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Top Tips to Do Airport Parking Like a Pro

There are many things to consider when planning a trip, and where you will park your car pending your return is one of them.

It is less stressful driving your own car to the airport. You can transport your luggage to and from the airport with ease, and will not have to spend unnecessary time waiting for your airport pick-up. But parking and storing your car in or around the airport for the duration of your trip can be a bother, especially as you will surely want to come back and meet your vehicle in one piece.

Thankfully, with a few tips and tricks, some of which are covered in this article, you will be able to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free airport parking. 

  1. Book ahead of time

Getting a good deal on airport parking will help you save money that can be useful on your holiday or business trip, and one of the ways to get great deals on airport parking is to book ahead of time. 

Airport parking just like flight ticket varies between products and periods; therefore, if you book as early as possible, you will likely find great prices, prices that will eventually go up as more bookings are made. Where possible, try to book months in advance of your trip, but remember to use the cancellable option in case your journey is cancelled for any reason. 

You can also book ahead during the week for a weekend flight, so that you avoid paying high weekend rates.

  1. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true

Everyone knows that finding parking at the airport can be a challenge and even expensive, especially i big cities, but that does not mean you should jump at the first offer you come across.

Admittedly, airport parking horror stories are few and far between, but with millions of cars parked at airports all over the country, problems are bound to occur. These problems tend to occur more in agencies and companies that offer astonishing deals for shoddy services. If you book your airport parking with a reputable company, you can be sure of returning to meet your car in safe and sound condition. But if a deal seems too good to be true, chances are it is.

  1. Know warning signs 

When it comes to doing business with a company for the first time, it is best to always keep an eye out for red flags. Red flags are the caveat emptor that will warn you against transacting with certain businesses because they don’t meet a particular standard for reliability. 

For example, any business that does not have a traceable physical address, lack independent reviews, and has a phone contact that is always unreachable, or a poor and shoddy website design is a mistake waiting to happen. Before making a booking with an airport car parking service, be sure to check for these details. Also make sure to confirm the location where your car will be parked. Even if an airport parking service is offering really cheap prices, don’t leave your car there unless you know the provisions they have in place for when something goes wrong. 

  1. Read reviews

Independent online reviews are your best bet for getting correct details about the airport car parking service you are considering. These reviews were dropped by past customers and will definitely carry mostly unbiased views of their services. 

If the service you are planning to use has no independent reviews, it could be a sign that they are not a reliable company.

You should also be wary of companies that have 100% positive reviews because no matter how great a business is, they will always have a few unsatisfied customers. So when you come across a company with 100% reviews, chances are they paid for those reviews to be written. Always look for companies with a mix of good and bad reviews, and then find a way to strike the right balance.

  1. Confirm your transfer time

One of the reasons why it is a good idea to drive your own car to the airport when travelling is so that you can enjoy the convenience, but this should not be at the expense of your flight time.

If you have booked airport parking, make sure to confirm the transfer time to the airport terminal and factor it into your drive from home. It is always best to arrive departure at least 20 minutes before boarding, therefore if it will take another 5 minutes to get to the terminal from where you park your car, be sure to leave your house early enough so that you will have enough time to spare.

Choosing the right window for your New Zealand home

If your windows have seen better days, replacing them with new, energy efficient windows will increase the value and curb appeal of your home, while significantly reducing the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling.

However, selecting the right windows for your home can be difficult especially in New Zealand where quality of materials, insulation, and styles are among the important factors you need to consider. In addition, installing new or replacement windows is a major investment, as such, it is important that you do your homework so that you end up with windows that can stand the test of time. 

So what do you need to consider when choosing windows for your New Zealand home?

Choosing the style

Whether you are installing new windows or replacing the existing ones in your house, it is important that you know the different style options available to choose from. In the first place, certain styles will work primarily for certain rooms, while other spaces will benefit from a mix of one or more styles. 

Some of the common window styles in the country are:

  • Double hung: These are traditional double hung windows that can be installed in just about any room. These types of windows typically feature two sashes that open vertically and tilt for easy maintenance. 
  • Sliding: Sliding windows are modern styled windows that feature two or three sashes that open from left to right or vice versa.
  • Casement windows: Casement windows are usually hinged on just one side and open with the aid of a crank
  • Bay windows: Bay windows provide a dramatic view for those in the house. These types of window is characterised by three windows extending from the exterior wall, with the left and right side operable, while the middle window is permanently fixed. 
  • Bow windows: Bow windows are typically designed to have a curved top of four or more windows that can be either fixed or operable. 

