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Gas vs. Electric Clothes Dryer

An average American household washes almost 400 loads of laundry every year. Although air-drying your clothes is the cheapest and energy-efficient alternative, it is often impractical or not feasible. As such, the majority of households require a clothes dryer. It consumes around 30-140 kWh per month and about 6 percent of the average household utility costs. Dryers are among the top five high consumption home appliances.

Considering the cost of running a clothes dryer, the energy usage of a unit should be a top consideration. In 2015, the US Department of Energy began rating clothes dryers. ENERGY STAR-certified models consume 20 percent less energy as compared to older, conventional models.

Two Types of Clothes Dryer

When shopping around, you’ll be surprised to find numerous brands and models available in the market. They might all look different but actually, they all use the same inner mechanisms, except for the heating element.

Basically, dryers are comprised of two components: the electric motor that tumbles the clothes inside and the heating element that produces the warm air that is distributed into the drum. There are two ways heat is generated through electricity or gas.

Electric Clothes Dryer

Electric dryers contain a heating coil that is powered by the 240-volt current, unlike other home appliances that run on standard household current. Repair specialists from recommend dedicating a heavy-duty electrical outlet and breaker for the clothes dryer. Any problem with the electrical supply can cause major trouble in your unit.

Some compact electric dryers are ventless. These machines are compact in size and is preferred if external ventilation is not possible. This type of dryer uses condensation dry which works by turning cool air into water vapor which is then drained off or collected in a tank. Compared to vented dryers, these units require more frequent maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Since hot air is expelled within the space they occupy, make sure there is adequate ventilation.

Newer models are equipped with a heat pump dryer which produces warm air. These units are either full- or compact-sized.

Hot air is blown into the wet clothes. Moisture condenses on the cold coil and the water is expelled out into the drain pipe or a collection box. Compared to conventional heaters, heat pump dryers tend to dry longer but it is safer on your clothes and is more energy efficient. This new technology makes the dryer more energy efficient.

In general, electric dryers cost less than gas dryer. Most models do not require professionals to install. If you already have an outlet, you simply have to plug in the unit and it’s good to go. However, the downside is that electricity needed to run the unit cost twice than gas-fuelled clothes dryer.

Gas Dryer

Gas dryers use natural gas or LPG to ignite the burner and produce heated gas.  Once the machine is run, a sensor ignites the burner until it reaches the desired temperature. The gas valve opens up to allow heated air to flow in.

The heated air is blown into the drum by an electric fan. Thermostat continually monitors the internal temperature. Once the desired heat is achieved, the valve shuts.

Aside from the gas line, gas dryers require a 110-volt electrical outlet. The gas line should also be compatible with the requirement of the machine or you will have to convert the dryer into the type of gas available.

Gas dryers tend to cost more than electric model. Aside from the unit price, you also have spent on installation cost. However, if you reside in a region where propane gas or natural gas is cheaper than electricity, then gas dryers cost less to operate over time. These dryer type also dries clothes more quickly compared to electric gas dryers.

Can You Choose Between Gas and Electric Clothed Dryer?

There’s no straight answer to this question. Although you are free to pick which unit to buy, a major consideration would be your existing laundry hookups. Installing new gas connections can be quite expensive, so it’s best to stick with a unit that is compatible to your laundry room.

Some laundry rooms are supplied with both a 240-volt electrical outlet and a gas outlet. If you have both, then you’re lucky! You can choose which type of dryer to buy.

As regulations become stricter, the condensation and heat pump dryer models have become common. The only issue with condensation dryers is that they only have limited capacity as compared to full-sized dryers.

Final Thoughts

Aside from energy efficiency, other considerations are the volume of laundry, the frequency of use, your budget, and your preferred appliance features. If you have a large household, it might be best to get a full-sized dryer to avoid overloading your machine. Compact dryer units are best for solo or couples.

So, which should you choose: electric or gas? Again, whichever line is readily available, go for it. There are a number of models for you to select from. There are different models that will fit your requirements.

