How to Choose the Best Antivirus for Mac

By | Apr 13, 2018

Knowing full well that all Mac machines are just as vulnerable to viruses and malware, we’ll discuss in great detail the criteriathat Mac users need to look into before choosing an antivirus. If you follow our criteria sincerely, then you can be rest assured about getting the best possible antivirus software for your Mac system. Consequently, you won’t have to ever worry about your Mac machine getting infected by malicious viruses and malware.

An antivirus should providecomprehensive protection: Gone are the days when antivirus software was only supposed to protect your system against viruses and malware. Today it is expected to do much more than that, including providing firewall protection, automatically updating your software, include VPN protection, password protection and many other functions.

Besides, any good antivirus software offers not only the most thorough protection against advanced viruses like ransomware but all the possible cyber threats that may attack your Mac machine.

There is one popular antivirus software that not only offers all the above mentioned functions but offers many more functions to offer 100% protection to your Mac Book. This is Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. For years Bitdefender has been singlehandedly protecting millions of Mac machines against malicious virus attacks and still continues to do so.

It has been equally generous in protecting iPhones and other apple devices with its Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS solution.

Should not adversely impact performance of your Mac Machine: Most security products including anti-virus software are known for consuming high amount of computing resources and subsequently slowing down the computer. Hencea Mac user needs to fully ensure that an antivirus software that he/she is likely to buy does not consume unduly high amount of computing resources.

Besides, it is equally important to verify that the antivirus software has a small impact on the booting time as well as completes scanning task in the quickest possible time.

Must be extremely user-friendly: An antivirus software must be so user-friendly that even an amateur computer user should not face any problem in operating the software. Basically, an antivirus software should be easy to navigate, easy in allowing scan functions and also offer its user a complete control over all the important functions.

Always prefer paid version: It goes without saying that a paid version offers more features than free one does. Hence it is advisable for all the Mac users that they must preferably settle for paid version in order to receive comprehensive protection for their Mac machine. However, this does not mean that users must give complete miss to the free version. This is to say that if some users feel like going for trail version first, they should very well do that. Such a move will help in ascertaining whether the software is good enough to buy or not.

Ensure about after-sales Support: Before buying any antivirus software it is important to verify about the software company’s ability to offer quality and dedicated sales support to its customers. The need for professional after-sales supports becomes important in the wake of any unexpected problem that may crop up anytime. For instance, an antivirus software may not offer 100% protection despite quality assurances or you’re may face problems in renewing subscription for various reasons.

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