Your choice of window style will depend a lot on your personal choice and architectural style of your house, as choosing a window that properly complements your house is a key factor when it comes to windows selection.

Choosing the right materials

Windows can be built from a variety of materials, each of them with its own merits and demerits. For example, while real wood is ideal if you are looking for an original traditional look, it is very expensive. 

The most common choices for windows in New Zealand are wood, aluminium, and uPVC, each of them perfect for specific houses and style. However, if you are looking for something that is not expensive, yet durable and easy to maintain, look into strong aluminium windows. Some of the features of well designed aluminium windows are:

  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Multiple styles, colours, and designs
  • Can be customised to match the look and feel of your home

Of course, an aluminium window may not be the best idea for traditional styled houses, as the combination of modern materials will contrast badly with the old world charm of an authentic traditional house, but it will be perfect for modern houses, offices, and even commercial business places. 

Getting the best performance

It wouldn’t do to install new windows in your house and start facing the same set of issues almost immediately. A new window should not only enhance the aesthetic value of your property, it should also enhance the performance of your house so that you enjoy a better mix of form and function. 

To this end, when considering new or replacement windows, you should keep the performance aspect in mind. The following factors will add the performance of your new windows, so that you enjoy better energy efficiency, better noise production, and value for your money: 

  • Glazing type: If you want enhanced energy efficiency, you should opt for either double glazing or triple glazing. These types of windows provide up to nine times the efficiency level of single pane windows, as well as the ideal Low-E value and U-Factor for maintaining the perfect temperature in your home. The type of glazing and glass you choose will also determine the level of acoustic insulation you enjoy. Better sound resistance mean less noise from outside to disturb the peace and quiet inside your house. 
  • UV Resistance: Ultraviolet rays can damage a lot of things in the house. It can damage sensitive furniture and artworks, carpet, books, paint, and even cause harm to overly sensitive skin. Invest in windows that carry appropriate coatings so that you can prevent these harmful rays from ruining the inside of your home. 

Getting the best quality

Up until 1987, houses in New Zealand were not insulated, neither was double or triple glazing used. This caused a lot of energy efficiency problems for Kiwis including condensation, heat loss, and so on; making a lot of homes barely manageable once the summer is over.

The quality of the windows you choose is therefore important when it comes to durability and practicality. One of the ways to ensure high quality windows is to work with a reliable and qualified windows supplier and installation company. Of course, you may spend a bit more than if you hire a glazier off the street, but you can be sure of windows that will fit the purpose that match the expenses.

How to Choose a Lawyer

Settling a matter in court can be an intimidating process. Most people won’t have a vast knowledge of the legal system or experience of civil court cases. These people need to find someone who will represent their interests in court, but how to choose that expert?

Picking the right attorney is a crucial decision in a legal dispute, and can heavily influence the outcome of the matter. It is a significant decision, but how exactly will you know which advocate is the right one?

Where to Look

If you’re not familiar with this field, it’s better to ask someone with experience of lawyers. Unions, for example, offer representation. If you have friends or family members that could recommend someone don’t be shy to ask for their advice.

A Lawyer for Your Needs

Not all lawyers are the same. Some are experts in criminal matters, while others specialize in employment disputes. Analyze your situation before looking for a lawyer with the set of skills your case requires.

how to choose lawyer
how to choose lawyer

Background Check

You’re putting a life-altering matter in the hands of an attorney. Before you agree to this and sign a contract, make sure to do your due diligence regarding the law firm and the lawyer(s). The easiest way to do this is to contact the lawyer disciplinary agency closest to your location.

Amateur private investigation work has never been easier than today, all thanks to the internet and social media. Use modern technologies to your advantage and seek out the experience of previous clients before making a decision. There are various legal forums around the web.

how to choose lawyer
how to choose lawyer

Pay Attention to the Firm

His/her house tells a lot about the man/woman. The same rule applies to lawyers, and their home is the firm at which they work. You will see the conference room when meeting potential lawyers, but you want to see more than that.

