5 Specialized Healthcare Degrees to Consider to Maximize Your Future

By | Dec 16, 2016

If you’re considering a degree in healthcare, one way to make your skills and knowledge in high demand is to specialize in a topic in the medical field. As the need for more qualified providers increases, you could find it easy to secure a great paying job after you graduate. Research some of the possible degree options that are part of many different educational programs to get some ideas about what most interests you. In the meantime, here are five recommended degrees in specialized healthcare that could boost your career options.

1. Radiology
Getting your degree in radiology is a great way to put yourself in a good position for a job in this specialization of healthcare. Radiology professionals are expected to be more in demand throughout the next decade. Starting salaries are healthy and give you the potential to greatly improve your financial future. Many people in this field also find the work fascinating, with the use of high-tech tools and machinery. Radiology is also an active field to work in, where you will be on your feet and using your hands throughout your day at work.

2. Gerontology
The next area to consider studying in the health field is gerontology. Some degree programs offer specific social work degrees that focus on elderly patients. With a whole new generation of seniors coming of age every year, there is a need for skilled workers to be able to meet the needs of many elderly patients. More people are living well into their eighties and nineties, and the country needs to be better prepared to help them continue to live comfortably.

3. Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory therapy is another subject that is a great choice for students to focus their studies in. With a degree in this field, you may have a much easier time landing a job quickly after you graduate. Individuals with this specialization are vital in medical care offices and hospitals around the world with treating patients in respiratory distress. UC’s respiratory therapist degree program prepares its students to meet the challenges of patients with lung problems, heart conditions, chronic illnesses, and infections. Additionally, they treat a wide variety of patients, from newborns to the elderly.

4. Pharmacy
Next, majoring in pharmacy to be either a pharmacy technician or pharmacist can be a smart decision for your future career. People in this field make lucrative salaries and enjoy pleasant work environments behind the drug store counter or hospital pharmacy setting. Working in this field does require certain personality traits and general skills, like a strong attention to detail, great reading comprehension, and the knowledge of a vast number of drug ingredients and potential side effects.

5. Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine is a field that continues to gain popularity as patients look for other options to help with chronic conditions or pain. With this type of degree, you can opt to work in a variety of fields, such as sports medicine, physical therapy, spa services, or in an alternative wellness center.
Choosing a degree in healthcare is a great way to ensure a bright future. Focusing your study on a specific topic can make your skills even more in demand.

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