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6 Smartphone Trick to Make Your Work Easier

Smartphones have become the companion of our life. We can’t go outside without our phones. The whole world fits into this smartphone that has made our life smarter and easier. Nowadays every individual keeps a smartphone in their hands but they are still not aware of some of the advanced features, specifically helpful for workaholics and professionals. Get here some the best smartphone trick.

Today, in this post we are going to uncover some of the coolest features that can make your life easier and comfortable. These things are helpful for writers, and for those, want to do net surfing on their phone. You will get to know the amazing way of using the wifi cooler without using the password.

Enhance work productivity in 5 ways

Shared Screen

If you want to access the functionality of two apps simultaneously at the same time. Split-screen is a way that allows separate screen space for two apps. So if you want to enjoy music videos and as well as you don’t want to waste your time you can do writing g also without closing the videos. You just need to access the functionality of the split-screen.

This functionality also enables the editing options from one app to another to create quick documentation. To perform this action you can try a traditional way, locate the square button after opening the app, hold on to the button till the moment the screen gets shared. 

The opening will shift to one side, and you can locate the other recently opened app to access their functionality Select the one you want to access as a shared screen format.

Gesture navigation is a new thing included in the latest smartphones by which you can quickly shift over the multiple apps interfaces and perform the actions.

Smart unlock 

Many smartphones are coming with the smart unlock access feature. This functionality allows the user to use the phone without entering the password or gesture. You can set a specific location. It can be your workplace or home so whenever you get inside the home and you pick out your phone, your phone automatically recognizes the place and it gets unlocked without doing any passkey action. 
It is one of the wonderful technologies included in Android smartphones that can make your life easier than usual. It is not on the screen so you have to access it inside the setting app. By accessing the setting you can enable this functionality.

  • Just open the setting app.
  • Go inside the security setting.
  • Access smart lock settings.
  • Here you need to enter a passkey in any form.

The same thing you can set for the WiFi accessibility and Bluetooth. While you are using this smart unlock feature at a specific location ensure that the phone should be in your hand or nobody can access the data of your phone as you know he wouldn’t have to enter the password. It is unlocked for them also. This feature is provided to make the phone accessible in a smart way without entering any pattern or passkey.

It is your responsibility to keep your phone out of the reach of non-reliable people.

GBoard and Language

Many languages are spoken across the world. If you are trying a message in the language that you can understand well but on the other side to whom you are sending the message is unable to read it. It shows improper communication. GBoard features allow you to translate your message into the preferred language.

For this, you just need to make some changes in the language settings. Access the Keyboard. Locate the ‘G’ hit this, now tap on g. A drop-down menu will appear then select the language you want to translate the words. Now, next time when you type something using google keyboard then it will translate it to the language that you have chosen from the dropdown menu.

QR scan wifi

Internet Accessibility is the part of our life that allows us to access information from different sources and domains. We know data tariffs are a little expensive. To limit the usage of data access, we set the password so it can’t be accessed by any other outsider without our permission. The password is a string of numbers, letters, and special characters which restrict outsiders to use your internet data. 

If you have set a long password strength to keep the data balance in the limit and your friend or family member wants to access the internet from your phone then typing or sharing the long string is a little convenient for them.  

If your friend is using the latest smartphones coming up with the Android 10 version then the internet or WIFI accessibility is easy for you. Here, you get a wifi QR code scan facility to get quick access to the internet connection. 

To get a wifi QR of the phone, you just need to Tap on the settings, then go to network settings then tap on the QR Code icon, and hit Add Network.

You can save important details or credentials. It’s a very quick and convenient way to access the internet connection from another user’s phone. The important thing is that you both should have the Android 10 version phone so the WiFi connection sharing functionality will be easier for you.

Pinned app screen

You can’t share or handover your smartphone to any common individual because people have a habit to explore the entire functionality of the device they are keeping in their hands. 

Most frequently, people usually go to the gallery section where they can explore your pictures. It’s a bit uncomfortable when you can’t rudely ask them to give your phone back to you.

If any individual wants to take over your phone for a while to call someone or for online searching, you have amazing android functionality to restrict the other phone from full access to your phone. Android users can access the option inside the setting > security and location >  advanced setting_screen pinning.