Request a tour around the premises. If they accept, which they should, they have nothing to hide. Pay attention to details: is the place neat and tidy, the expressions on the employees’ faces, and how the staff interacts with each other. Unhappy and frustrated staff members are red flags to watch out for.

Ask Other Attorneys

This is the best advice we can give you. If you know any lawyers ask for their opinion about your candidates. Every profession has secrets known only to its “club members.” A fellow attorney can tell you about the competence, work ethic, and much that you won’t find on the internet.

Picking the Right One

Choosing the right lawyer can determine the outcome of the dispute before it even begins. For that reason, it is important to choose the right one.

Before making any decision, you should know what kind of lawyer you need. Not all are the same. The next step is to look at the right place. Always conduct a background check before making a decision. If you know any lawyers, ask them for advice and their opinion on potential picks.

7 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Yourself

It does not have to be expensive or hard to fix up your home. You just have to ponder on and apply these recommendations below when doing your next do-it-yourself home development project — and maybe along with a few helpful instructional YouTube resources.

Using this short simple step-by-step guide, you can master the ways of home improvement DIYs in the simplest ways. The results will look just like Giorgio Armani!

Home Improvement Projects

1. Patch and prime

There are so many frugal patch and prime tricks you can apply.  But first, you have to prep the wall for optimal coverage. Then you will be needing a smooth surface so the walls can be blemish-free. 

Bigger holes can be quickly fixed with wall patching kits which can be found in home development stores. The method to use is easy which will make your newly painted walls look beautiful and smooth finishing. 

2. Paint your walls

When you choose painted surfaces over wallpapers, you will realize that painting a room is very easy. Remember: You do not have to be in a hurry when painting so you can achieve good results, especially if it is a project setup. What is utmost to make the job a whole much easier is preparation.

When you do not want to use the whole paint and primer approach, you could use an all-in-one paint to greatly lessen your painting time.  

3. Fences

Fences, they say, make good neighbours. That statement may not always hold true, but fences often do some good in certain neighbourhoods or circumstances. If you desire some privacy or you want to change your crumbling fence, you should always remember to have a survey to point out the right line properties, and two, indicate on the pipes when you have underground sprinklers. 

Nevertheless, there are some fences which have good advantages for a Do It Yourself home development. The simplest type of fence to build is the black aluminium type product, which is built to resemble wrought iron.   

4. DIY Your Old Bathroom Cabinets

When trying to replace your old fashioned cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom which look like those in the ’80s, consider going for pieces that are worth the resources and time and also relatively affordable. You need to follow a step-by-step, easy guide for a total bathroom cabinet makeover and make all old bathroom cabinets look brand new. You can find some great inspirations at and achieve your dream bathroom look.

 5. Update old floors

Shabby old floors can define your mood, but re-sanding the floors can be way above one’s capacity. If you plan to keep an old carpet or abandon hardwood floors, it will take a small measurement and a few hours during the weekend to tidy the floor and change the entire look of the room. A few coats of long-lasting floor paint or peel-and-stick tiles gotten from the local home store would go a long way.

 6. Light fixtures and plumbing fixtures

Provided you are used to the fundamentals of the proper safety process, turning off electricity and water when working is part of the home DIY project routine. In lighting, the main factor is to know the number of space you need to accommodate for a new lighting appliance. For instance, there are ceiling fans of different blade sizes to fit the size of the room. When changing a bathroom faucet, you have to buy a faucet that fits the existing holes in the sink. 

You can find and follow some good hands-on instruction on YouTube or online workshops for the various for any detailed guide you may require.

7. DIY Vanity Concrete Countertop Overlay

There is no decoration as chic and modern as a countertop overlay. When you need to replace an old-fashioned countertop, you can try to beautify them before adding a DIY countertop to the bathroom and revamping the overall look. 

