Why to complicate when things around are pretty easy?

By | Jun 12, 2015

People today are so busy in their professional that they unnecessarily complicate the things around them and stress out. Is it that they are so much busy that they forget to live their own life? Unfortunately a yes! People don’t sleep and eat well just because of the work load on them. It’s more about time management than taking personal care. One should very well be able to organize their daily schedules. No company does add on enough work loads on an employee enough not to eat and be so shrewd that their employees faces health issues. It’s up to us how to look after our health. Well, if you don’t get time to cook food and eat, why not simply order it from out? It is the best for those freelancers who can’t cook food when they have ample of work to do. Even the office going people can order dinner from outside daily. But eating a restaurant’s food may spoil your health. Why not order some homemade food? But its pretty tedious when the food doesn’t reach home and you have to make a call asking when will the food be delivered. Why not switch online? Yes an online food ordering app system for home made food is available in the market along with that of the restaurants. Installation and registration are the two simple steps to conquer this technology. It’s is indeed very much easy to order food on just few taps on the screen.

What is tinyowl?

Tinyowl is the very first mobile food ordering system invented by HarshVardhanMandad who is just 23 and IIT alumni. After all, he has to have a great mind being an IIT student. His team included of few other people ShikharPaliwal, GauravChoudhary, TanujKhandelwal and SaurabhGoyal.Harsh says that without them it wasn’t possible to come up with this start up. They wanted to reach the heart of the people and thus thought of targeting people with the help of food. Food is one of those best mediums which have united people and always kept them together. A family stays together because of food. For tinyowl, the cities Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaon are their families. They are planning to soon expand to the other metropolitan cities of India. Once done with the same, they would plan to come up in the small cities. Initially, it was difficult for them to come up with this venture with the brainstorming sessions conducted with the owner of the restaurants. They personally had to convince them for making their venture turn into reality. Now they receive more than 2000 orders per day and have more than 400 people as well. They have their set ups at the cities mentioned above and are recruiting people to establish in the other cities as well. It’s all a matter of support of the entire team. The people who have initiated are so friendly with their employees that their employees have more fun and are comfortable to work with. Speaking about their application, they have got more of positive reviews than that of those negative ones. The user friendly interface and the order history track simply amaze the people to stay tuned with them.

How is tinyowl according to you?

“Well to be honest, they need to expand more. More their expansion, more would be their response. It’s truly said that we have not been looking after our health because of the tough professional life. But tinyowl has made it possible for us hunting for the best homemade food services available in every area. It’s true that they might have advertised about their product and thus the people who provide homemade services felt an urge to approach them and market themselves. That was the correct opportunity for both of them. The price is pretty reasonable with no extra charges. I have been personally few of the restaurants and have their menu with me as well. When I compared those rates with those displayed on the menu on the screen they were same. Change in the restaurant menu and it within a fraction of days changes here too. We are lucky to have such genius minds in our country who actually make our living easy.”

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