If you have both hookups, consider the unit that is most appropriate to your needs, at the same, is most cost-effective in the long run. You don’t want to settle for a unit that costs less initially but would require lots of money to run. It is better to invest a few extra dimes for the installation and save up over time, than save a few extra dimes now and spend huge bucks over time.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Congratulations! The time has come to buy a new fridge. If you’ve been using an old one for decades, you are in for a few pleasant surprises. Modern refrigerators are much more convenient, feature-packed, and aesthetically appealing than their predecessors.

Since buying a fridge can take a toll on your budget, it’s important to do some research. In this detailed guide, you’ll learn things to consider when choosing a new appliance, features to think about, and mistakes to avoid. Read on!

1. Choosing the Right Size

Before determining the size, ask yourself what you didn’t like about the old fridge. Was it too big or too small? Did it have too big or too small of a freezer? Would you rather place it in another part of the kitchen?

When you are choosing the fridge, you’ll see two main parameters. One is the capacity in liters. The other one is the external dimensions. Pay attention to the second one first.

·         Replacing an Old Model

If you are replacing an old fridge and want to put a new one in its place, all you have to do is measure the old appliance. Remember to leave an inch of space between the fridge and surrounding walls.  

The capacity parameter shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It’s hard to understand how many containers you can actually place inside the fridge knowing the liter capacity. Pay more attention to the external dimensions and the shelf layout.

·         Buying a Fridge for New Space

In case you are planning to place your new refrigerator in a spot different from where your old appliance used to be, you need to measure the space carefully. Draw a sketch of a fridge and measure the space to figure out what your appliance’s parameters should be. Remember to allow for about five inches of space between the fridge and the back wall.

According to experts from, many refrigerator problems occur because owners install them too close to the walls, thus not allowing the coils to have sufficient ventilation.

2. Selecting the Door Style

Today, you have a choice of four common door styles:

·         French doors – two side-by-side fridge doors on top and one freezer door on the bottom

·         Side-by-Side – two side-by-side doors: one for the fridge, another – for the freezer.

·         Top freezer – one door for the fridge on the bottom and one door for the freezer on top

·         Bottom freezer – one door for the fridge on top and one door for the freezer on the bottom.

French door – considered one of the most convenient for most users. You get sufficient space for both cool and frozen food. Meanwhile, the access is simplified by two side-by-side doors. The downside of such a style is limited shelving space. However, most families manage to store their food conveniently.

Side-by-Side – vertically split fridge is an excellent solution for people, who need to store plenty of frozen food. You will have the same amount of space for the cooled and frozen items. This design simplifies access to both of them. Such fridges take up less space than the top and bottom freezer models because the door-swinging radius is smaller.

Top Freezer – a classical model preferred by people, who are on a tight budget. Top freezers usually have a highly limited space so such fridges are suitable for users, who don’t freeze too much food. These refrigerators rarely have too many special features, which makes them longer lasting.

Bottom Freezer – these models aren’t common but could be a great choice for people, who don’t enjoy reaching up for frozen food. Since these fridges have a full-sized door, it’s important to account for the radius when planning the kitchen layout. Some models have separate compartments for the freezer and fridge accompanied by separate doors. Others may have a built-in freezer with an internal door. The second option is usually less convenient but comes with a lower price tag.  

3. Considering Extra Features

Today, fridges come with a huge variety of features. Not all of them can be useful to you. Meanwhile, extra options may mean a higher cost.

a) Smart Fridges

Today, smart homes are extremely popular. Many appliances, including fridges, have smart features. You can operate your fridge without being in the same room with it, monitor temperatures, watch products inside through cameras, make grocery lists, etc.

The downside of such fridges is that the equipment that allows them to be smart is delicate. Such appliances break down more often. Meanwhile, by connecting the fridge to your network, you could be compromising your security. So you would constantly need to monitor software updates.

b) Finish

Stainless steel fridges are currently very popular. Their color and style are considered modern and appealing. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel finishes don’t show fingerprints. However, some of them don’t hold magnets.

