Why Should You Optimize Images For SEO Reasons?

By | Jan 17, 2017

The only way to say that a site is properly optimized from a search engine optimization point of view is to look at every single aspect that is of importance while also creating a good SEO strategy. When people create a new blog they want to do many things and one of them is to optimize the images. The problem is that most site owners never think about this element. Images are rarely properly optimized from an SEO point of view.

If we take a look at search engine statistics, it is easy to notice that there are many site visitors that come because of image searches. In 2015 we know that 32% of all the search results were image related. Obviously, the images that are properly optimized are going to appear higher in the results. In the event that you do not get traffic to images from search engines, it is a certainty that images are not properly optimized. If you optimize your images, you get more traffic, which is what you are interested in.

What Should You Know About SEO And Images?

People that think that website picture optimization is not important will surely soon learn that this is not the case. The mistake that is done with this belief is quite high. It is really important to understand that this is actually an integral part of building what is known as an SEO friendly site.

Quite a common mistake when looking at most site owners out there is using random images they get online. The image is downloaded and then updated. This means that the image that you take from another site will be added to your site. This is not a good idea since it is duplicate content. You want to optimize all the images that can be optimized on a website.

How Can Images Be Optimized?

For starters, Google will read image file name in order to rank them appropriately. Never choose a default file name, like the classic IMG0001.jpg that cameras make. That will not lead to favorable ranking. You want to basically include some keywords in the file name and also in the alt text of the image. As an example, let us say that you sell furniture. In this case a simple description like “designer sofa.jpg” is generally a good idea. Just make sure that you do not overdo it with the text you use. Adding the same description multiple times is seen as keyword spam.

When you optimize your images for SEO reasons you basically want to make sure the alt tags are proper, your file names are well chosen and that images have a description. All of these are going to be very important, especially when promoting a website that sells items online. Absolutely every single image has to be properly optimized.


The bottom line is that absolutely all site images have to be optimized. A failure to do this will lead to the unwanted situation in which you are losing traffic and you have no idea how to do this.

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