Best Places to Live in Cairns, Australia

Moving to a new city can present us with so many problems including what to take, where exactly to go, or what time of the year to move in. The most daunting, arguably, of these problems is deciding exactly where in the settle to settle in. This is particularly difficult because it is a new place and you have little or no information about the different neighborhoods in the city.  If you are making plans to move to the city of Cairns in the beautiful country of Australia, these are the best places to live in:

1. Northern Beaches

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. It is located just about twenty (20) minutes from the Central Business District of Cairns, and is made up of five different beaches: Palm Cove, Kewarra, Ellis, Trinity and Clifton. The area is also known as Cairns Beaches, with the Palm Cove and Trinity Beach serving as major tourist destination hosting incredible luxury hotels. Trinity Beach is a place of choice if you are English-speaking: it hosts several parks, a primary school, and it is a hotspot for commercial activities. Palm Cove, meanwhile, is regarded as one of the exclusive neighborhoods in Cairns featuring several luxury accommodation, resorts and bars.

2. Freshwater 

Freshwater is a suburb in Cairns located 8 kilometers from the Central Business District. It is high-value neighborhood in Cairns with good road and railway network to the city, Cairns International Airport and other suburbs in Cairns. It hosts a train station, serving as a popular point of departure for tourists and residents. Freshwater boasts of a standard primary school, college and several parks. It will definitely offer you the comfort you are looking for.

3. Redlynch

If you are planning on moving to Cairns with your family, then Redlynch is the best place to settle. While it serves as a perfect getaway location from the ever-busy city of Cairns, it also serves as a perfect place to live if you intend to work in the city. It takes just eight (8) minutes to drive from Redlynch to the city centre. This suburb is blessed with amazing serenity and nature your family will never be able to get enough of. Also, Redlynch is very close to two of Cairns’ finest schools. You don’t have to worry about amenities as Redlynch boasts of excellent amenities, with a shopping centre that houses all basic needs you might have.

4. Cairns Harbour Lights

The city of Cairns boasts of some of the world’s most renowned waterfront properties such as the Shangri-la, Hilton and Harbour Lights Hotels. The Harbour Lights hotel, however, stands tall above the rest in structure, location and amenities. It has over 90 self-contained apartments. Residents are gifted with the Cairns marina views from their apartment’s balconies. Cairns Harbour Lights is located close to several shops, parks and restaurants. If you are a fan of boat rides, then Harbour Lights is a great place for you as it offers multiple tour boats to the Great Barrier Reef. It has several swimming pools, a Dundee’s restaurant and a fitness centre. Cairns Harbour Lights is a good place to live an enjoyable life.

5. Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach is one of the several beaches that make up the Northern Beaches. It is an exquisite suburb of Cairns offering residents a mind-blowing tropical beach with immaculate sands, soothing waves and glamorous palm trees that serve as a natural cover from the scorching Sun. On its boulevard are wonderful restaurants and bars.

In recent times, Trinity Beach is referred to as the new Palm Cove – another beach in the Northern Beaches of Cairns. While Palm Cove is another amazing suburb, Trinity Beach remains a better choice for several reasons. First, Trinity Beach is closer to Cairns than Palm Cove is, giving residents shorter commuting time. Second, living in Trinity Beach is far more affordable compared to Palm Cove. So it is a better choice if you choose to live in Cairns.

6. Smithfield

Smithfield is the place of choice for foreign students studying at the James Cook University (JCU), because it is at a very short distance from the university campus. Smithfield hosts a number of quality amenities, including a cinema for your entertainment and a large shopping complex for your basic needs.

While Smithfield is just twenty minutes away from Cairns, you will hardly have the need to go there because Smithfield offers basically everything you need. However, its proximity to the city centre is also an advantage. Additionally, it is a 10-minutes drive from the Northern Beaches of Cairns, giving you the ease of access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

You can get more comprehensive information on to help guide you on the best place to settle in Cairns. The best place for you will ultimately depend on what your preferences are and whether you are moving with your family or not. The good thing is that Cairns has so many amazing suburbs to choose from.

Getting Smart With Reliable Hosting For Small To Big Businesses

The major reason to choose a reliable web host is to minimise the chances of downtime that could lead to the loss of revenue as a result of declined sales of your products or services. When a website is offline as a result of web hosting problems or maintenance, online users are unable to visit your website to learn of or purchase the services and products offered. 

