Scandals in Sports

By | Jun 17, 2015

There was a time when a sports scandal actually had something to do with the game and not the antics off the playing field, court, or course. Arguably, one of the greatest was the World Series of 1919 between the White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. Eight players for the White Sox were banned from Major League Baseball for life, because they intentionally lost the game for large amounts of cash. Now that’s a Real scandal if there ever was one.

A boxer throwing the fight, greasing the ball, performance enhancing drugs, are examples of scandalous behavior that affect the sport directly. It is a good thing to make a big fuss over these types’ scandals so that it can be stopped or corrected. However the public seems to be fixated more on our sports celebrity’s personal issues, the trials and tribulations, and the falls from grace. There are plenty to go around it appears. The thing is, this attention has nothing to do with the skills and talent that made them famous in the first place. Another problem is, like it or not, they become our children s heroes and role models. It is a difficult thing to be sure, to live with this sort of pressure, but that’s why they make the big bucks. The Media has exalted them and let’s face it, folks love the gossip.

Football and Golf seem to be the latest victims of scandalous notoriety. Florida State University’s former star Quarter Back Jameis Winston has had his share of scandal, from shoplifting Crab Legs to Rape allegations. Now he is in the news no matter what he does, like going out to a concert, according to Gamedayr. This is just one example to make the point. In Golf, who else comes to mind but Tiger Woods and cheating on his wife and going through an ugly divorce. Speaking of cheating and Golf there is a new scandal making the headlines. Bad boy PGA pro Dustin Johnson was suspended for six months after testing positive for cocaine and word was leaked he was having affairs with some of the other player’s wife’s. PGA golfer Will McKenzie and wife Alli McKenzie just went through a divorce, and the break-up was rumored to be because of an affair between Alli and Johnson. Alli McKenzie has vehemently denied these allegations on Twitter. Sounds like a good script for a Soap Opera. Makes you wonder if all this off the course activity will help lower their score? At any rate, it seems to be a good source of entertainment for the media to feed us. Scandals by sports celebrities’ sale, so you can rest assured the media will always find us a new one.

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