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WHY SEO for eCommerce is the NEED of the HOUR

Are you anxious regarding your eCommerce website’s page rank on search engines? Despite having quality products are you still unable to compete on the digital platform?

Does your eCommerce website tick all the boxes of correct SEO practices which are vital in improving your website performance?

If your business or website is struggling to deal with the aforementioned questions, it means you require a flawless and effective SEO marketing strategy for your eCommerce business.

The relevance of physical distance and proximity is reducing with the increase in internet penetration rate which currently stands at 59% according to research.

The advent of technology and the age of information has given rise to online platforms which no longer consider business a physical form of economic activity.

Most people with their unique and entrepreneurial skillset have utilized the power of the internet as a communication superhighway and have launched their products or service among the digital masses through online channels.

The covid-19 pandemic was the typical driving force behind the increase in eCommerce businesses as this business form has taken physicality out of the equation and presented the owners with a hassle-free and lucrative solution.

According to the reports, eCommerce sales are projected to reach the glorious figure of $7 billion U.S. dollars which shows the astounding viability of this form of business and the tremendous scope in the form of revenues generated.

Furthermore, if we talk about the Indian scenario, reports state that since the inception of the 21st century till date, more than 20,000 eCommerce companies have registered themselves.

This data may look inspiring but the catch is, the data narrates the story of a highly competitive market where without proper channels and processes of marketing it’s difficult for an eCommerce business to consolidate its position and build its brand value.

SEO practice helps businesses like eCommerce to improve the relevance of their web pages for users as in the era of information overload chances are very high of them landing on a plethora of irrelevant pages and exhausting their interest and desires for that particular product or service.

Let’s look at some of the most pivotal techniques of SEO which not only make eCommerce websites relevant for the users but overall improve their positions; to bring a generous amount of organic traffic and revenues for the concerned business.

1. Improving the Quality of Content

In the language of digital marketing, content is regarded as the most crucial key and SEO explicitly deals with this aspect in its process.

Numerous eCommerce websites face the intimidating task of making their websites rank among the top pantheon of search engines.

Research states that 99% of users click only on the website listing on the first page of Google for their concerning search queries.

The stats are a self-evident fact that if eCommerce websites miss the trick with their SEO content strategy it can foil their plan for high business growth and sales of their products or services.

To drive organic traffic towards an eCommerce website, SEO focuses on the creation of engaging and unplagiarized content because it is the content that provides a captivating description and identity to the product and service.

Furthermore, the creation of relevant content along with compatible title tags and meta descriptions are the significant pillars of on-page SEO which helps eCommerce websites to achieve page ranks in the top tier and accumulate online traffic of organic searches.

Data states that 57% of marketing executives wholeheartedly believe that on-page content development is the most effective SEO tool for the viability and brand value of their eCommerce business.

E-commerce websites sometimes may not consider quality content useful, as it’s a time-consuming process and requires a particular skill set, but it’s the foundational pillar of SEO practice.

As, the website’s visibility and traffic depend only on its content because it’s the only thing that users interact with, to understand the peculiarities of the product or service that the respected website is offering.

2. Optimising Keyword Research

E-commerce websites, despite creating quality content, often forget to implement the keyword strategy for their products and services, which makes them lose the edge over their competitors.

The search engine algorithm works on specific search queries and ranks websites based on that particular keyword search prominence.

For example – If a user searches for the ‘Best Mango Pickle in India’ the eCommerce website with this exact particular search query with higher keyword search prominence in its webpage will get displayed, and chances are that the user will choose or visit any website from the initial searches only.

SEO assists in this scenario, as it analyses the website’s search queries through analytical tools, to make websites focus on specific keywords which are leading them to larger traffic.

When an eCommerce website understands and interprets its big data it gets to know which particular keyword prominence it needs to increase to improve its page rank.

3. Attention is a Scarce Resource

Information overload in the era of technology and the fast-paced internet has led to a drastic decline in an individual’s attention span which according to a news report has gone down to 20 minutes in teenagers and adults.

As attention in the 21st century has become a scarce resource eCommerce businesses need to improve their marketing strategy accordingly.

In reality, if the internet is a market and the users surfing are the potential customers, firstly eCommerce websites need to attract customers through higher page ranks.

Once a user has entered their website they need to keep him or her engaged by presenting crisp and visually appealing content as it will help in increasing revenues for the websites through improved and higher conversion rates.

Various third-party reports have suggested more than 54% of the population makes daily google searches and most of the attention gets absorbed by the first few websites ranked on the first page.

