How to Be an Advanced Indian Rummy Player?

By | Dec 16, 2016

Classical Indian Rummy Games are one of the most played card games in India. Since the move to online platforms, the game has garnered huge popularity which paved way for live world class events like World Rummy Tournament. Most of these tournaments were labeled with big cash prizes and other rewards that only the pro players of the classical rummy deserve.

To win big Indian rummy events a player should practice as much as he can with different set of opponents so as to build on his strategy as well as game plan. There are also some advanced strategies which if played timely can wind up the game in minimal moves to make you a winner. Some of the top strategies are as mentioned below:

Rank your 13 Cards

Once the 13 cards are dealt to you, rank them according to their series or colors. This will help you to make melds much easier and discard any card that you may not need in minimal time possible. Making melds in classical rummy or clicking on auto sort button in online rummy platforms will help you in playing much faster and may make your opponent also to play fast resulting in wrong moves.

Drop Sometimes

While playing in Indian rummy tournaments, it is not compulsory that you need to play all the hands. If you have a bad hand or if you are not confident of the 13 cards dealt to you, you can opt to drop out of the game. This will not just help you to reduce the points but also will help you to show your opponent that you are confident enough of making a comeback in the next round. You can do this on hands where you are not dealt with any Joker cards or when no sequences/sets are being made initially.

Use Discards Section

Discards Section in online rummy is a feature that helps the players to know which all cards are discarded from each player participating in the game. This feature is also an opportunity for most pro players to read the game plan of their opponents. From discards section, you can read which cards have been discarded up until now and which cards your opponents might need to complete melds. Playing accordingly and discarding cards that opponents may not need will make them pick cards from closed pile thus giving you enough time to finish the game.

To summarize, advanced strategies and tactics can be mastered only by playing more games. It is always advisable to play on practice tables or free rolls to improve your skills before booking your cash rummy seats for live events like WRT. If you have any queries on any strategies or game play of 13 cards rummy, let us know by dropping your comments below.

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