How To Securely Access Your Gmail Sign In

By | Jul 30, 2015

Gmail, one of the most-used email services till date, is popular for its security and user-friendly interface. Despite Google’s ardent efforts to keep the Gmail Sign In safe, one is often threatened by hackers, scammers, and phishers from around the web.


However, Google has been untiringly providing its email users with effective ways of securely accessing their Gmail accounts. Gmail is constantly being made more secure with the continuous addition of newer security features.


Some of the yet-to-be-known but essential tips of securely accessing a Gmail account are as follows:

 Two-Step Verification:


To fight the increasing issues of account theft, Google has initiated a two-step verification that greatly strengthens a Gmail account. This feature provides an added cover of security by asking for a code that gets sent to one’s phone each time they request for account access. This layer makes it practically impossible for any wrongdoer to hack a Gmail account without the accountholder’s phone.


Although it sounds a bit problematic, the setup happens to be quite easy. One just needs to visit the “Setup” page and follow a few simple instructions! Those who might need any kind of troubleshooting in future can visit the “Help” page and seek solution.


This two-step verification process also allows one to create (a) printable codes as backup and (b) a backup phone number as alternatives for accessing the Gmail account, in case one loses their phone. Gmail users can also create application-specific passwords for applications that are unable to request for verification codes. Thus, a Gmail account will be practically impenetrable until and unless the closed ones of the accountholder betray them.


Deletion of Anything Unreliable:


All Gmail users should browse through the devices, websites, and apps that have the required permission of accessing their account. All old devices or apps and sites that one does not trust should be deleted.


Manual Checking of Recent History:


Gmail users should manually check the recent history of their account in order to ensure that things look familiar. On seeing a device or browser that one does not remember logging in from, one should immediately change their password. The same should be done on noticing an unfamiliar IP address or a login time other than when one remembers to have signed in.


Enabling of HTTPS Security:


“HTTPS” could mean “security” while accessing a Gmail account in non-encrypted or public wireless networks. Letting HTTPS remain disabled only makes it easier for hackers to find a path into one’s Gmail account. Although HTTPS should be enabled by default it is always advisable to check whether or not the option is activated.

Walking Through the Checklist:

 Gmail has provided its users with a handy checklist which all its users should walk through in order to lessen the possibility of hacks. This checklist also decreases the time that Gmail accountholders need to spend in order to find suspicious activities that might be precursors.

The above-mentioned steps are useful techniques of securing a Gmail account. Gmail users can securely access their Gmail Sign In by following these steps diligently.

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