When choosing the finish, think about the color. White is an all-purpose color because it doesn’t stain as quickly as dark shades do. If you don’t plan to wash the fridge every week, opt for the standard glossy white finish.

c) Shelves and Drawers

The organization inside your fridge depends on how many shelves and drawers it has. If you are keen on keeping everything tidy, opt for fridges with as many storage options as possible. Consider glass shelves instead of racks since they are spill-proof and easier to clean.

Pay special attention to door storage. It can offer you extra options for storing bottles and cans.

d) Ice and Water Dispensers

Ice dispensers are convenient but tough to maintain. You would need to inspect the fridge regularly to avoid mold growth and other unpleasant consequences of water being stored inside. These features are also among the likeliest to break down.

e) Noise Levels

Even expensive fridges could be noisy. If you are sensitive to sounds, make sure to check the noise parameters provided by the manufacturer as well as users’ reviews. Consider fridges that produce less than 30 – 40 decibels (dB).

Take the time to study features and read reviews. Proper research and the above tips can help you enjoy your new fridge for decades.

4 Great Educational Services for Students

Students today have all the resources they need to excel. Technology allows students to access all the information they need for research and study. As a student, you need to find out about all the services that’ll come in handy at your time of need.

To ensure you make the most of your time, you need resources that help you expedite assignments. You also get to learn a lot in a short time if you have the right study material.

Aside from consulting with your professor each time you’re stuck with an assignment, you should also use online resources to learn more about the paper you’re writing.

Always remember that college life is what you make it. Even though college programs are intentionally rigorous, the idea is to bring the best out of you and not to frustrate your life. Approach school with a positive attitude if you want to succeed.

Surround yourself with hardworking students who’ll push you out of your comfort zone. Together you can use educational services to enjoy a smooth and seamless learning experience throughout your college years.

To start you off on your quest, check out writemypaper123.

1.     Online Paper Writing Services

If you don’t already have an online paper writing service provider you can trust with your assignments, you’re doing college wrong. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean that you should always find someone else to do your assignments.

The fact on the ground is there will always be times when you have too many assignments and so little time to complete all of them on time. This is where online paper writing services come in.

Online paper writing services allow you to achieve a balance between your student responsibilities and your personal life. Even though you’re in college to pursue a degree, it does not mean that you should not interact with other students.

What you need to do is find an online writing service that delivers quality papers at an affordable price. This allows you to maintain an above-average performance without spending an arm and a leg.

2.     Grammarly

Even though this does not seem like an educational service, it is. Grammarly does a lot for you and as a student. Imagine not having an application that corrects your grammar as you write?

This is a must-have resource that helps you hunt down awkward phrases, sentence fragments, plagiarism, misspelled words as well as words used in the wrong context. The best part is that it’s fully automated, so you don’t have to proofread after you finish writing.

This is a free application that college students should consider using. Since essay writing is commonplace in college, you’ll definitely find a use for Grammarly.

3.     Online Editing Services

Did you know there are online websites specifically dedicated to editing? That’s right! You can now turn over your thesis paper to a professional editor for polishing. For big projects that need extra attention, you’re better off letting a professional go through it with a fine-toothed comb.

4.     Dragon Dictation

We’ve already established that essay writing is commonplace in college. If writing essays is not your forte, it can be quite a hard time completing assignments on time because you cannot always turn to online essay writing services. But fret not because Dragon Dictation is here to the rescue.

So what exactly is Dragon Dictation? Well, this is an application that allows you to type with your voice. You can easily work on a long essay simply by speaking into your phone’s speaker. The application comes with a text-editing and speech-recognition features that turn speech to text. Genius right? Now you have no excuse for not submitting your assignments on time.


Educational services allow students to have a smooth and seamless learning experience. As a college student, you should always remember that college life is what you make it.

Why Is the UAE So Attractive for Business?

As for now, the UAE is one of the most promising countries in the business segment. That’s why company setup Dubai is the most popular Google query. The booming corporate laws, the absence of income taxes, and a stable economy have helped the country attract millions of investors from all over the world. Some of them use an Ajman free zone activity list to establish a company and get great income. But first, we need to find out if the UAE is really suitable for business.