You can either draw a pattern, PIN, or any other password option.

If you are giving this phone access to the Google browser you just need to visit Chrome, tap on the pen icon, take action on the confirmation pop-up, now the user can’t access any other option till the moment you don’t tap the back button or home button. Once again you need to dial the code or password to get out from this pinned app mode.

Reduce Data usage

If you love to do internet surfing there are many other web browsers available for you. These web browsers will reduce internet usage. Another option is to reduce the data charges is to turn off push notifications coming from different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Etc.

Many android phones coming with the data limit accessibility feature where you can set the daily data usage limit or monthly data usage limit. You can also track the access of usage from data and network setting interface. When the data reaches its limit you can swipe it and continue access internet services on your phone. You can make changes to the data access limit.

All the 6 ways are efficient to enhance your smartphone accessibility and productivity.

How to Fix the Android Home, Power Button, and Back Button Issue?

We all use android phones, it has become an important part of our life. We don’t leave our home without getting this with us. As everything is digital we don’t need to carry cash with us that can too be managed by our android phones and their apps. To access the functionality of the phone we use the home and back buttons most. What if the home and back buttons stop working.

You can’t access any of the apps, due to the lack of home and back button issues. 

5 ways to deal with the home and back button issue(Android)

Every problem contains a set of solutions and we just have to find them. To deal with such issues you can either download third-party apps or follow the other things we have mentioned here:

Apps you can download

We have listed three apps to get over this issue. The first one is the navigation bar that is a third-party app that will help you to navigate the different apps on your phone and access the home and back button functionality. This app offers amazing functionality so you can access more than navigating by recent, home, and back accessibility.

The second one is Soft Keys Home Back Button that you can use to utilize the home and access button functionality. You customize the size, the location of the navigation bar, the transparency of the button can also be adjusted.

The third one is the Back button, which is installed by more than 5 million users. It offers a lot of functionality options consuming less storage space on your phone. You have the access to make some changes in the orientation, sizes, color as well.

Force restart

If your android smartphone is lacking with any of the functionality and you can’t access the interface of the phone, the force restart action can resolve the issues. We too have used this personally and it was a successful attempt to come out from so many problems.

To use this action you just have to hold the power button for 10-15 seconds, when the phone gets a restart, and the logo shows and the phone optimized successfully, the issues will get resolved and the home and back will also start working again.

Clean cache

Like the internet and browser history, the phone has a call log history and notifications bar that stored a small amount of info about our recent activities. If it is collected in an excessive amount the phone home button and back button may face accessibility issues. You can resolve this problem by wiping the cache partition, So, what you have to do is:

  • Hold the Volume down button and Power button for a while.
  • Then choose Recovery mode.
  • Locate the option for Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Confirm this to wipe the cache partition process not shut down the phone.

Software or App updates

Pending Software and app updates disturb the functionality of the phone in that sense, the phone home button and back button may disturb. If the updates are available on the phone you should turn on the WiFi or internet connection and Go to Settings.

Just go to the bottom to look for Software Update.

Tap on Download and Install.

Once the updates are downloaded hopefully, the buttons will start working properly.

Reset Factory

If all of the ways went in vain then the only option left for us is to Factory Reset. This way is a little cautious as it will clean the data from the phone and if the data isn’t important to you, performing this way will be helpful to solve the problem. The phone will restore the functionality of a new phone brought out of the store.

Now, go to the home screen and tap on the setting icon.

Go inside the General Management.

Locate the Factory Reset.

Tap on that all the data will wipe out from the phone.

We hope that will resolve all your problems.

How to deal with the power button?

The problem related to the home and back button will be resolved and as you can see ‘the power button is the complementary entity to resolve the problem what if the power button is also faulty or broken.

If the phone is running out of battery and soon it has switched off state it will become more difficult to get the accessibility of the device. In this case, you won’t be able to perform any type of practice to turn on the phone.

You can connect your phone to the charger or USB to a power board or laptop so it can be reached in the condition to be activated for other operations.

