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By | May 30, 2016

We use our mobile phones constantly.  With the changes in technology, faster processors, better screens, smaller handsets, the ease of use with little techno marvels is amazing.

You can watch videos, watch TV, take photos, send emails, surf the Internet, send a text, have face time, and even….make a phone call.

“If you were to look back 30 years ago, and took every piece of technology that was required to watch a video, watch television, get on the Internet, and make a phone call, you would fill up a small room, yet today it is all in the palm of your hand,” says the CEO of Advancis.

One aspect of having all that power and technology at your fingertips is the applications that have been developed over the years.  We now have applications for communication, word processing, photography, personal finances, and the applications have been developed for both Android and IOS.  So no matter what operating system, or model of phone, you can still have the same applications.

Recently in the UK, the use of mobile phones to access the Internet now exceeds laptop computers!

Let’s look at some of the top applications for mobiles today.


Let’s start out with a communication application that has been around just a couple of years, Viber.

I personally use this application on a daily, if not hourly basis.

You can text with it, send photos, and place phone calls.  You need Wi-Fi to place a phone call, but sending text messages, and sending photographs, can all be done using 4G.

You can even make video calls to other Viber users.

The best part about this mobile application is it is free!

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Who was the genius who first developed these flashlight applications?

The application turns the flash from your mobile’s camera into a bright flashlight.

No more fumbling around for a torch or flashlight, as we always have our mobiles with us, we always have a flashlight handy.

This app and many like it are free.  They can be “battery vampires” if used a lot.


Need to transfer files from one device to another and cannot be bothered to hook them via USB, then use AirDroid.

You can transfer files wireless, send text messages from your computer, and much more.  And again, the app is free, free I say!

Gmail and Yahoo Mail Applications

What could be better, or worse depending on your perspective, then receiving notifications of an email, and being able to access your email account via your mobile.

These apps keep you in the loop of communication and you will never miss an important email.

Smart TV Remote

If you’re like me I am constantly looking for my remote control for the TV.  Not any longer.  I always know where my mobile phone is, and with this application, I can control the TV.  If they only made an application I could quiet the kids down with.

Angry Birds

As gaming applications go, Angry Birds is up there.

I am not much of a gamer, but I got hooked on this game, especially the Star Wars version.  It is very addictive.


WhatsApp is another communication application.  Similar to Viber in that you can text and photos, however, you can also have group chats and share locations.


Why not change things around here and look at an application for personal finances.  Mint is one such app.

Mint is a free application that allows you to create a budget, set bill reminders, and track your finances, all for free.

Iplayer Apps

There are various iPlayer applications out there, there is one for the BBC, and also ITV.  These apps, besides being free, allow you to watch TV on your mobile and stay caught up on your TV shows.


Where would the world be today without YouTube??  Lost I imagine.

This free application is fantastic and allows you search, and watch all your favourite YouTube videos.

You could actually install all of these apps on your mobile and never miss a thing.

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