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By | Sep 10, 2017

Firefox is one of the most preferred web browsers in the web community. High end features along with the ability to customize the browser according to the particular needs and likings of the users is what make this Plugin a perfect choice for users. Firefox has a design which matches efficiently with the latest developments in the web technology. The browser has a slim code, which is added with Plugins in order to come up with a highly customized browser with all the features.

Firefox Plugins make one of the strongest points of this browser. Being an open source program there are several Firefox Plugins available in the market which can be installed with the browser to make it more efficient according to the needs of users. Most of these plugins are available for free and can be used by every Firefox user without any added charges.

Firefox Plugin

Firefox Plugin

Why you need Firefox Plugins

 Firefox Plugins play a major role in the efficiency of the Firefox browser. They facilitate better communication of the browser with different web programs and also ensure better web security of the user. The concern of online security is quickly becoming a major issue in the web world, and the Firefox Plugins ensure that your browsing session is secured from malwares and viruses.

However, in order to get the best online protection, and to facilitate proper communication with all the latest web technologies, the Firefox Plugins need to be updated regularly. An old plugin might make your browser slow and can even make it much easier for a security attack to commit. In order to ensure that your browser has all the updated Plugins Google has launched the Current Version Plugin Google Update.The purpose of this plugin is to check for any available updates of the Google programs and install it automatically.

How the Google Plugin updater helps

 The Current Version Plugin Google Updateis installed in your system automatically when you update or download any Google programs. This updater plugin is a boon for the users who do not keep a regular check on the new Plugin updates. This current version Plugin updater automatically checks for any available update and installs it in order to ensure that all your Google Plugins for Firefox are up to date and you are able to get the best protection on the web. The sole purpose of this plugin is to ensure that your other Google Plugins are being updated regularly. This updater does not meddle with any other program installed in your system and will not make the system slow anyway.

 How to install/uninstall the Plugin

 The plugin gets installed in your Firefox browser automatically, while downloading Google Maps or other Google applications or updating any of them. You need not to download this Plugin manually; it will be automatically downloaded while updating other Google programs. Now just like every other Firefox Plugin the Google updater Plugin can also be uninstalled from the Add-ons manager window of your browser. However, even if you remove it, it is most probable to get back once you connect to other Google applications for updating or downloading. So, keeping it in your system is a better option.

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