Nowadays phones are developing with fingerprint sensors. When the phone is facing the issue of the power button you can simply use this action to turn on the screen and phone. The phone will be accessible if it rings so you can use another phone to call on your phone.

Download Apps or recovery mode

You can take your phone into recovery mode for that you have to perform a few actions we have mentioned above or the second one is to download the third-party apps to manage the functionality of the power button of the phone.

Apps to remap the power button 

  1. Power button to volume button

This app is available on the app store of your phone that can clear the problem of the power button by mapping the functionality to the volume button. Now the next time after downloading this app by making some changes your phone’s volume button will act as a power button so you can switch on/off easily.

  1. Gravity screen

A gravity screen is an app that establishes a virtual connection between the phone and your actions. It will automatically sense if your phone is in the pocket hand, or put on the surface of any item.

The next way is to schedule the switch-on time and switch off time of the phone. It works and helps you to navigate the options on time. If you know how much time you need to have your phone around you, scheduling is helpful. It will also save the pattern of the phone. Once the time limit approaches its schedule switching off the time automatically gets turned off. 

You can go to Setting > accessibility > Schedule Power on / off. Set the time with your preferences and done.

Here, in this article, we simply mentioned the ways so one can easily repair his phone without disturbing any other person. The tech enthusiasts have implemented these ways, and they have found it very convenient. It doesn’t charge any penny to repair.

All the ways we have mentioned here can successfully resolve the issues of the damaged power button, unresponsive home, and back button. 

If you are still not able to access the functionality of your device, take it to the repair shop for maintenance and fix the issues your phone is dealing with where you have to spend a little bit.

A guide to inspecting malicious attack and solution for the router

The router provides a way to connect multiple devices to access the internet; it can be wired or wireless. If it gets trapped or attacked by any virus it will destroy the connection and can put you in an unfamiliar and vulnerable situation.

You should be attentive to the network path and services. If your router gets stuck in malicious mode you will notice a few significant negative impacts on the process of devices. 

Notice the reasons if your router becomes the target of the malware or not?

  • Over the network, data is available on secure and unsecured networks you have to be careful about HTTPS and HTTP websites if these are the original ones that you are looking for or different from usual. Sometimes to execute malicious things these sites become the reason. Access or click only those websites that are secure you can see the lock icon visible on the URL starting.
  • Ransomware is also considered as the producer of malicious agents.
  • If your phone or PC takes time to boot or it is processing slower than usual.
  • If you are receiving the pop-up or messages to install antivirus software on your computer or phone.
  • If your CPU usage is a huge amount.
  • If you have downloaded any applications in recent days but that is available on your computer or phone.
  • Sometimes while you are trying to connect over the internet or accessing the search results it takes you to unknown paths/websites or tabs that contain the malicious software.
  • If your device encountered any type of malware,  it will restrict you to navigate the different apps and services. The reason is someone has made changes to your credentials.

Types of malware that hit the router

Switcher Trozen 

It is malware that impacts android devices if switcher Trozen gets successful to find out a way to make changes in the router’s DNS. It will direct the user to the non-reliable sites or link the user with cybercriminals. This malware was first recognized in the year 2016. The cyber hacker who has sent this malware to your device can check the impact of the malicious device.

VPN Filter

This malware attack on the router and enables the hackers to see the credentials if you ignore this action you won’t be able to interact with the device.

5 things to secure your router

If you want to know how to manage the infected router you can read the below instructions.

Backup the device data

Whether it’s a phone or desktop or laptop you should always take the backup of your important data. In case the device behaves in an irreversible way your data will be safe.

Antivirus Software

If your router is infected with the malware it will put your device at risk. To deal with the infected router antivirus software is available in the techno world that you can install on your computer or laptop to remove the malicious software/ unreliable agents over the network and tech hearts and attacks. Android users can install McAfee mobile security software. You can search over the web to know the high-performance based antivirus software for Windows and Mac systems.

Window 10 PC users have in-built antivirus software on their system known as Windows Defender that reduce the risk of malicious activities and attacks. You can quickly scan or full scan the system to check the security of your PC.

