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By | Aug 4, 2016

August fifteenth 1947 was the day the tri color flag was initially raised and freedom of India was conceived. The tri colors were raised by the pioneers of a country who were overflowing with enthusiasm to lead an existence of our freedom.

Patriotism is reminded even after 65 years has passed away since Independence Day. This very freedom to speak, writes, learn and implement. Look what we have achieved after 65 years and made India better than before. Our ancestor’s voices, their speeches are what is driving us to make India better. Independence Day is the day we reminded of their sacrifices they made to make India free from foreigners.

Independence Day plays crucial role in each Indian citizen heart till the breathe because that is the day our tri-color (Orange, white and green) flag was born and till date it is proud to carry the flag in our hearts.

When we look for Independence day Images and Independence day Photos, we get to see children schools are being taught what kinf of efforts and sacrifices it took to reach this far.

What it was like to be treated as prisoner in their own home and what makes a good man even better when you fight for freedom and justice.

We are told about the how we got freedom and their stories how many mountains they had to climb and how many times did they fell, wounded and got back.

These inspiring stories are what kept us busy thinking about patriotism of India. You can find Independence day Images and Independence day Photos from 1940. As time passed by the morals where were taught since childhood have overcome because of the life in modern life.

Where a life have become a competition to deal with.

Independence Day Images and Independence Day Photos

(1) The Times Of India: Birth of India freedom, nation wakes to new life. Mr. Nehru calls for big efforts from people. Incessant striving future ahead. Assembly members to take solemn pledge.

There were such scenes from Delhi, which were long awaited dream for every one on that day. Entire Delhi was kept awake to witness this revolutionary day, this historic event of ushering in the freedom of India at the hour of midnight.

(2) The Hindustan Times: British rule ends.

Those were the last days of British India, which came to an end after ruling for centuries. It just makes every mind blow away to think they have been around for 2 centuries. Every Indian lost hope, that’s when our freedom fighters spread awareness.


When i look at Independence Day Images and Independence day Photos it inspires us to take one more step make a difference in our society and contribute value to our Indian culture.

The western culture is being taken over our Indian culture changing he meaning of values and importance of our culture and rituals. What we Indians have the responsibility to make our India better again by contributing and keeping the culture alive.

Independence day is what represents us, for those lives who sacrificed themselves was never able to this day. They wanted us to feel what freedom is like. Happy Independence Day.

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