How to Fix the Android Home, Power Button, and Back Button Issue?

By | Feb 27, 2021

We all use android phones, it has become an important part of our life. We don’t leave our home without getting this with us. As everything is digital we don’t need to carry cash with us that can too be managed by our android phones and their apps. To access the functionality of the phone we use the home and back buttons most. What if the home and back buttons stop working.

You can’t access any of the apps, due to the lack of home and back button issues. 

5 ways to deal with the home and back button issue(Android)

Every problem contains a set of solutions and we just have to find them. To deal with such issues you can either download third-party apps or follow the other things we have mentioned here:

Apps you can download

We have listed three apps to get over this issue. The first one is the navigation bar that is a third-party app that will help you to navigate the different apps on your phone and access the home and back button functionality. This app offers amazing functionality so you can access more than navigating by recent, home, and back accessibility.

The second one is Soft Keys Home Back Button that you can use to utilize the home and access button functionality. You customize the size, the location of the navigation bar, the transparency of the button can also be adjusted.

The third one is the Back button, which is installed by more than 5 million users. It offers a lot of functionality options consuming less storage space on your phone. You have the access to make some changes in the orientation, sizes, color as well.

Force restart

If your android smartphone is lacking with any of the functionality and you can’t access the interface of the phone, the force restart action can resolve the issues. We too have used this personally and it was a successful attempt to come out from so many problems.

To use this action you just have to hold the power button for 10-15 seconds, when the phone gets a restart, and the logo shows and the phone optimized successfully, the issues will get resolved and the home and back will also start working again.

Clean cache

Like the internet and browser history, the phone has a call log history and notifications bar that stored a small amount of info about our recent activities. If it is collected in an excessive amount the phone home button and back button may face accessibility issues. You can resolve this problem by wiping the cache partition, So, what you have to do is:

  • Hold the Volume down button and Power button for a while.
  • Then choose Recovery mode.
  • Locate the option for Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Confirm this to wipe the cache partition process not shut down the phone.

Software or App updates

Pending Software and app updates disturb the functionality of the phone in that sense, the phone home button and back button may disturb. If the updates are available on the phone you should turn on the WiFi or internet connection and Go to Settings.

Just go to the bottom to look for Software Update.

Tap on Download and Install.

Once the updates are downloaded hopefully, the buttons will start working properly.

Reset Factory

If all of the ways went in vain then the only option left for us is to Factory Reset. This way is a little cautious as it will clean the data from the phone and if the data isn’t important to you, performing this way will be helpful to solve the problem. The phone will restore the functionality of a new phone brought out of the store.

Now, go to the home screen and tap on the setting icon.

Go inside the General Management.

Locate the Factory Reset.

Tap on that all the data will wipe out from the phone.

We hope that will resolve all your problems.

How to deal with the power button?

The problem related to the home and back button will be resolved and as you can see ‘the power button is the complementary entity to resolve the problem what if the power button is also faulty or broken.

If the phone is running out of battery and soon it has switched off state it will become more difficult to get the accessibility of the device. In this case, you won’t be able to perform any type of practice to turn on the phone.

You can connect your phone to the charger or USB to a power board or laptop so it can be reached in the condition to be activated for other operations.

Nowadays phones are developing with fingerprint sensors. When the phone is facing the issue of the power button you can simply use this action to turn on the screen and phone. The phone will be accessible if it rings so you can use another phone to call on your phone.

Download Apps or recovery mode

You can take your phone into recovery mode for that you have to perform a few actions we have mentioned above or the second one is to download the third-party apps to manage the functionality of the power button of the phone.

Apps to remap the power button 

  1. Power button to volume button

This app is available on the app store of your phone that can clear the problem of the power button by mapping the functionality to the volume button. Now the next time after downloading this app by making some changes your phone’s volume button will act as a power button so you can switch on/off easily.

  1. Gravity screen

A gravity screen is an app that establishes a virtual connection between the phone and your actions. It will automatically sense if your phone is in the pocket hand, or put on the surface of any item.

The next way is to schedule the switch-on time and switch off time of the phone. It works and helps you to navigate the options on time. If you know how much time you need to have your phone around you, scheduling is helpful. It will also save the pattern of the phone. Once the time limit approaches its schedule switching off the time automatically gets turned off. 

You can go to Setting > accessibility > Schedule Power on / off. Set the time with your preferences and done.

Here, in this article, we simply mentioned the ways so one can easily repair his phone without disturbing any other person. The tech enthusiasts have implemented these ways, and they have found it very convenient. It doesn’t charge any penny to repair.

All the ways we have mentioned here can successfully resolve the issues of the damaged power button, unresponsive home, and back button. 

If you are still not able to access the functionality of your device, take it to the repair shop for maintenance and fix the issues your phone is dealing with where you have to spend a little bit.