Top 9 Internet Browser Accessibility Methods on MAC

By | Aug 27, 2021

Web developers are responsible to design websites that are good at each factor including appearance, layout, functionality, easy user interface, responsive, developed with friendly themes. So, it can be visible in top search results and can be accessible on different browsers. For this, they install & download different plugins, extensions and advanced the functionalities of the website.

After designing the website and associating the plugins, we need to run the URL on different browsers to know the web browser compatibility hence in case of any compatibility issues we can resolve that.

We begin the process with Google Chrome browser,  Firefox, Safari, internet explorer is another option but it is not available on Mac.

There’s a huge difference between the technical behavior of Microsoft and Apple and that’s why they have their browsers.

How to test the websites on the Mac system?

If you are using Mac and want to test the website on internet explorer then you can follow these options:

Safari Browser

Every Mac user searches over the Safari web browser. To test your website on Mac, you need to access the developer tools.

Open your Safari browser and access the menu options. Select the Preferences > Advanced > develop menu.

The developer mode will be enabled. Go to User-agent, select the internet explorer. After this, the window will get refreshed.

Now, you can check how it will look on the internet explorer browser.

If all the elements go with the layout and screen then you can switch back to the original mode.

BootCamp Assistant 

This software is designed for the Mac system to extend the functionality of other OS. It is very useful to Mac users. Using this software you can have and explore the functionality of two OS on one system. Like you switch two email accounts on the same computer it is something like that. So just go, install and boot and enjoy the accessibility of the applications and software available on the windows system.

Remote Internet explorer 

To access the cross-browser compatibility, remote Internet explorer that is based on the concept of cloud atmosphere. This application allows you to access internet explorer on any system reducing the hurdle of dependency.

Now you don’t have to worry about website testing or the arrangement of a new system working with Windows OS. Now, the individuals are not using this much but they are working on other projects for the same utility.

Manage Mac desktop on another system

Many times when the system is not working properly and we want to manage the important tasks before the deadline gets over. The remote Desktop Application is here to do all the tasks on another system. Get access to others’ systems and connect your computer to the system you’ve access to. This accessibility helps you to work from any remote location on any system.


If you’re not interested in installing the setup of the virtual machine on your Mac OS system then it’s Ok. We have another way to do your windows compatible tasks whether it is gaming or website setup & development. Winebottler application is developed to manage the developer things on a Mac system without getting the support of virtual machines. You can import the windows file with .exe format and operate it on Mac os in the presence of WineBottler.

You don’t have to pay for this software and you don’t have to make changes in file format. Winebottler is a useful utility tool/software to manage or download the Windows-based application/ software games over the Mac system and experience the fun of both OS-based applications.

IE on local virtual machines 

Searching for the standard way to access the internet explorer. Here, you can do this by using the local virtual machines by which you can work on a different OS system.

Local Virtual Machine facilitates you to convert a Mac PC with a virtual Windows platform to run the Internet Explorer. It is a kind of parallel type of arrangement to run two OS on the same system. You can also try the Oracle Virtual Box setup.

Windows 10 Dev Environment

If you want to test your websites, on Internet explorer then the Windows10 dev Environment is great to do this task. It is a comfortable and a sort of remote virtual environment for developers to overcome their stress. You need to set your preferences for the website regarding the browser accessibility, OS, and virtual machine.

You can run the compressed file available for the browser, you can open this zip file/folder on your Mac OS system. The duration of the virtual machine setup lasts 90 days. 

Explore Browser Extensions

The extension is used to advance the functionality of web browsers. If you want to run the webpages on IE then we have an extension for you that will help you to drive the windows supported websites on MacOs. It is the IE Tab extension that can be installed on the Google Chrome web browser. To install this extension, on the Google Chrome web browser, explore the more tools > extension > then a tab will appear where you can type the name and download. 

You can download the IE extension from the Google Chrome Web store.

You can also go to google chrome browser, and type the name of the ‘IE tab’ extension and download it from there.

Cross-Browser testing utility tool

The most comfortable and easy way to test the websites over multiple browsers with a single tool. It is called the Cross-Browser Testing tool, which gives you accessibility to test the compatibility of websites over the internet on different browsers. It gives quick, accurate, and high-performance results for the browser compatibility for the apps and websites.

You can easily install the tool on the Mac system, and explore the functionality of testing. Many other extensions and tools are available on the web to access the Internet Explorer on the Mac system.

We have concluded all the best methods in this post in a simple tone. We hope, you found this post insightful and helpful you!