4. Linking Pages

According to a news source, it has considered link building and popularity are the most used criteria by Google to rank the concerned website’s search queries.

SEO for eCommerce sites is crucial because it prepares an eCommerce website for internal, outbound, outgoing and backlinks with the posts or blogs it builds as it gives search engines a positive signal as well as increases their domain authority.

As it is said that the higher the domain authority, the higher will be the page rank, ultimately leading to greater traffic and increasing revenues for the websites.

5. Reviews Generation

E-commerce websites in their quest to understand the pulse of the customer needs to dive into consumer psychology.

SEO helps eCommerce websites build a platform for reviews and analyze it to make their websites, product and services better, ultimately enhancing the website’s user experience and improving their conversion rates.

Concluding Remarks!

The SEO techniques mentioned in this blog believe in instilling trust among eCommerce businesses to go for an SEO strategy where the re-designing of traditional approaches under the lens of digital will help their website to transform their marketing into a formidable force of lead generation and surplus revenues.

So, what’s going to be your SEO strategy for your eCommerce business?

Install these apps for easy photo editing on an android phone

We all love clicking pictures and sharing on social media apps. To enhance the appearance of pictures, we need editing apps so you can adjust the light, brightness level, background setting according to the photo.

Generally, when you capture the moment, by your android phone camera app and go to the edit section, the only thing you can do is change the filter, crop the image, or make a collage. Without an editing app, you can not perform advanced editing.

Many amazing apps have been launched on the play store by which you can do funny editing, add effects, add songs, add stickers, try different font styles.

Cool photo editing apps for android phones

Adobe Photo editing app

You can try any Adobe application, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Mix, Adobe Photoshop Express, etc. All of them offer a variety of editing tools to enhance the quality. Many times when we take the shots, the light is not perfect or the background is not perfect or the eye looks red, all these things can be done by the Adobe Photo Editing tools. 

All the apps are updated to the latest versions with some cool features. For advanced editing, you may have to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription.


It is one of the best photo editing apps that is convenient to use on your phone. You can edit the photos on your phone with a single click. This app includes 100+filters that will help you to set a perfect shade of photo and pixel color.

It is not free and will cost more than any other app. To get access to this app you have to log in. You can perform all the basic editing functions such as crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, vignetting, shadow, tint, RGB, etc.

Inshot Photo Editor Pro

This app is available for free and for more frequent user premium versions is also available at a reasonable price. You can make interesting videos and photos to post on social media. It allows you to paste stickers, text, borders, filters, layouts, and effects. You can also set the frame according to your interest as cover, post, story, etc. You can remove unnecessary things and retouch the image.


Vimage recently came into the limelight for its decent photo editing accessibilities. If you love animation or dynamic elements this app permits you to add them to your photos. It includes unique elements like flowers, food and you can capture the photos without any moving object disturbance. You can perform the cinematography skills on the image. This app is available with different subscription packages that are free and paid.


Pixlr is developed by AutoDesk. It is also worth it for photo editing work. You can beautify your image with different makeup tools, you can change lip colors, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, etc. The basic editing and filter features are already there to enhance the image. All you have to do is to touch the options and you will beautifully get the results.

Photo Mate R3

This app packs multiple editing features from basic to advanced. It is one of the best suitable apps for photographers. It gives you additional photography function support on an android device. You have the accessibility to correct the lens, vignetting, distortion, chromatic aberration. After getting so much love and success from Photo Mate R2, Photo MateR3. You can access the editing features on a free or paid subscription.


The Snapseed app is purchased by Google and raises the bar of photo editing. Photographers have found it quite good for photography projects. It allows multiple one-touch photo editing functions, tools, and slider effects. You can perform any editing functions on the large, uncompressed digital shots, or lens shot, RAW files. 

Fine-tune your image at no cost. It is downloaded by many users and we suggest this powerful app for photo editing and photography projects on android and ios devices.


Picsart is popular worldwide for photo editing. It keeps evolving with the new photo editing trends and artistic needs. Picsart offers a basket of creation tools including borders, filters, light effects, stickers, text, collages, etc. You can stylishly design photos. Draw anything simple or create Gifs. Install this app to extend your creative journey. You’ll have great fun with it.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor in two versions free and paid. It is one of the best editorial apps for picture editing. Play with ultimate tools, effects, 640+filters, frames, and backgrounds. You can make quick changes, collage, with multiple effects to share on your social profile. You can create attractive and innovative graphic images to create brand awareness. To access additional photo editing utilities upgrade to a pro version.

