IIFL Markets: Why Investors Should Embrace This App

By | Feb 2, 2016

Finally, the much awaited IIFL Markets app is here. Although the app was rolled out quite a while ago, the company first wanted to get the perspective of its users. And owing to a terrific response with over 80% positive feedback and with the majority of the rest 20% just having odd complains about minute fixes, the company decided to roll out an official version.

IIFL Markets: A look at features
One of the biggest achievements of this app is the power it gives to the user to customize the app. It includes letting users customize company-specific data in the watch list and set up alerts notifications etc.
When it comes to information, India Infoline has added a contour to their application with their award winning research reports, and letting users see everything about the company at one place. That has come as an asset for the users. Imagine an ordeal that a user had to go through on the web while looking at the scripts before. Now all that is the thing of past. It is just flawless and better.
IIFL Markets has also got a wide range of multimedia features like Live TV, IIFL Videos and various other features that make the app indispensable for the users.



Design and Navigation
it is easy to pull up a source code, and make an app, however, that is not the goal. Users like the ease of navigation, smart prediction, and good interface – if not the best, to stick to the app. This is important because traditionally stock market desktop software are highly complex with a large number of data fields and very level of complexity. IIFL markets are a smart application. It intelligently puts up the options and does not overwhelm users with a lot of data at one spot.

The app is optimized to be viewed in any resolution and is devoid of callous design mistakes. It also harnesses third party data sources to display specific data that users choose.

How IIFL did things differently
Quite a lot of things. The soft launch of the app provided the developers to get a lot of user feedback. Unlike many other companies, IIFL was not quick to roll out its app. It first intensively tested the app amongst its user base. Bug was promptly fixed and the company committed resources towards the app. Predictive behavior analysis forms an important part of IIFL Markets’ digital strategy.
And then they kept on adding new features after brainstorming. One of such notable features is guest login which allows the user to log in and use the application even if they don’t have a brokerage account with IIFL Markets.

Results- A sneak peak
So far, in this extremely short time frame, IIFL markets has managed over lakh downloads and have got users in 850 cities in India. Users with 2g/3g network experience almost similar ease in accessing the data as the app is optimized to work in any network bandwidth.


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