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Winter will soon bid us goodbye and all our winter creams will make way for summer ones. That’s not all; our cosy winter wardrobe too, will be replaced by a summer wardrobe that is filled with clothes which speak fashion and comfort in the same breath. There is one summer essential that every girl’s wardrobe absolutely must have, and that’s a pair of shorts. However, we’re talking about the women folk here, so obviously there isn’t just ONE type of shorts that we need, is there!? Read on to find out the different kinds of shorts that you will find in the summer closet of a girl…

  1. Hot Shorts

This pair of clothing lives up to its name! Known as hot shorts, these shorts cover the butt and stop just before the thigh. Pair up these shorts with a loose T-shirt or a chic top and you’re ready for a day out in the warm sun! Since these shorts can make your legs look thin, girls with thin legs should avoid wearing them. Available in mostly denim, these are a must-have summer accessory. If you’re looking to add a pair to your wardrobe, simply make use of Myntra coupons and buy the shorts for a fashionable summer!

  1. Bermuda Shorts

Quite famous in the shorts segment, the Bermuda shorts are a great pick if you’re looking for something semi casual for the occasion. Best part? These are knee-length in size which means that you can get away with maximum waxing! This should surely get you running to buy a pair of them, right? Opt for these if you have healthier looking legs as compared to skinny ones. Pair the shorts with a simple tee or go chic with a flowy top and jacket.

  1. Day shorts

Also known as the classic shorts or golf shorts, these shorts stop at about halfway to your knees. With an inseam of about 7 inches, these are one cool looking pair of bottoms that you can pull off in any season. These shorts look best when they come in denim or cotton, paired with a tank top or a simple T-shirt. You can be enterprising and try out various combinations of tops and shoes to go with your classic shorts. If you have skinny legs, you may want to grab one of these.

  1. Knee length shorts

Different from Bermudas, these shorts work to practically cut your leg in half! Quite comfortable in any season, these shorts may not work well with those who have legs on the shorter size. Step out in a pair of knee length shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers and see how casual makes you look so good!

  1. Low rise

Such pair of shorts starts a few inches below the waistline. Quite a chic addition to your wardrobe, they look even better if you have an hourglass body shape. Actually, grab a pair of these even if you don’t, as they look great on everyone!

  1. Pleated shorts

For those who thought only a saree could have pleats, these kinds of shorts may come as a surprise! These shorts work to add volume to an otherwise petite frame. So if you’re looking for a pair of shorts that accentuates your narrow hips, pleated shorts are your answer. You could pretend to be Tomb Raider by pairing a khaki pair of these with a black tank top and boots, and go spelunking!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your summer shopping and add a couple of these summer staples to your wardrobe right away!

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