How to protect the phone from hacking?

By | Dec 31, 2020

We stored so much information and data on our phone like images, audios, videos, important documents but as cybercrime is increasing the security of the data is also mandatory. If in case the hackers become successful to get a link or approached your phone, the data may be misused by them. So, a big question arises: how can you protect your data from unauthorized people?

You may have heard that hackers have stolen the data from a celebrity’s phone or PC and soon that news channelizes on social media platforms and news channels. If the data is hacked by the normal individual it does not make any sense for anyone it seems like it is not that much important but everyone’s data is important for themselves and yes it makes sense.

Phone manufacturers claim that they have maintained the security by the in-built functionalities but still your one wrong move can put you in the wrong position and data may reach the hands of hackers or the people who can harm you in many ways.

To secure your photos, searches, documents, shopping credentials, banking receipt, and statements you have to be careful about what you are accessing and from where you are accessing?

Is it secured or not?

6 efficient ways to secure your phone

To secure your information and data from unauthorized hands, here we are giving you a few ways, you can try it.

Downloads from the app store

We love to play games and apps that can be downloaded from the website and third-party platforms. But this is not the right way as it may become a threat to your device. Whenever you want to download any app, go to the play store to download it. It is the most secure way from any other third party resources. The apps available on the app store are secured from malware and don’t lack security issues. Your device will be safe after installing the apps. 

The app store functionalities are in line with the device. While the apps are included on the app store, the first is verified on security measures and after that takes on the interface of the app store gallery. The app installed on your phone’s app store is compatible with the functionality of the phone. 

Due to security concerns, and for your device health, it will be better to install the app only from the app store. An advanced way is also available for the verified apps is that you can make some changes in your phone’s setting function, where you can turn off the unauthorized sources for app installation actions so next time whenever you will click on any link or option to install, the pop-up will open to restricting that app is from untrusted sources.

Manage the limit of data and information for new apps

When we access the interface of the app store of our phone, the app requires the accessibility of different types of information stored on your phone such information can be your contacts details, photos, videos, audios, account details, etc. You don’t have to tick on all the options as it is the to collect your data on the end that can be misused by the app administrator.

Before agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can tick off the selected option you want to restrict the app to access, it is the way to secure your phone and data.

Although, there are many apps that can not be proceeded further without giving all the access so don’t worry if the app is not as worth it for you, try the alternative app that is available on the app store. 

In this way, you can save the extra memory space of your phone as well as you can safeguard your phone from hackers too.

Antivirus App

To protect our PC from malicious attacks and threats we install antivirus on our PC. it creates a safe and secure environment for the software, apps, and files installed on our PC. As the PC security health matters so as the Phone’s security matters.

It is claimed by the phone manufacturers the phone is assembled with in-built safety functionalities that enable the data security on your phone. But in case you’re using the internet or public Wi-Fi connection to access the web services and accessibilities the hackers can attack your phone and harm it in many ways.

Find the antivirus apps or firewall apps from official and certified websites or app stores to protect your phone from outsiders and access your favorite apps and services in a safe and secure environment.

Lock your phone

Many people don’t use any type of lock on their phone because they have thought, a person put the lock on the screen because he has hidden something. But in reality, it is just a matter of security. In other ways, many people are too lazy to type or draw a lock pattern to unlock the phone, so they just temporarily swipe right or swipe left to unlock the phone.

To protect yourself from unauthorized access, you should always put a lock on your phone. Phone manufacturer units are aware of data security and that’s why they keep innovating in security features and lock patterns. Now, you can see the phone is coming with face detection, fingerprint sensors, pattern lock, number lock, etc. options.

After every single use just wipe off the screen as your fingerprints may imprint and clearly be visible to others.

If you’re using a pattern lock on your phone then, please turn off the visibility mode so when you draw a pattern, no one can understand it except you. 

We login to many online accessibilities, shopping apps, websites on our phones, a pop-up appears on the corner to save password and login details. If you agree with the credentials of your phone it can be a hit point for the hackers.

Find My Phone or Remote Wipe

Find My Phone is an advanced feature that is available on your phone to ease the security of your phone. In case you forget your phone at any unknown place you can get information about the location of your phone with the help of GPS accessibility. 

You can also give a ring on your phone so if someone has kept your phone in his pocket. You can find it in a while.

Remote wipe is a utility to wipe off your data stored on the phone if it may no longer be important to you. If somebody gets your phone you may not worry about it.

Stop using Public WiFi network

Data plans keep going on high that are out of reach of many individuals. To access internet service, people use open Wi-Fi connectivity points but that can become a threat to your phone. If you want to access basic books, tutorials, or want to listen to the favorite songs online it’s OK. 

But if you want to visit or perform the payment actions through your phone, please wait and do it from a private or known internet connection. Recharge your data voucher and do your work in a trouble-free mode.

You can choose Virtual private network services to hide your accessibility details.

Security of the phone

The security of your devices in your hands so please before making any action keep reminding yourself to protect your phone from the threat. We hope you have understood the importance and security of your phone.