3 Players that demonstrate the love of basketball

By | Apr 20, 2019

Basketball lovers know the benefits of having a good court, ball, and good teammates to challenge you. Reviews from basketball stars say that they love the game because it is not only exciting but also a rewarding career.  They have made a fortune out of their talent and hard work. This is especially true for players who sign big contracts with world-renowned teams. But, before you can become a professional, you need a good basketball court to practice. You also need a good basketball pitch to practice. With regular practice, you will also become a professional basketball player. Below are reviews of some popular basketball players. You will get some inspiration from their review and hopefully become one of the biggest stars in the game as well.

Here are 3 Players that demonstrate the love of basketball

  1.   Kobe Bryant

He is one of the most famous American basketball professional players. He was a player in the NBA and won many awards during his twenty-year career in basketball. His position in the game was a shooting guard and small forward. Height is one of the major attributes that every player should have. Kobe Byrant is tall and has maintained ideal weight even after quitting professional basketball career. Kobe Byrant will forever remain a star. He was a player at Los Angeles Lakers.

  1.   Kevin Love

This is another American basketball player who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. His professional basketball career dates back to two thousand and eight when he started playing in college. His main challenge has been dealing with panic attacks. He has written a lot of information about his mental health in social media. This is part of his social responsibility to encourage people going through such struggles to openly seek help. Kevin has won many awards and honors including the NBA all-star award. He has received many endorsements and currently, a Chinese shoe company; 361 degrees have given him a contract for six years. He also invests in lifestyle website.

  1.   Michael Jordan

He portrays how the love of the game can help you build a career. He is a legend in the history of basketball. Michael Jordan still nurtures basketball talent alongside other old players. He features in major basketball festivals including the world basketball festival. To advance in basketball career, you need a good court and other equipment and tools. Training is also important. Michael Jordan remembers the time they would work out every morning. He advises the young players that they must work out, and go that extra mile to become perfect in the game. You master the skills through practice; that is his advice to those willing to play basketball. Though Michael Jordan no longer plays basketball, he heads some of the associations of basketball teams. That shows that he still loves the game. His net worth is over one billion dollars currently. It is true that the talent and love of the game can make you rich.

Many other basketball players including LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant are also passionate about basketball.  They have won many awards and are looking forward to winning many more awards this year.


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