Tactile Signage – Characters and Text

By | Jul 31, 2018

Tactile characters are usually raised by 0.8 mm in order to create the perfect touch for any user. It is extremely important that the provider is careful with not only the high quality of products produced but also that it does not compromise with the standard requirements for tactile text. There are many different ways of designing tactile signage and make use of it for various purposes. Therefore, it is important that the customers are of focus and that the text or characters are applied according to the wish the customer. Modulex is a reliable provider of tactile signage, where their key to their success is that they do not compromise with the quality of the products but yet at the same time offer a wide range of different products. When choosing which tactile signage to use for your business, it is important to be able to choose from a wide range of different colours and sizes. Thereby you will get the result you wish for and your tactile signage will be a success independent of the environment. Furthermore, it is also important that the tactile signage is sustainable, so it is useful for many years ahead.

Functionality and aesthetics of tactile signage

A proper tactile signage will give you a sustainable, cost effective and high-quality solution to your tactile signage challenges. It is important that the functionality and aesthetics of your tactile signage solution is not compromised. Modulex will plan, design and create your perfect tactile signage system to create the most suitable solution for you. They will do everything to ensure it is functional and well designed, suitable for the need of your visitors. In the process of creating a perfect tactile signage solution, it is key that the tactile signage that is provided fit according to the overall signage scheme of yours. This is important because it has to have a logical flow where the overall aesthetic is not compromised. For example, the braille signs should be integrated in a way that is coherent with the overall design of the sign. For the creation of tactile signage, it is possible to have various materials and ideas to choose and develop from. Modulex also provide customized solutions that have braille and tactile elements.

The importance of proper tactile signage

Modulex are constantly up to date with innovations in terms of tactile signage, to always provide the best propositions for the customers. A proper tactile signage requires a lot of experience to create as the end result will have a massive impact on people. It is both facilitating for individuals with good vision, but especially useful for individuals with impaired vision. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough that the right signage system is vital. Especially tactile signage that gives everyone equal opportunities to guide themselves around. Since everyone deserves as equal opportunities of mobility as possible, it is facilitating within several industries to have tactile signage. Furthermore, it is also a question of security. If for example individuals with impaired vision cannot locate themselves and find vital things such as the toilette or exits, a proper tactile signage design will reduce potential confusion. There is a great value to a well presented tactile sign as it is a great aid when needed.

Modulex are ready to provide you with your unique solution to your tactile signage challenges. Modulex will happily undertake both bigger and smaller creations of tactile signage and help you in a profound way. Modulex are ready to produce the tactile signs suitable for your business, according to your unique requests.

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