Photo Director Photo Editor

This app is similar to Fotor gives you accessibility to enhance the image quality, attractive, eye-catching graphic effect. Set white balance, HSL sliders, RGB color, layering, quickly on your fingertips. In short, it gives you a chance to practice professional photography skills. Your snaps look like a digital camera shot.

You can perfectly tone your photos by adjusting the level of brightness, saturation, contrast, focus, and exposure, etc. in a while. If you are hunting for advanced-level or professional-level editing tools and effects this app is best for you.

LightX Photo editor

You can install this app for free and then upgrade it according to your choice and preferences. For this, you have to buy different plans. It is popular among iOS users and included in the google play store also for Android users. This photo editor gives you full access to make group photos with stylish frames, to beautify the images you can do editing adjustments, place stickers, place colors, blur image background, reshape, sliding tools(curve, levels, color balance). You can download the Beta version of this app.


With this app, you can remove pimples, red eyes, or lens effect Fineline to smooth the image quality, beautify your smile. You can try the Bokeh photo accessibility which means you can change the background or blur. Also, you got an additional camera function to pre-adjust the shots and then touch to click the final pic.

Install a trial version and if you love the feature and function and want to try more advanced pay for it and start editing.


Using the tricks and tools of Motionleap you can make Gifs from normal images/ shots in a while. The app offers plenty of editing features, editing elements, to get neat and fine images. You can’t tap to remove red eyes or crop the shots but still, the app can do a lot for you. So, just install and take the preferable pack to subscribe to the editing accessibilities.

So, which app suits your preferences and wants?

Download them to make cool snaps with some swipes and taps. To edit video and images professional editors use laptops but when you are in a hurry and want to do quick edits android photo editing apps are flexible to make it possible for you. You just need to install the app on your phone and you can edit your photos.

5 Reasons why you should Hire WordPress Developers

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) generally used for blogging/ non-blogging sites, eCommerce, and retail sites. The main reason behind WordPress being so popular is that it is easy and free! Yes, you have heard it right.

Website created through WordPress is not only engaging but is budget-friendly too. Hiring WordPress Developers can be an advantage if you are looking for budget-friendly website development.

Here are some reasons why you should choose WordPress for your upcoming website development:

Customized Features: You can not only download a readymade theme, but you can also customize the features and layouts according to the needs.

Depending on the theme you’re using for your WordPress site, there are a different set of changes you can make to your site from within your admin panel to get the desired lookout.

User Interactive: When you start planning for a website, user interaction is the first and most essential point strikes at your checklist. User engagement is the most important thing, and to connect with the customers; you need a medium.

WordPress is a podium that connects well with the users, and though it is SEO friendly, it will give you reaches to your targeted audience. 

Flexible Hiring: You can hire a WordPress developer easily on an hourly, monthly, or fixed salary to accomplish your website.

The main benefit of hiring a remote WordPress developer is that you don’t need to recruit a full-time employee for this job, go online, and boom you are done! You will find out thousands of WordPress developers who will keep a regular check of the job and update you directly or indirectly. 

Affordability: Hiring an offshore developer is always a wise choice. As WordPress is open-source and utterly free, you don’t need to purchase licenses. In addition to this, WordPress is the best and easiest way to create a website.

It has thousands of themes and plugins available to extend the functionality. If you are looking for economical web development, WordPress is the optimal choice.

Better SEO: WordPress comes with great SEO plug-ins, which are Google friendly. The SEO professionals generally suggest WordPress get better search results and higher ranking in very less time.

WordPress has its own analytics to track your growth, plus it allows creating AMPs that load in no time on mobile devices. WordPress gives the flexibility to optimize Social Media and get good results.

Why hire a remote WordPress Developer?

No Infrastructure Required: When you hire a developer from a remote location, you don’t need to entertain with a proper infrastructure like; PCs, Tea/Coffee, Water Cooler, internet, etc.

It saves your time as well as money. By hiring a remote WordPress Developer, you will cut down your expenses in no small amount.  

Less Micromanagement: That’s correct! When there is no one around you, you need not trace all the little or ignorable things such as system problems, electricity bills, task completion, etc.

Just chill the whole day, and an update is a ping at your phone.

Flexible Timing: The best thing about hiring an offshore developer is that they can work in flexible timing—no 9-5 job and reporting at EOD, nothing. Whenever you want the work, they are available.

No Long term Agreements: If you are working on a single project or a short term project, hiring a remote developer is the best option.

You can hire them for a simple task, for a month or any other timeframe.