5 Reasons Why You Should Set Up a Company in the UAE

  1. The United Arab Emirates attracts entrepreneurs with their low prices and high incomes. It should be noted that doing business in this country has nothing to do with either Europe or the United States. This allows businessmen to open companies at a low price.
  2. Registration of a company in Dubai will take no more than 6 months if you rent a room or your business requires additional licenses. In other cases, this process will take from 3 to 5 weeks. This is pretty fast comparing the registration process with the USA.
  3. The United Arab Emirates provides many banks (Citi Bank, HSBC) where you get a personal manager and the best percent. A bank account for a company is opened within 2 weeks from the date of application.
  4. This is a unique country where you can develop any business. UAE monitors IT technology and does not miss out on tourism. It also supports online platforms and construction companies. Any area has a place for new ideas and companies.
  5. As already mentioned, the UAE does not introduce taxes that would affect your wallet badly at the beginning of your journey. All you need to do is pay annual government fees.

For many businessmen, Dubai offers great opportunities. This is a great place where entrepreneurs embody their ideas and earn big. Don’t miss this chance!

Essential Factors to Consider When Hiring a Building Contractor

When it comes to building your house from the ground up or carrying out some essential renovations on your existing house, it makes a lot more sense to hire a professional than to take on the job yourself. But choosing the wrong building contractor can lead to a lot of problems including unnecessary delays, shoddy work, and even legal problems.

This article contains some of the things you should look out for when you want to hire a contractor to work on your house.

Consider personality

Depending on the scale of the work you want done, a contractor will likely spend the foreseeable future in and around your house, either building your dream home from scratch or carrying out necessary upgrades that will change the look and feel of your house to what you want. So, if you don’t like the contractor for any reason whatsoever, go with your gut instinct and don’t hire the individual.

Individual personality matters a lot when it comes to getting work done. An untrustworthy contractor will definitely end up doing shoddy work on your property, and this can result in future damage that will cost you a lot in repairs.

Check for qualifications and licenses

Before giving someone approval to work in your property, it is important that you check that the individual or company is qualified and licensed to carry out the type of work you want done, and in your city too.

Every region and city has its own specific set of licenses and qualifications, therefore, be sure to check with your council to know the required qualifications and licenses a building contractor needs to work for you.

Another important thing to look out for is insurance. Licenses and insurance show that the contractor runs a credible business, minimises your risk of getting cheated, and absolves you of any liability should any of the workers get injured working on your property. 

Check for specialisation and experience

Every building project has different aspects, some of which will require a specialist to do properly. It is therefore crucial that you check to confirm that the contractor you are considering hiring specialises in the type of work you need done.

For example, if you want to carry out a comprehensive renovation of your kitchen, it is important that you work with someone who specialises in renovating kitchens and not a roofer. While there are places where jack-of-all-trades can work, certain projects require specific expertise. 

The contractor or business should also have an impressive track record and experience in the type of work you are hiring them for. 

Where you want to build a brand new house, it is better to work with a building contractor company that can provide all the experts needed for every phase of the building project. This is the best way to guarantee a no stress, new home build that will give you value for your investment. 

Compare contractors

It is never a good idea to pick the first contractor you find without first checking if you will find others with better qualifications, experiences, and pricing system.

At the very least, you should have three bids for your project, from where you can pick the person you will work with, but five or six contractors will give you a better picture of how the companies compare against each other. Not only will running a comparison gives you a better perspective on what to expect in terms of costing, but you will also get a clearer picture of the kind of work each contractor will provide. 

At the end of the day, you will be able to settle on a contractor that meets your requirements for cost, experience, and efficiency.

Understand that price reflects quality

While price should be one of your deciding factors when choosing a contractor, you should also understand that in most cases, the price is actually a reflection of what you should expect as the finished work.

For example, if you find a contractor that gives you a surprisingly low quotation, it could be that the individual intends to cut corners just to meet the budget. Therefore, it follows that the lowest quote is not usually the right way to go; neither does a high quote guarantee a perfect job. In fact, the more accurate bid is likely to be somewhere in between, which is why you should always have a shortlist of contractors to consider from. 

