The best scanning apps for Android and iPhone

By | Nov 3, 2015

What do these scanning apps do?

It has never been this easy to scan a piece of paper or any other document, with these new and updated scanning apps you can scan any document in  great quality and with vivid colors in just a matter of seconds. These scans can also be further edited, from enhancing the colors of the document to make it easily readable to cropping the scanned image and saving it to your phone gallery.

There are a few top contenders that rule the market and have raised the bar for other app developers. Different platforms have different apps available for its users, so in this article we will go over few of the best scanning apps for both Android and iPhone users.

Best scanning app for iOS.

There are many scanning apps available for iOS but in this article we are going to talk about the one that outshines all the other apps and works flawlessly with Apple’s operating system. The app that made it to the top of the list for iPhone users is the Evernote Scannable.

This is a great free app for scanning documents. All you have to do to scan a document is aim your lens towards it, and the rest is taken care of with the help of the app’s camera feature. It automatically focuses to get a clear view of the text in the document. After scanning the document, it further processes it by editing the colors and contrast of the picture to make it easily readable for the users.

The app has an option, which if toggled on will automatically save all your scanned documents to your Evernote account, or you can manually export them to your gallery in the photos app. These scanned images can also be shared through text messages, emails or any other apps that are installed in your iPhone.

A feature that makes this app useful and sets it apart from a pool of various other scanning apps is the OCR function. OCR stands for optical character recognition that scans and stores all the letters and numbers in the image. This allows you to search for any keywords that are in any of the documents you have scanned making it easy to get to certain parts of the document without having to go through the entire document.

Best scanning app for Android.

Just like iOS, Android users also have a list of different scanning apps to choose from but the one that makes it to the top of the list according to us is called the CamScanner. Just like Scannable this app is also available on both the operating systems but is more suitable and easy to use with Google’s Android.

Even though the basic functions of both the apps are almost the same and the result is amazing in both of them, there are a few features that differentiate this app from Scannable.

This app flawlessly scans all types of documents such as receipts, business cards and much more in a matter of few seconds. The feature that sets it apart from some of the other apps is that once you’re done scanning, CamScanner analyzes the type of the article scanned and organizes them into different folders. For instance, business cards will be automatically saved in a spate folder while other types of documents will be saved in a separate folder.

This summarizes the different apps and their pros and cons for different platforms, whether you are an Android or an iOS lover. The basic purpose remains the same, but there are innovations and features in both the apps that set them apart.

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