Reliable Hosting For Small To Big Businesses
Reliable Hosting For Small To Big Businesses

When this happens, your potential clients look for alternatives – which will result in the loss of income and sales for your company. In addition, frequent downtime can negatively impact the reputation of your business. Hiring the services of a reliable web hosting provider will guarantee that your website is always online and functional to your customers, thereby minimising the loss of revenue that your business absolutely cannot afford. 

Why You Need Reliable Web Hosting 

Even though it is physically possible to host a website on your own server — if you have the technical skills. But doing so would amount to signing yourself up for a lot of work. Self-hosting a website requires expensive servers that need a constant supply of power supply, would require regular hardware maintenance, backups in case of downtime and a static IP address. 

If you are new to the world of web hosting and lack the prerequisite technical skills needed to set up and maintain a server, it is strongly advised that you hire a web host service – albeit a reliable web host. 

What To Look Out For In A Web Hosting Provider

  • Scalability Option 

When selecting a web hosting provider, you would want one that can grow with you. The goal of your website is not to stay the same size but to grow, and this usually means more traffic. As time progresses, your website requirements from your web host will evolve. For example, if a basic shared hosting plan was what you started with, then you might have to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting, VPS servers or dedicated hosting. 

When choosing a web host, ensure that their packages are scalable and that you can easily switch to a different hosting plan at any time. They should also offer a great exit strategy for switching out hosting providers. It is not easy to find a host that you can use for a long time 

  • High Uptime And Reliability 

Server uptime is basically how frequently your website is available online. The industry standard is 99.9%, which is what most top-quality hosts offer. This only allows for necessary server updates that could temporarily cause your websites to be off-line. In fact, some hosting providers have a “money back” policy for any downtime that happens during their uptime guarantee. 

Before you choose a web host, it is smart to read their terms of service regarding uptime. After all, what’s the point of building a great website if it can go offline at any point, especially at very important moments. 

  • Pricing 

Change in hosting prices is commonplace in the web hosting industry. Unless you are buying a hosting plan for a couple of years (this is not a good practice), then you would definitely encounter fluctuating price from a provider. Before selecting a hosting company, make sure that they have clear pricing terms so you are pre-warned about a price increase or higher renewal fees, for instance, 

  • Bandwidth 

The size of bandwidth available with a web hosting plan simply refers to the number of web page views and traffic that your website is allowed to handle monthly. A lot of web hosting firms provide ‘unlimited bandwidth.’ But there is a possibility that your access to bandwidth resources will be cut-off if your website suddenly experiences a spike in traffic, such as when a blog post goes viral or your Black Friday sale ad produces great results. 

Even with a basic shared hosting service that promises unlimited bandwidth, you should have it at the forefront that ‘unlimited’ hosting probably won’t be unlimited. A website on most shared hosting services will be allowed to manage about 30,000 end-users a month on average. If this cap is exceeded, site load time will increase and site performance decrease. If you are at this level then chances are you can afford a better or upgraded plan. 

  • Storage 

Storage is another thing to consider when selecting a web hosting provider. The amount of storage you get with your web hosting plan will depend on the web host. However, unless you are storing a lot of media files, data or videos, you can work with the minimum storage. 

  • Great Customer Support 

The quality of customer support is a feature of a web hosting plan that you may not really dwell on – until it becomes too late. Picture this – your websites suddenly goes offline, you try everything but you can’t get it online. You try to contact the support team of your web hosting providers but get no response and you have a big sale that needs to go live the following day, leaving you in a panicked state.  What we just described would be an absolute nightmare. 

Because of this reason, you would want to try out customer support of a web host before making the final purchase decision. Test out all customer support channel and ensure that it works for you. For instance, some providers might offer support via email through ticketing and others might include phone support or live chat feature. 

Pro tip: Go with a web host with multiple functional support channels. Bluehost, Internet UK, 1 & 1 IONOS and and just a few that come well recommended. 

  • Website Management Tools 

The first time you purchase hosting, you would probably only require one website. However, as your website’s traffic grows, the need to create subdomains of your current domain or register more domains will arise. 

The web host you choose should offer tools like cPanel that make domain management easy. In addition, when choosing a web hosting provider, look for one that allows you to host multiple domains on a single account as some web hosts will only allow you to host one domain based on the hosting package. 

Pro tip: Always select a hosting service plan that offers multiple or unlimited domain hosting.