10 Key Things to Know Before Breaking Bad With another Woman

By | Oct 25, 2017
  1. It has to be a terrifying experience. The fear of exposure, the inability to pretend and the lie are able to turn into a real nightmare. Besides, it is likely to influence both an affair and a family of a breaking bad man.
  2. It has to be really expensive. The very notion of having a lover may strain the wallet. It is great if you can afford it, but often it influences the family budget in a negative way. All the gifts, trips, and dinners–these things cost big money.
  3. Communication means (both your phone and computer)– will become a millstone around your neck. Correspondence by e-mail, Skype, social networks, and SMS can easily tell the family about your “hobby”.Furthermore, it does not mean your family is spying on you. Your wife may see the evidence of you, breaking bad with another woman, by accident.
  4. The fear to confusing names. You will need to control your language constantly. The fear of calling your wife with the name of your lover may become a real nightmare. The constant process of controlling your language and emotions is likely to make you nervous and outspoken.
  5. Sex with both your lover and your wife has to beexhausting. Sometimes sex with a constant partner may appear to be boring, and this is a big disappointment in life. However, you cannot be sure that every new lover will manage to make your sexual life bright again.
  6. You may hate taking care of yourspouse. The better your wife treats you, the worse you will perceive her. Her caresses will irritate you, kisses will be unpleasant, and even a peach pie won’t make it better. You simply will not be able to satisfy your legal spouse. By the way, in case if you cannot please your wife sexually, you may make her cheating on you.
  7. You will have to lie a lot. Relatives, friends, and children – those people who are so close and beloved, will constantly be deceived. It’s all very hard and hanging like a ton of bricks around your neck.
  8. Your conscience has to bother you a lot, especially when it comes to kids. Every time you leave your lover, you will think that the time you spent on sex, could be spent with kids. Thus you will start blaming yourself for being weak.
  9. You may miss something really important for your family. Breaking bad with a newgirl is likely to impact your family. You will run the risk of missing something important in the family – something that will never happen again.
  10. It has to be a disappointing experience. When the lovers become closer, all the shortcomings will become visible. That’s when satiety and disappointment will come.

Therefore, it is worth analyzing someone else’s experience before getting into this mess. Besides, you should first answer the question, whether you need to risk what you have or not. Maybe it’s better and easier to try to make the relationships in your family work out? And if there are no problems, is the leisure interest worth possible consequences?

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