Know what you want

Finally, even though the purpose of hiring a contractor is so that you can get a professional job done, it is still you and your family that will live in the house, therefore, it is important that your ideas and suggestions are taken into consideration.

But you will not be able to make any input if you have no idea what you want with your building project, so, be sure you know exactly what you want before embarking on any construction project.

Choosing a Car Trailer for Transporting Cars

If you are thinking about transporting a car or truck, chances are you haven’t given a thought to how you will move it or the different types of car trailers available to choose from. In fact, car transportation is one of those services that are largely invisible until you actually need it. 

There are a wide range of options when it comes to car trailers – different varieties that provide a range of features and amenities, and are all suitable for people transporting cars from one place to another.

In all likelihood, you will want to buy a brand new car trailer either for personal use or for business; in that case, this article is for you. 

This article contains some of the essential information you will need when it comes to choosing the right trailer for your car transportation needs.

Open Car Trailers

As the name implies, open car trailers have no side coverings of any type. These types of car trailers or transporters can be used to transport one of more vehicles from one place to another, saving the owner huge sums of money that should have been used to pay the logistics company. 

Open car trailers typically measure between 18 to 10 feet and can be made from a variety of materials including wood and aluminium, but most manufacturers built theirs with dipped galvanised steel for better strength and durability. 

Open car trailers are the perfect car transporters for auto enthusiasts, private owners, and car dealerships. They are easy to use, uncomplicated and one of the most economical car transporters in the market. 

Even though most of the open car trailers you will see on the road carry single vehicles, there are open car trailers that can serve as multi-car transporters, transporting more than one car at the same time.

Enclosed Car Trailers

Unlike open car trailers, enclosed trailers come with side walls and a roof. This makes it more expensive than the open variant. 

An enclosed car transporter is the ideal transport solution for moving luxury and expensive vehicles that needs to be protected from damaged and harmful elements. The sides and walls protect the cars inside from the harsh rays of the sun, rain, and snow, and basically any other thing that can damage the car en-route to its destination. Some come with extra facilities like insulated walls, rubber flooring, and inside lighting. 

Enclosed car trailers typically have a lower ground clearance making it easy to load in sports cars and cars with low ground clearance. There is even the roll-back trailer variant that drops off the chassis to the ground so that you can drive in really low cars, and then the trailer is rolled back up onto the chassis. 

Enclosed car trailers come in both single car transporters and multi-car transporters, meaning that you can buy a small sized trailer for transporting one car at a time or invest in the bigger option for transporting multiple cars on a single trip.

Single Car Trailers

Single car trailers, also known as tow trucks are a great solution to car transportation between short distances and on short notice. If you have a car that you want to move quickly and easily from Point A to Point B, this is the ideal solution for you. 

Their small and study size makes them ideal for narrow roads and difficult to reach driveways. You simply hook it up to your towing vehicle, drive or roll the car onto the bed, secure the car, and off you go. 

You can use a single car hauler to move anything from an everyday vehicle to an exotic sports car; however, because it usually comes without any form of enclosure, your car will be at the mercy of the elements. Even though you can use single car transporters for long distance haulages, it is usually expensive to do so, and may put you in the wrong with the law if your region does not support long distance car transport on small trailers. 

Single car trailers are usually designed to be between 17 to 25 feet in length and typically come in 7000 to 12000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating; however, you can find single car trailers of other specifications if you know where to look. For example, has single car trailers of various dimensions, styles, and specifications for you to choose from. 

Note though that unlike open car trailers, a single car trailer can only transport a single vehicle that meets the exact load requirement. Anything more than that is putting yourself and other road users at risk.

Wrapping up

Regardless of why you need a car trailer, it is always best to buy the one that was specifically designed for your specific load requirements. This is the best way to get the best out of your car trailer. In addition to that, responsible driving, obeying road rules, and considering other road users are practices that add up to a favourable towing experience.