Factory Reset your Router

While our phone does not behave properly and when all the ways get failed and also we have taken the backup of data stored on your devices. One thing that can work the best for you is the factory reset. You can practice this method with the router too.

If the router is infected by the VPN filter factory reset is the best thing to do. If you don’t know the right way to do this just follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual. You can take a paper clip and press the small button located behind for at least 15 seconds. This thing will help you to restore the default settings by removing the malware.

Upgradation of Firmware

ISP companies provide access to web services over the internet to ease these services a router is set up at your place of business, which should be updated over time. In the occurrence of any malicious agent/ software you just upgrade the firmware from the company’s website. It wil make the required arrangements to resolve the security risks, viruses, and malware attacks.

Administrator Password

Changing the passwords over time is a reliable way to secure your router. As you have done with the factory resetting, change the administrator passwords of the Wi-Fi router. While you are making changes to the administrator password it will impact the router settings. Like security modes, encryption mode, SSID wireless network, etc.

Way to change the IP address of the router?

All the above-mentioned ways can apply when malware and extruders have got access. Here we are giving you extra-ordinary security tips to secure the router and system from malicious attacks.

You can do this by making changes to the IP address. This way will be helpful for the windows Pc user.

Every router device has its Internet protocol Address in short it is known as an IP address. If you forgot where you have kept the user manual here we are going to define you in an alternative way.

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate the Network and Internet Settings.
  • Locate the status option inside this network settings tab.
  • Now look for the Network Properties.
  • A new window will pop-up in front of you with all the network properties.
  • Locate the default gateway to inspect the IP address.

Search this IP address on the web browser.

A dialog box will open asking for your credentials(password and username).

After that, a router setting page will open. Select the basic> LAN setup > here you can see the private LAN IP address, you can change the last two field values but that should be from 1 to 254.

Don’t ever try to make changes in the first two fields as it may disturb the network accessibility and functionality chances are that you may lose the connection too.

Write down this new IP address somewhere it can be secure and if required in the future you can access it.

After typing the new IP address, save the changes. Once you are done with all the processes turn on the router.

The thing to remind:

As the new IP address defined with the router, chances are the connection gets lost for a while and you can’t access the services over the web. In that situation, you don’t have to be panic about it, just simply turn off the button of the router from the backside and wait for 10 sec. And then again turn on the router everything will be sorted and you will continue to access internet service.

To know if everything is done successfully or not you can type this new IP address into the web browser and check the status. If the credentials are approved successfully it means you have successfully set up your router and now you don’t have to worry about malicious attacks on the router.

What to do After Purchasing a New iPhone?

We can see the broad market of Android phones and iPhone both have a different fanbase with the availability of functionality, manageability, and other smart features. If you have owned a new iPhone but are not familiar with its functionality and flow of the Device don’t get panic and just follow this simple ‘how-to’ guide to set up your iPhone.

Set up your iPhone

  1. Your Apple account 

Whether it’s an android phone or iPhone we have to set an email account in both types of phones. If you have owned an iPhone recently then the first thing that you have to do is to create your Apple ID. If you already have an Apple ID then you can use it to access all your data stored on your iPhone iCloud. In this way, you don’t have to download the stuff again.

If you don’t have one then create a new Apple ID to access iTunes, iCloud, Mac, and other apps from the iPhone. To access the premium app services you will be asked to enter card details if you want to do so fill up the details otherwise you can proceed further.

If you want to take action in the future then just enter into settings sections, iTunes and App Store, set Apple ID to view, then enter the payment information.

  1. Quick Usage Tips

The iPhone comes with a lot of cool gestures that will ease your life. 

  • The first one is that you can access your apps with just one tap, with your hand gestures/actions you can move to the second widget window to access other apps. You can also arrange these apps in different ways with hand gestures.
  • Second is that you can delete these apps in a while, you just have to locate the apps, hold the icon for a second, a cross will appear at the corner of the app icon, tap on the cross and the app will be uninstalled from your iPhone.
  • Many apps come with the phone by default that you can’t delete so no cross icon will have appeared in that situation.
  • iPhone gives you the spotlight search features so you can quickly locate and access the functionality of the desired app, contact, note, internet, or other resources.
  • On the top of your iPhone screen interface, you will get a controller in case the phone is locked. You can still be connected and access a few functionalities of phones without unlocking it. 

