5 Things That Make StealthMate an Absolute Essential on Kids’ Smartphones

By | Feb 20, 2016

We are living in a world where smartphones have not only become extremely common, but are also an absolute necessity. While these gadgets are proven to be immensely beneficial, they pose a very potent threat to kids, especially when supervision is missing from the equation. This is why most child experts discourage the idea of giving unsupervised smartphone privileges to youngsters. What they recommend is using parental controls on kids’ smartphones. Speaking of parental controls, there’s a really impressive app called StealthMate, available for download on its official website www.stealthmate.com, thathas been making waves in the online market lately. It’s not too hard to understand the hype surrounding it as the multiplatform solution is equipped with a slew of features that are powerful enough to keep kids safe from almost all ills on the internet. Let’s take a closer look at just how exactly StealthMate transform the task of ensuring online safety of kids into a piece of cake.

Monitors Digital Behavior in Real-Time

The internet is full of harmful content, which includes but is not limited to porn, violence, alcohol, drugs, suicide, racism, gambling, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot keep your kids 100 percent safe from inappropriate content, especially when they are browsing on their smartphones, but you can at least stay updated with what they are getting exposed to, whether advertently or inadvertently. StealthMate helps you in this regard. It acts as your eyes by saving the URL of every single website kids visit, along with the exact time they visit it at. If you come across inappropriate websites, then you may ask the kids about them so that they know that you are watching them round the clock. This will automatically discourage them from visiting inappropriate websites.

Spots Risky Interactions

You obviously don’t want your kids talking to strangers for numerous reasons. In order to help you ensure that that they aren’t doing exactly that behind your back, StealthMate delivers a copy of their phone contact list to you. If you find any unknown contact in the list, then you may want to talk about it with your kids right away.

Keeps an Eye on Pictures Kids Take

This popular trend among kids of uploading every other photo online can put their security, repute, and even future at risk. Keeping that in mind, StealthMate saves every photo your kids take on theirsmartphone so that you may know when they’re being reckless with the camera. If you discover any inappropriate pictures on their smartphone, ask them to delete them right away and lecture them on the inappropriateness of taking such pictures, as well as the possible consequences if these pictures end up in the wrong hands.

Reveals Communication Details in the Blink of an Eye

Just like adults, kids behave differently when they talk with their friends. They usually share most of their secrets, innermost feelings, insecurities, and concerns with their friends, particularly those who belong to their age group. This mostly happens via SMS messages and WhatsApp conversations. StealthMate saves SMS and WhatsApp conversations to keep you updated with everything that’s going on in your kids’ lives without asking them.

Follows Them Around Round the Clock

StealthMate follows your kids everywhere they go to make sure they are safe and at the place where they are supposed to be. It uses GPS signals to pinpoint precise coordinates of where your kids are at any specific time. This feature is especially useful in kidnapping, abduction, and accident situations.

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