Five things to do when you are waiting at the Airport

By | Oct 29, 2018

When you’re all set to go on a vacation or travel for business purposes, most of us don’t like to hear the word that our flight is delayed, right?

Unfortunately, each and every day flights are delayed in every part of the world for a variety of reasons.

From technical issues to weather conditions, flights are delayed for so many reasons that are beyond the control of the airliner.

The negative part about flight delays is that it is almost very frustrating and annoying. Most passengers take to Social Media and vent their anger against the airlines by posting negative reviews. However, it is only going to increase your stress and anger. One way of positively looking is that you have a lot of free time in hand during such situations.

Hey, the good news is there are ways to kill your boredom when your flight is delayed. Following such things will ensure you will never ever get bored again during flight delays.

  1. Shopping

Most Airport lounges these days are lined up with a variety of stores that almost resembles as if you entered a prominent shopping street in a busy town. From boutiques to designer shops to groceries to duty-free shopping mart, the airport lounge is filled with various shops. You can purchase everything from bags, shoes to outfits.

So, in the event your flight is delayed, why not take the opportunity to purchase items that you forgot to pack while coming.

  1. Watch a Movie/series

In this internet era, most of us wouldn’t step outside our homes without our smartphones or tablets. Wouldn’t they come in handy when you land up in a frustrating situation like this, where you don’t know what to do?

Most of the airport lounges have facilities like free WiFi, so, why not use the perfect opportunity to catch up on a movie or a series that you always wanted to watch. At the same time, you can also catch up on social media or reply to your emails hooking up on airport’s Wifi.

  1. Play Rummy game

After you wind up your shopping activities and relax, one of the best ways to kill time is play rummy game online. You don’t have to feel bored. Download an app to play rummy card game or play rummy on your laptop. You can play free rummy games as well as play rummy for cash and win real cash with it. While Rummy card game is one of the oldest and most famous card games, if you do not know how to play rummy, learning to play rummy would not be too tough either. What better way to spend time on the airport lounge than playing an entertaining card game sitting on cushy seats.

Whether you can live stream your gameplay using any OBS would depend on the Internet speed but it would be fun to play rummy for sure.

  1. Talk to strangers

With the spare time you get, make use of the opportunity to talk to strangers who are in similar situations. And the stuff you can learn and hear from them is fascinating. The broad range of information and offers that you get from them are really interesting. 99% of the time you will feel happy after such a chat. Who knows you might close a business deal or form a thick friendship for life?

  1. Take a walk around

Travelling always comes at the expense of a daily exercise schedule. When your flight is delayed, why cling on to your seats when you have a stroll around? Most of the airports have a large amount of space with beautifully decorated interiors. Taking a walk around airports could de-stress you and also could give you your dose of exercise which you missed. After such a walk, you’ll definitely be charged up more than what you were before.

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