-math-genius programmers are just in the same playing field. Of course, those with a high level of math would be able to grasp and learn to programme faster and more easily as compared to those with low or average mathematical abilities. A math genius has higher chances of ending up in career opportunities where those advanced calculations are necessary. This small fraction of highly mathematical programmers can be found in some of the most coveted organizations, such as NASA, where math wizards congregate.

Perhaps by now, it should be clear that math isn’t everything you need to be a successful coder. Oftentimes, our math anxiety hinders us from fully realizing our actual ability. Even if you perceive that you are only mediocre at math, you can still aim to be among the top programmers. According to a study published at Science Magazine, it is not really the ability itself but rather our perception of our own ability that determines success.

Although men dominate math-related careers, this doesn’t mean that men are superior in math compared to women. In fact, the National Council for Teachers in Math noted there is no significant difference between genders in terms of performance in math. Men tend to dominate math-heavy fields because they get more encouragement than women. The preconception that men are better at math is what actually impairs women’s performance and undermines their interest in math.

The same is true in the world of programming. People who think they are mediocre at math and have no future in coding are only limiting themselves. So, if you want to pursue a career in the tech industry, just go ahead!

Don’t let your fear of math hinder you from reaching your full potential. There are skills that you’ll need more than math. Welcome to the world of programming!

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