Email Marketing – How to Make the Most of It

By | Nov 2, 2018

Many companies mistakenly believe that email marketing is a thing of the past. However, no matter how much social media, instant messaging, and other forms of marketing try to upstage it, email is still going strong

Taking advantage of email marketing is fairly easy as long as you know the right approach. By combining email marketing and other modern digital marketing strategies, you can promote your products or services more efficiently than the competition. Let’s take a look at a few tips to give your email marketing strategy a boost.

1.    Maintain The Email List Hygiene

Keeping your email list clean is the key to your marketing campaign’s success. Many companies try hard to get the customer to share an email address. However, not all of them do it successfully. From typos to intentional misleading, you can end up with a non-valid address.

Another way to get a “dirty” email list is to use old addresses, which you acquired years ago. Such addresses may not be in use anymore. Email validators can help you solve the problem by checking your email list for validity.

If you don’t pay due attention to your email list’s hygiene, you may end up with a high bounce rate and a negative sending reputation.

2.    Know Your Audience

As it is with any type of marketing, top-quality email marketing campaign requires you to know your audience. What does your audience needs? Which problems can you help it solve? Where do your potential clients live?

Learning answers to these questions can help you avoid such problems as sending unnecessary emails, getting moved to the spam folder, and lowering the conversation rate. Even the most interested client will be annoyed to get a mailbox chime in the middle of the night just because you didn’t consider the time difference.

3.    Use Email Segmentation

Not all clients are created equal. Sending a general email to all of them may not get a conversation from anyone. Drafting specifically targeting emails based on certain needs and qualities can help you get a proper response.

Segment your email list based on such things as:

  • Survey results
  • Sending frequency
  • Purchase cycle
  • Past purchases
  • Email activity
  • Demographics
  • Time zones

4.    Make It Short

No one wants to read a long email. Going on and on about something is a sure way to end up in the spam folder. Today, the reader’s attention span is very short. You need to stuff as much information in the short text as possible.

Be careful when drafting the message. Don’t use continuous text. It has to be broken down in subheadings and bullet points. Include only one major call to action. Try to limit your message to a few sentences.

5.    Use Personalization

In the modern world, generalized emails look downright bad. With the right technologies, you can personalize every email, even if it just means inserting the reader’s name. Personalization can get you more results than hours of text creation.

While keeping a personalized greeting in mind, try to give a reader a chance to get to know you. A short description of your professional persona coupled with a picture at the end of an email will make it psychologically harder for the person to refuse your offer.

6.    Work On The Subject Line

If you have to choose what the most important part of your email is, it’s the subject line. A bad subject line is equal to ending up in the trash. A good subject line gives you a chance to continue working with a potential client. The subject line must be personalized, short, and emotional yet highly informative.

Overall, email marketing is easy as long as you follow a few simple rules and know how to create great content.

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