Why Should You Care About Technical Debt?

By | Jun 10, 2017


Tech debt can be called as elephant in the apartment which the dev team chooses to ignore, they do so at their own risk. Tech debt is basically responsible for a number of issues the team does in creating top quality software quickly, especially when the companies think of more agile approaches. Do you face problems launching quickly? Do you fail to complete testing in continuous two-week iteration? Do you find defects leaking in last product? Development takes a lot more time to complete than actually thought. This means that you have a high amount of tech debt.

Technical debt was phrased by Ward Cunningham to help the non-technological people acknowledge issues related to software development. It is often called code debt or design debt. For instance, you have some functionality that you need to deliver fast. You need to choose to develop the program with the best software development means or you can cut down work to deliver faster. When you cut corners, you have actually incurred tech debt. Thus, technical debt is giving up quality for speed.

In the above instance, debt is strategic and it was a thought out procedure to create debt. For example, if you talk about credit card, when you buy something at the expense of paying in the future, you will be charged an interest on that and it is very important for you to pay out the debt as soon as possible.

Tech debt has its own types of interest. The tech debt codes are tough to sort. Such code is difficult to decipher and understand, thus it takes longer to develop the code than it should.

If you think what that one step fix takes so much time than it really should , then possibly, you are paying a big amount of interest on the debt. Suboptimal code causes more defects and larger cycle periods, lower confidence in the software and larger testing cycles thereby leading to dissatisfaction in customers and clients.

Tech debt can eat time, money, effort, repute of the developer and usability. It happens when tradeoff is done in the development procedure. For instance, if a developer is running against a short deadline, he may get ready to compromise on some feature of the software to finish it on time. The thought of “I’ll do it later” is quite appealing.

And, for the time being, that missing spec becomes debt that requires a payout later. And, before you could actually discover, corner cutting actually takes a commonplace and debt continues to grow. Cutback on the important specs could lead to downtime and poor productivity. In a way, the debt is being transferred from the developer to the end user. If it occurs, organizations may question your integrity and reliability and refuse to purchase the future releases of the product. If it happens too many times, you’ll be loaded with debt and only half-ready solutions, leading to your decline in the market.

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