If you are thinking to hire WordPress developers don’t atrophy a single minute.

Just go to Google and hire a remote WordPress developer who will help you to build a fantastic website.

Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

We all are aware of the fact that WordPress is one of the popular online publishing platforms.

WordPress powers 34% of the internet.

As per WordPress, more than 409 million people view more than 15.5 billion pages each month.

WordPress users publish about 41.7 million new posts and leave 60.5 million new comments each month.

Thanks to WordPress for the easy interface which makes it more popular and attracting more and more marketers.

But what is that makes WordPress even more popular – Plugins.

WordPress Plugins make the websites + content reach out to more and more people in an effective way.

Hence the reason, WordPress plugins are becoming a need day by day as they are making the marketer’s life easy with minimum or no coding headache.

Did you know that?

There are over 54000+ plugins in the WordPress directory.

But it is important to know that installing too many plugins on your website can slow down your site.

So as a marketer, you should now which plugin to install or which is not.

In this article, I am sharing the best WordPress plugins that every marketer should know or install.

Yoast SEO

As a marketer, the first plugin I always install on my website is Yoast SEO.

It is one of the famous SEO plugins among marketers with 5+ million active installations and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

This plugin helps you in improving your SEO efforts with the following features:

  • Add Title and meta description for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results.
  • Control over breadcrumbs
  • Create XML sitemap
  • Set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content.

This Plugin is free as well as paid. If you want to experience some of the more features of this plugin then you can go for the premium version of the plugin.

However, it is easy to install this plugin but if you are newbie or facing any issue to install the plugin then you can read their Yoast SEO installation instructions

Simple 301 Redirects

This is another great plugin with 300,000+ active installations with an average rating of 41. Out of 5 that every marketer should use.

Simple 301 Redirects provides an easy method to redirect your old page or not found page to the new page without any coding knowledge.

It’s a really useful plugin when you migrate your site or page to a new domain or page.

This plugin helps you in improving your SEO strategy as it strengthens the backlink portfolio i.e previously 404 not found link would be redirected to a new page.

This plugin is free to use. You can follow simple steps to install the plugin.

W3 Total Cache

One of the popular plugin among marketers with 1+ million active installations and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

W3 total cache helps you in improving your SEO and user experience by reducing page load time.

Nowadays User experience is very important than ever before. This plugin will help you in improving the page speed of the website.

As we know that Google considers page speed as one of the rankings factors so it’s a big reason to use this plugin.

Below are some of more benefits of this plugin:

  • Improves conversion rates and site performance.
  • Improves web server performance
  • Helps in saving bandwidth
  • “Instant” repeat page views

All in One SEO Pack

A plugin that gives tough competition to Yoast SEO. Every marketer should give a try to this plugin.

All in One SEO Pack is created in 2007 and gain the trust of 2+ million users with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.

It is one of the most downloaded plugins which is updated regularly to provide the bug-free experience to users.

Below are some of the features of All in One SEO Pack:

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Google AMP support (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Google Analytics support
  • Markup
  • Support for SEO on Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce
  • Compatibility with many other plugins
  • Translated into 57 languages

These are just some of the features of this plugin. This plugin is trusted by individuals and companies to improve their SEO strategy.

Contact Form 7

There are many ways of engagements either it comes in the form of likes, comments or social media shares.

Another way of engagement is in direct contact with your readers which is essential to growing your SEO efforts.

In this case, Contact form 7 can help you in many ways. This plugin is one of the most popular plugins with an active installation of 5+ million. It’s free to use the plugin.

Contact form 7 can helps you in managing many multiple contact forms.

Also, you can customize the contact form and mail content as per your audience and requirement.

Rank Math

Rank Math, SEO Plugin that is getting famous day by day and winning the trust of more marketers.

Currently, more than 90,000+ marketers are taking advantage of this plugin.

We all know that SEO is one of the important sources of traffic but sometimes the process of optimizing the blog or page takes a lot of time.

If you are also facing this problem then rank math will work like a miracle for you.

Smart automation features of this plugin will help you in improving your SEO strategy in just a few clicks.

Below are some of the features of this plugin:

  • Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated
  • You can optimize your post for 5 keywords
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • With this plugin, you can track your keyword ranking in the google
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
  • SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs
  • 404 Monitor
  • Deep Content Analysis Tests
  • Internal Linking Suggestions

I think these features are enough to convince any marketer why he/she should install this plugin.

These are just a few features, a long list of features are still waiting which you can check at

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Every marketer wants when a user visits their post or site, they would stick to the site for longer.