You can play on/off songs, level up/down of phone screen brightness. You can change the network settings and put your phone on airplane mode, turn off the disturbance model. Also, you can access Wi-Fi, calculator, Torchlight, timer, etc, in the lock screen mode.

  • Notification Bar – When we are using our phone multiple updates are appearing on your phone to access all the latest updates/ alerts at one place notification center is here to remind you. You can access your missed calls, text message email notification, calendar events, etc. quickly from the notifications center.

Email Account

To access the web and internet you should set up an email account, select the appropriate service provider browser, then enter your account credential details and access it. 

Add Your Information

Siri is a virtual assistant on your iPhone that lets you access the phone without holding it in your hand. You can manage the calls, messages, or other things if you are away from your phone or in the driving seat. 

To access the voice assistant Siri you can enter basic info so Siri can recognize you in a better way. You can ask Siri for whatever information you want to take on the action.

You can make your phone map experience more convenient and easier by simply customizing the work, street, home address here so whenever you want to find the location no gestures are needed to perform a few words, and Siri will take you on the point.

You only have to specify the contact details so Siri can address with whom you want to manage the call activity and SMS.

Modify Contact Details

With an iPhone, you don’t have to remember all the things, you can manage your important dates and schedule like birthday events specifying contact names, addresses, social connection/ signal links, ringtones, etc. You can manage all things by simply asking the iPhone Voice assistant and Siri will do it for you.

Apple iCloud

iCloud is an invertible part of iPhone users’ life as it makes your life easy. You can keep all your data over this app like your documents, images, and other important stuff, etc, that you can access from any other iOS device or Mac in a while without any risk. If you are using any other iOS device then you have to enter your credentials and access what you need at the moment.

With this Apple iCloud, you can share your important stuff with any other person. You can customize the iCloud settings with just a few steps. 

  • Locate the settings.
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Select what are things you want to sync all the time.
  • By default the contacts and photos synced in with iCloud, if you want to sync in other things or app data on iCloud turned on from her.

We use many peripheral devices to keep the backup of the data and files so you can use this iOS cloud atmosphere to do the same more conveniently.

To take the backup On iCloud do these simple things.

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Then locate Storage and Backup.
  • Turn on this simple one tap.
  • After enabling this functionality, all the data of your iPhone will be back up on the iCloud, ensuring that the internet connection or Wi-Fi is on.

Find My iPhone accessibility

We often misplace our things anywhere that increases the chance of losing things. Losing an iPhone can give you a major heart attack like it is a very big investment of our earnings. To stay in reach with your iPhone and to locate it in any unpleasant situation always keep turned on the Find My iPhone functionality.

This accessibility lets you configure the current location/ path of your phone and if it reaches an unauthorized person’s hand three options will have appeared on your iPhone’s screen, lock, erase or restrict the access of the unauthorized person.

You can also check if the phone is charged or not.

Find My Friends Accessibility

If you and your friends both have an iPhone then you can use this ‘Find My Friends’ accessibility to locate your friends. It enables you to follow their current location. You only have to customize the contact info as Name, Apple ID email, etc. They will receive a connectivity message once they accept Afterwards you can check their location on your iPhone.

If you don’t wanna share your location disable the location to access.

Social Media Notification

Notifications create a lot of disturbance during your important task and calls. You can manage them by customizing the settings. Select the one do you want to receive custom alerts regarding, text, status update, product promotions, voice mail, etc.

We have tried to conclude all the basic things to do for a new iPhone user. Explore the insights of the iPhone in your style and shine around your circle.

How to protect the phone from hacking?

We stored so much information and data on our phone like images, audios, videos, important documents but as cybercrime is increasing the security of the data is also mandatory. If in case the hackers become successful to get a link or approached your phone, the data may be misused by them. So, a big question arises: how can you protect your data from unauthorized people?

