Why Design Sitemaps Visually?

By | Mar 29, 2016

A wise man once said, “Proper preparation prevents poor presentation.” In light of the same, a sitemap is a detailed index developed smartly by the website developers which allows its users & consumers to look proactively for all information published on the website in the easiest and most convenient manner. One of the major tools required in planning a modern-day website is a visual sitemap generator. Designing a sitemap online with the help of interactive applications not only gives you, responsible for building a website, more flexibility to paint your ideas in a creative and beautified manner but also test and revise the website’s structure and communicate strategic plans visually in an effective and efficient manner.

Now, while there are many benefits to having interactive sitemaps, one question which is sure to cross your mind is – why design sitemaps visually?

Just like a pictorial representation speaks a thousand words, a visual sitemap is worth thousands of links. Understanding and processing information presented in the form of a picture is much easier than any other type of communication that exists. The goal should be to organize strategically all the tangled information spread across tons of pages on your website into one simple and logical chart in one easy to read document. Doing this will help anyone involved with the project to comprehend the entire scope of a project in one go. We, at DYNO Mapper, a visual sitemap generator application, allows users to create visually, edit and share interactive sitemaps while accelerating the entire process of constructing and communicating website project planning.

Create a Foolproof Website Map

It does not matter if you are developing a new website or preparing for a web site migration, the first and the foremost thing to do is to define your objectives clearly and prepare a blueprint to move ahead. When developing a new website from scratch, you are working with a blank canvas. You can visually paint your ideas starting on the home page and then to the other pages. On the other hand, those of you looking to add pages to an existing website or stage navigational changes can widely benefit from an auto-generating a sitemap using DYNO Mapper’s specialized web crawler. Visual sitemap generation offers you a clear ocular presentation of a currently-live website and enables easy editing and testing of new site structural scenarios.

Creating an Interactive User Interface

Unlike the traditional sitemap designing tools, creating an interactive, modern and artful visual sitemap with DYNO Mapper’s creative tools is much more convenience and easy. Our tools are specifically designed to offer a structured system in which rapid mapping can be done in the shortest possible time as per your needs and demands. Additionally, our interactive applications can also do all the heavy lifting for you allowing you to focus more on your ideas and develop a sitemap as initially planned.

Meta Information Integration

In addition to creative and innovative graphical representation, what really adds charm is the integration of useful information. DYNO Mapper permits you to attach page types, wireframes, page notes, design images and add comments directly to the sitemap page. Storing supplementary information about each page on the website is undoubtedly a decisive advantage, especially in the case of those sites that are comprised of many pages. You can effortlessly avoid duplication and wrong placement of files, and further, rely on this centralized storehouse for the entire website’s plan.

Simplify Complex Structures

Another feature that makes DYNO Mapper stand out is the ability of convenient customization. You can easily choose from our four visual sitemap styles – default, folder, circle, and tree, and use a color scheme as per your taste and preference. Furthermore, there are optional tool icons available for viewing the web page in your browser, analytics, inventory and comments. You can also set a maximum level of sitemap levels which can be displayed at one time. In addition to these features, you can also use the section feature to break down the sitemap into subsections, expand and collapse them, assign page types, labels, edit colors, and designs, and even highlight the main functional areas of your website.

Share your Sitemap

With DYNO Mapper, you can create private as well as public visual sitemaps. Each of these has a unique URL which can be shared on social media platforms as well. These include Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and more.

Build Your Visual Sitemap with Us

We, at DYNO Mapper, a leading visual sitemap generator, offer our clients end-to-end site development solutions and assistance. Backed by a team of qualified support professionals, we benefit our clients with our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field of sitemap generation, content curation, Google analytics integration, content audit, and much more. Our support staff will work closely with you and your team in designing and developing your own creative and innovative visual sitemap from the very first step – ideation to the last step – making it go live in the easiest manner and in the shortest possible time frame.

Over services include:

  • Providing strategic inputs at all stages;
  • Making all necessary information available;
  • Getting the right site structure formulated;
  • Helping untangle the complex and clustered information in an easy and understandable form;
  • Adding and editing content, sub-sections, color scheme, labels, etc;
  • Offering additional help on visual sitemap generation, etc.

If you are planning to develop a modern-day visual sitemap for your website, get in touch with us today. Try out everything that we, at DYNO Mapper, have to offer. You can also check out some of our sitemap demos to gain a better insight on how our product works.


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