4 Ways that Having a Software System Can Help Your Salon

By | Jan 4, 2018

Software systems have revolutionized the way small firms conduct business, even those in the beauty and wellness industry. Decades ago, there would have been little possibility of convergence between technology and the beauty industry in the micro-level, but today the two are gradually becoming inseparable over time. A Salon POS System is the most common and most tangible example of this convergence, and it is becoming so common that the usage of this POS system is rapidly becoming an integral part of a salon business.

The advantages and benefits of having a software system on your salon cannot be underscored. It can also be an important factor for the success and growth of your business. Here are some ways on how these software systems can help your salon.

  • 24/7 Receptionist

A software system that will serve as an efficient booking and scheduling tool will help you connect with your clients and keep things in order round the clock. A reception and scheduling feature can either be the main function or an added option for a salon system and they have proven to increase sales and profits over time as they reduced missed appointments and increase customer satisfaction. Some of these schedulers come with an email or text notification sent to the client to remind them of the appointment.

  • Make Transactions Simple and Convenient

With a POS system inside the salon, it will not only allow the cashier to accept cash and checks, but also credit card, debit card, gift checks and others. This makes the service more flexible, and therefore, highly convenient for clients. It also makes invoicing easier as well as the issuance of receipts. Transactions can also be made with the use of apps downloaded in iPhones and smartphones that facilitate transactions process inside the business establishment.

  • Payroll Made Easy

A salon business works by either paying employees with a fixed rate plus commission or on a completely commission basis. This arrangement may sound like a no- biggie, but if you have a handful of employees to manage, a busy salon, clients that come and go needing your attention, you need to a toll that will help you monitor services inside your salon business. A software system can easily and securely do this and will make payroll fast and easy.

  • Update Inventory  Efficiently

You need to know what is working and what is not in your salon, as much as you need to be constantly updated on what supplies are lacking and what needs re-stocking. This part of the business is often overlooked leading to more problems than they ought to cause. With a software system, you can easily monitor everything inside your business establishment including equipment and supplies. This will help you make the right day to day business decisions that are highly important for your business growth.

There are more countless ways on how software system can help your salon business and the possibilities are endless. Today’s technology can make a lot of things happen just to help you grow your business.

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