This is possible by showing another content related to user interest before leaving.

Here this plugin comes in picture. YARPP displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry, introducing your readers to other relevant content on your site.

There are many features of this plugin such as:

  • Thumbnail or list view of related content
  • Related posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Related posts in feeds
  • An advanced and versatile algorithm

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) has 200,000+ active installations with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.


By default, WordPress doesn’t allow the site owners to create a table.

If you want to add a table manually then it requires knowledge of HTML which would be difficult for the non-tech marketers.

Don’t worry. TablePress is here to help you.

This plugin allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode.

Features of this plugin are following:

  • Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Filtering

This free plugin has 800,000+ active installations with an average rating of  5 out of 5.


As a  marketer, you don’t want your comment section to fill with spammy comments.

To get rid of this situation, the marketer should install this plugin.

Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against a global database to prevent spammy comments.

You can review the comment in the “comments” section of the admin panel.

Some more features of Akismet are the following:

  • Check the comment and filters out the comments that look spammy.
  • You can check what comments are cleared by the Akismet and which are spammed by the moderator.
  • Moderators can see the number of approved comments for each user.

Due to all this Akismet is the top comment spam plugin with 5+ million active installations and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.


Every marketer wants that user will stay for longer on the website.

But on the other side, we also know that the user has a pattern: find, read and leave and most of the time vistors never return.

So it is important to have a plugin that will help you in converting the visitors into leads.

OptinMonster can help you to get this objective.

It is one of the best lead generation tools or popup plugin that helps you to your email list with popups and other high-converting opt-in forms.

You can easily create beautiful popups that proven to convert.

OptinMonster lets you build high-converting opt-in forms in minutes

You can choose from 6 different campaign types:

  • Lightbox popup
  • Fullscreen popup
  • Floating bar
  • Slide-in
  • Mobile
  • In-line

You can customize these forms too with the help of easy to use drag and drop builder.

The best part is that you don’t require any coding knowledge.

OptinMonster has 900,000+ active installations with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.


Whether you are starting a personal blog or working on a company blog strategy, you should know which plugins are important to install.

I hope these plugins will help you in improving your SEO strategy as a marketer.

Have you used any of these plugins? If yes then which plugins are in your top list?

If you think that I have missed any important plugins to consider then you can reach us to give an idea.

5 Tips for SEO Audit that will help your Website Rank in 2020

5 Tips for SEO Audit that will help your Website Rank in 2020

Every now and then business people keep revising and revisiting their strategies and tactics (not the vision and objective) and this is just to keep a check on internal and external elements.

This also tells them whether they are following the processes that they decided to follow.

This also tells them if they are doing things on time.This also tells them about their competitors.

This also tells them about the likes and dislikes of users about their products and services.

When it comes to any online business, a website is something that drives business.

For their website to become visible, SEO is one of the most preferred solutions.

However, SEO has evolved over the years and is still evolving by the day.

The steps that an SEO professional used to take 2-3 years ago are no longer useful.

To add further, SEO is not something that you alone focusing on; your competitors might be putting efforts in optimizing their websites as per search engine guidelines and trying to hit the top positions in search engine results.

For this very reason, a regular SEO Audit becomes crucial and important.A good SEO audit can tell you various things about your website, about your competitor’s website/s and whether you are following the guidelines of search engines.

In this article, I am talking about a few tips that one should keep in mind while conducting an SEO audit (whether you do it yourself or by some other professional)

SEO Audit Tip #1 – Keyword Cannibalization

When doing an on-page SEO audit, check if you have more than one page that is being targeted for the same set of keyword/s.

Some users think that Google will like our website if we create more and more pages and that one of these pages might rank if not all.

But the reality is that most of such website owners end up optimizing more than one page for the single keyword.

If this happens, forget one, none of the pages will rank in Google for that keyword.

Hence, when you plan out your SEO strategy, it is important to map keywords to the respective page and then focus the energies accordingly.

How to check if this is happening?If the targeted keyword is present in Page Title, Meta description, Heading tags, body content, internal links of more than one page, chances are that you are not targeting one page per keyword and are not providing a clear theme to Google.

If you find such a thing happening during your SEO audit, correct it immediately and focus on targeting just one page per keyword set.

SEO Audit Tip #2 – Crawl Setup and Budgeting

It is observed that Google will not crawl each and every URL of your website again and again.

If you prepare a new website with 2000 pages and offer all of those pages via XML sitemap and Google Search Console, Google will not crawl all of them. 