You may have heard that hackers have stolen the data from a celebrity’s phone or PC and soon that news channelizes on social media platforms and news channels. If the data is hacked by the normal individual it does not make any sense for anyone it seems like it is not that much important but everyone’s data is important for themselves and yes it makes sense.

Phone manufacturers claim that they have maintained the security by the in-built functionalities but still your one wrong move can put you in the wrong position and data may reach the hands of hackers or the people who can harm you in many ways.

To secure your photos, searches, documents, shopping credentials, banking receipt, and statements you have to be careful about what you are accessing and from where you are accessing?

Is it secured or not?

6 efficient ways to secure your phone

To secure your information and data from unauthorized hands, here we are giving you a few ways, you can try it.

Downloads from the app store

We love to play games and apps that can be downloaded from the website and third-party platforms. But this is not the right way as it may become a threat to your device. Whenever you want to download any app, go to the play store to download it. It is the most secure way from any other third party resources. The apps available on the app store are secured from malware and don’t lack security issues. Your device will be safe after installing the apps. 

The app store functionalities are in line with the device. While the apps are included on the app store, the first is verified on security measures and after that takes on the interface of the app store gallery. The app installed on your phone’s app store is compatible with the functionality of the phone. 

Due to security concerns, and for your device health, it will be better to install the app only from the app store. An advanced way is also available for the verified apps is that you can make some changes in your phone’s setting function, where you can turn off the unauthorized sources for app installation actions so next time whenever you will click on any link or option to install, the pop-up will open to restricting that app is from untrusted sources.

Manage the limit of data and information for new apps

When we access the interface of the app store of our phone, the app requires the accessibility of different types of information stored on your phone such information can be your contacts details, photos, videos, audios, account details, etc. You don’t have to tick on all the options as it is the to collect your data on the end that can be misused by the app administrator.

Before agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can tick off the selected option you want to restrict the app to access, it is the way to secure your phone and data.

Although, there are many apps that can not be proceeded further without giving all the access so don’t worry if the app is not as worth it for you, try the alternative app that is available on the app store. 

In this way, you can save the extra memory space of your phone as well as you can safeguard your phone from hackers too.

Antivirus App

To protect our PC from malicious attacks and threats we install antivirus on our PC. it creates a safe and secure environment for the software, apps, and files installed on our PC. As the PC security health matters so as the Phone’s security matters.

It is claimed by the phone manufacturers the phone is assembled with in-built safety functionalities that enable the data security on your phone. But in case you’re using the internet or public Wi-Fi connection to access the web services and accessibilities the hackers can attack your phone and harm it in many ways.

Find the antivirus apps or firewall apps from official and certified websites or app stores to protect your phone from outsiders and access your favorite apps and services in a safe and secure environment.

Lock your phone

Many people don’t use any type of lock on their phone because they have thought, a person put the lock on the screen because he has hidden something. But in reality, it is just a matter of security. In other ways, many people are too lazy to type or draw a lock pattern to unlock the phone, so they just temporarily swipe right or swipe left to unlock the phone.

To protect yourself from unauthorized access, you should always put a lock on your phone. Phone manufacturer units are aware of data security and that’s why they keep innovating in security features and lock patterns. Now, you can see the phone is coming with face detection, fingerprint sensors, pattern lock, number lock, etc. options.

After every single use just wipe off the screen as your fingerprints may imprint and clearly be visible to others.

If you’re using a pattern lock on your phone then, please turn off the visibility mode so when you draw a pattern, no one can understand it except you. 

We login to many online accessibilities, shopping apps, websites on our phones, a pop-up appears on the corner to save password and login details. If you agree with the credentials of your phone it can be a hit point for the hackers.

Find My Phone or Remote Wipe

Find My Phone is an advanced feature that is available on your phone to ease the security of your phone. In case you forget your phone at any unknown place you can get information about the location of your phone with the help of GPS accessibility. 

You can also give a ring on your phone so if someone has kept your phone in his pocket. You can find it in a while.

Remote wipe is a utility to wipe off your data stored on the phone if it may no longer be important to you. If somebody gets your phone you may not worry about it.

Stop using Public WiFi network

Data plans keep going on high that are out of reach of many individuals. To access internet service, people use open Wi-Fi connectivity points but that can become a threat to your phone. If you want to access basic books, tutorials, or want to listen to the favorite songs online it’s OK. 

