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By | May 30, 2016

It is almost the summer season and soon schools will be closed for the summer break. For kids or students this is the best time, but for many businesses it is not really a happening and successful time of the year. Is it business like other days, do you sit back and relax, or do you take the opportunity to try something new?

By ensuring a great and successful BulkSMS strategy for summers you can reap the benefits. Attract customers with information and offers to make the summers a lot better for them. Here are a few great ways to reach your target audience through SMS.

Retailers: Text message is a great tool to endorse the arrival of new range of products or to let clients know about your end of season sale. You can give promotions to use in showroom during the summer months as well as give links to products creating a lot of excitement, including details on how to book or order.

Travel agencies: Summers is the most popular time when people plan their getaways. You can make the most of clients still confused about their holiday destination by sending details of the happening discounted holidays and travel offers. You can include a shortened URL of your website in the message. You can even organize a competition to send the winner to an exotic destination courtesy of your agency.

Restaurants and pubs: Relaxing in a restaurant or pub is a common choice for several people during their vacation. Why not reach out to these people by sending out offers like discounted drink prices or 2 for 1 meal deals. Your clients will be more expected to choose your pub or restaurant over the number of other establishments and it could even compel them to bring some friends along. If you run a family restaurant, then you can also try giving free desserts for the kids.

Amusement parks: The summer holiday is an amazing opportunity for families to spend some quality time together doing interesting and adventurous activities to make the holidays memorable. This is a great chance to give incentives for families to visit your park, you can notify about anything from  kids offer to discounted entry and special events. Parents will highly appreciate this as they are trying to make holidays for their children special and fun, while also wishing to save some money.

If your business doesn’t belong to any of the above-mentioned industries, then worry not because SMS marketing works for all industries due to their simple approach, high open rate and cost effectiveness. So, irrespective of your industry and time of the year you can keep using Transactional SMS services to increase your ROI. So, start by finding a reputed and established smart messaging service today.


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