Even if it does, it will not do immediately.Google over the period will realize that not all URLs are important and will only crawl a certain number of URLs of your website.

This, in general, can be termed as the “crawl budget” of your website.The crawl budget if managed well can also lead to bad or good search engine rankings.

To add further, you do not make use of your crawl budget well.Some of the problems I have seen with websites are:A 3K page website and the sitemap has only a few hundred URLs.

A sitemap full of 404 URLs.A sitemap full of URLs that are already blocked by robots.txtGoogle usually assigns a crawl budget for every website.

In simple terms, it means that if you have 30K URLs, Google will not come again and again and crawl all of these 30K URLs.

Google should have a reason to crawl all of these URLs repeatedly.Imagine a big news website that posts 300-500 news stories from around the world every day.

This makes around 15000 URLs in a month.Will or should Google crawl all of these URLs again and again?The answer is a simple NO.

The reason is simple, the need for these 15000 URLs to the users is not too high because most likely the subject will become stale after a few days.

Hence, Google will not like to spend its energy and resources to crawl all of these URLs again and again.And you would agree that for this very reason, Google decided to make a different format for News websites i.e. News XML Sitemap.

In your SEO audit, you need to check that you are:Making Google crawl all important URLs.Not making Google crawl a bunch of 301, 302, 404 URLs.Not making Google crawl URLs that are of 0 SEO importance.

This way, you can utilize the crawl budget efficiently.

SEO Audit Tip #3 – URL or On-page Content Duplicity

Avoid On Page Duplicate Content

One of the factors of your pages not ranking is the on-page content duplicity.

This means that if you have the same content on more than one page of your website, chances are the page might not rank.

Technically, this can happen even if you have not intended to do so.


Well, you might not get to know but you may end up creating more than one URL of the same page.

For Google, this will be counted as a different URL and might cause confusion.

This happens when you have the same page opening with HTTP, HTTPS, WWW, without the WWW, with the ”/” and without the “/”.

Each of these URLs will be treated as a unique URL by Google and this may be treated as on-page content duplicity.

When conducting an SEO audit, check if the system is creating such a version of URLs for the same page.

If this is happening, you should fix it immediately because even if you create great content, Google might not rank it and you would be left confused.

SEO Audit Tip #4 – Intent

Everyone says that Content is King but the world is evolving and so are the crawlers and their understanding of the content.

Many years ago, SEO was governed by a few on-page elements and bulk of backlinks.

With the years, writing content gained importance and if you ask me today, a lot of content is available but the quality has taken over quantity.

This means that not all content is good.

When I say good, it means that not all content is addressing the intent of the user or user’s search query.

People are also writing content in quantities because they think that longer content ranks better.

While original and longer content are indeed required but people would like to read content that addresses their intent.

Imagine if there is a content of 1500 words long but only 300-400 words are talking about the core topic and the remaining content is just a built-up story and close to the subject.

Some of the latest algorithm updates by Google focuses on understanding the intent of the users and then mapping it to the content offered.

If the content doesn’t address the intent of the user, chances are that the content might not rank.

A simple way to audit this is by asking a question to yourself. Is this content answering my query?

If the answer is yes, you are on the right path.

SEO Audit Tip #5 – Image optimization

An image speaks louder than text and that is why images are used a lot in the website content.

A few years ago Google launched the universal search page wherein after searching, Google will not just show websites but will also show news, videos, images if relevant.

This according to me was a game changes for news and content-driven websites.

While the images appearing in the Google search results looks really interesting, it is important to know the reasons why some images appear in the search results.

Image SEO is something that needs to be done for your images to rank.

Imagine a website that posts content and images of actors and actresses.

People like to see the latest photographs of their favourite actors and they search with all kinds of image related keywords in Google.

If your website operates in this category and the images of your websites are not ranking, you are losing a great deal of traffic.

This clearly tells that you need to audit the website and the way images of your website are handled.

There are two primary things that you need to audit while working with images.

The filename and the alt tag.

The file names should be keyword rich and descriptive.

At the same time, the alt tag should also describe what the image is all about and when you do so, using keywords is recommended.

If any website is not focusing on these two elements, chances are that they would not be driving a lot of traffic from Google image search.


If you are really serious about driving organic traffic and for all logical reasons one ideally should be, get an SEO audit conducted regularly.

You do not need an SEO audit every month but yeah, if an SEO audit is done every 6 months, it would refresh quite a few things and should really help.

If you are a website owner whose website is not ranking and struggling to drive organic traffic, get an SEO audit done and get some actionable insights.