But if you want to visit or perform the payment actions through your phone, please wait and do it from a private or known internet connection. Recharge your data voucher and do your work in a trouble-free mode.

You can choose Virtual private network services to hide your accessibility details.

Security of the phone

The security of your devices in your hands so please before making any action keep reminding yourself to protect your phone from the threat. We hope you have understood the importance and security of your phone.

Check the list of UAE IPL gala event schedule!!

Here's why BCCI is not releasing the complete schedule for IPL 2020 in UAE

You can feel the amazing vibes of IPL 2020. IPL 2020 schedule list is out now. The interesting thing is, the edition is going, to begin with, the two teams that have played the Knockout round of 2019. So, we can say that it is like an interval, or in another way, the 2020 premiere match going to start from the point where it left.

All the team players are practicing and playing in the ‘Bio-bubble’ environment. Cricket council has proposed some changes as it has reduced the quarantine duration for Australia- England 28 players now; they have to stay in isolation for 36 hours. All the players are complying with the protocols.

What info do you get from the IPL 2020 point table?

IPL 2020 point table list is empty now, while the teams will come to face off and score, it will be filled with the points. The cricket enthusiasts can follow the IPL 2020 point table list and IPL 2020 point table list from today. 

The battle is going to begin now. IPL provides the perfect suite for new talents, their abilities and skills are noticed on the IPL ground.

IPL 2020 point table list is something that gives you information about the ranking of the team. The ranking of teams depends on the scores, winning matches, lost matches, and tie matches. It showcases the statistics of the Indian premier league.

First Battle IPL19 September 2020

  • Mumbai Indian and Chennai Super Kings players are all set to face off in the first battle round on 19 September 2020 at 7:30 PM the land of Abu Dhabi. Players have already reached the UAE but according to the protocol, they can’t check the pitch health before 2 hours of match schedule time. 
  • You can catch the match Highlights, today match on Disney Hotstar and Television.

Here we are giving you information with a complete IPL 2020 schedule list for all the cricket enthusiasts.               

S. No.Date/ DayMatchTime(IST)Venue/Location
119 September 2020 (Saturday)Mumbai Indians V/S Chennai Super Kings07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
220 September 2020 (Sunday)Delhi Capitals V/S Kings XI Punjab07:30 PMDubai
321 September 2020 (Monday)Sunrisers Hyderabad V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore07:30 PMDubai
422 September 2020 (Tuesday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Chennai Super Kings07:30 PMSharjah
523 September 2020 (Wednesday)Kolkata Knight RidersV/S Mumbai Indians07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
624 September 2020 (Thursday)Kings XI Punjab V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore07:30 PMDubai
725 September 2020 (Friday)Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Capitals07:30 PMDubai
826 September 2020 (Saturday)Kolkata Knight Riders V/S Sunrisers Hyderabad07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
927 September 2020 (Sunday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Kings XI Punjab07:30 PMSharjah
1028 September 2020 (Monday)Royal Challengers Bangalore V/S Mumbai Indians07:30 PMDubai
1129 September 2020 (Tuesday)Delhi Capitals V/S Sunrisers Hyderabad07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1230 September 2020 (Wednesday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Kolkata Knight Riders07:30 PMDubai
1301 October 2020 (Thursday)Kings XI Punjab V/S Mumbai Indians07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1402 October 2020 (Friday)Chennai Super Kings V/S Sunrisers Hyderabad 07:30 PMDubai
1503 October 2020 (Saturday)Royal Challengers Bangalore V/S Rajasthan Royals03:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1603 October 2020 (Saturday)Delhi Capitals Vs Kolkata Knight Riders07:30 PMSharjah
1704 October 2020 (Sunday)Mumbai Indians Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad03:30 PMSharjah
1804 October 2020 (Sunday)Kings XI Punjab V/S Chennai Super Kings07:30 PMDubai
1905 October 2020 (Monday)Royal Challengers Bangalore V/S Delhi Capitals07:30 PMDubai
2006 October 2020 (Tuesday)Mumbai Indians V/S Rajasthan Royals07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
2107 October 2020 (Wednesday)Kolkata Knight Riders V/S Chennai Super Kings07:30 PM Abu Dhabi
2208 September 2020 (Thursday)Sunrisers Hyderabad V/S Kings XI Punjab07:30 PMDubai
2309 October 2020 (Friday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Delhi Capitals07:30 PMSharjah
2410 October 2020 (Saturday)Kings XI Punjab Vs Kolkata Knight Riders03:30 PMAbu Dhabi
2510 October 2020 (Saturday)Chennai Super Kings V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore07:30 PMDubai
2611 October 2020 (Sunday)Sunrisers Hyderabad Vs Rajasthan Royals03:30 PM Dubai
2711 October 2020 (Sunday)Mumbai Indians V/S Delhi Capitals07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
2812 October 2020 (Monday)Royal Challengers V/S Kolkata Knight Riders07:30 PMSharjah
2913 October 2020 (Tuesday)Sunrisers Hyderabad V/S Chennai Super Kings07:30 PM Dubai
3014 October 2020 (Wednesday)Delhi Capitals V/S Rajasthan Royals07:30 PM Dubai
3115 October 2020 (Thursday)Royal Challengers Bangalore V/S Kings XI Punjab07:30 PM Sharjah
3216 October 2020 (Friday)Mumbai Indians V/S Kolkata Knight Riders07:30 PM Abu Dhabi
3317 October 2020 (Saturday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore03:30 PMDubai
3417 October 2020 (Saturday)Delhi Capitals V/S Chennai Super Kings07:30 PMSharjah
3518 October 2020 (Sunday)Sunrisers Hyderabad V/S Kolkata Knight Riders03:30 PMAbu Dhabi
3618 October 2020 (Sunday)Mumbai Indians V/S Kings XI Punjab07:30 PmDubai
3719 October 2020 (Monday)Chennai Super Kings V/S Rajasthan Royals07:30 PM Abu Dhabi
3820 October 2020 (Tuesday)Kings XI Punjab V/S Delhi Capitals07:30 PMDubai
3921 October 2020 (Wednesday)Kolkata Knight Riders V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore 07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
4022 October 2020 (Thursday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Surisers Hyderabad07:30 PMDubai
41 23 October 2020 (Friday)Chennai Super Kings V/S Mumbai Indians07:30 PMSharjah
4224 October 2020 (Saturday)Kolkata Knight Riders V/S Delhi Capitals03:30 PMAbu Dhabi
4325 October 2020 (Sunday)Royal Challengers Bangalore V/S Chennai Super Kings03:30 PMDubai
4425 October 2020 (Sunday)Rajasthan Royals V/S Mumbai Indians07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
4526 October 2020 (Monday)Kolkata Knght Riders V/S Kings XI Punjab07:30 PMSharjah
4627 October 2020(Tuesday)Sunrisers Hyderabad Vs Delhi Capitals07:30 PM Dubai
4728 October 2020 (Wednesday)Mumbai Indians V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
4829 October 2020 (Thursday)Chennai Super Kings V/S Kolkata Knight Riders07:30 PMDubai
4930 October 2020 (Friday)Kings XI Punjab V/S Rajasthan Royals07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
5031 October 2020 (Saturday)Delhi Capitals V/S Mumbai Indians03:30 PM Mumbai
5131 October 2020 (Saturday)Royal Challengers Bangalore V/S Sunrisers Hyderabad07:30 PMSharjah
5201 November 2020c(Sunday)Chennai Super Kings V/S Kings XIi Punjab03:30 PMAbu Dhabi
5301 November 2020 (Sunday)Kolkata Knight Riders V/S Rajasthan Royals07:30 PMDubai
5402 November 2020 (Monday)Delhi Capitals V/S Royal Challengers Bangalore07:30 PMAbu Dhabi
5503 November 2020 (Tuesday)Sunrisers Hyderabad V/S Mumbai Indians07:30 PMSharjah

Enjoy the gala event and update yourself with ipl 2020 latest news, and ipl 2020 point table list to check the position of teams.