How to pick a laptop for video editing?

By | Oct 29, 2021

Laptops hold a special space at the workplace and home. People have different work requirements, some people use them for programming/ coding work projects, office use, web/ logo/ graphic designing, video editing, gaming, etc. Depending on these need Pc manufacturer companies set up the software and hardware to fulfill the demands of every group of people. 

You can purchase a used PC Laptop or a new one with an extensive in-built laptop. The Ranges start for PCs from   200000 to lakhs. Many brands are ruling in the PC market. They have launched the PC with high-performance features to satisfy the demand of students and professionals. We have different options available out there of recognized brands, Generally, people love to purchase HP, Dell and if they are comfortable stretching the budget Apple is the prime choice.

When people are all set to purchase a PC they get so confused because of the product catalog. If you visit an authorized dealer no matter what the brand is, the salesperson will ask you about your requirements and purpose so they can show you related options.

It would be great if you have some knowledge about the PC system requirements. It will give more clarity to decide what things should be on your PC. The requirements can be varied as per the user requirements and purpose.

Must have Factors to Choose Video Editing/ Multimedia PC

While you are purchasing a PC for Video editing work purposes it should have a high speed, multiple HDMI, USB ports, video editing software and hardware compatibility, long battery life. Here, in this blog, we have listed all the factors you should consider before closing a Video editing PC deal.

Fast Processor

The processor plays a very important role in video editing. If your PC doesn’t have an ideal processor it will impact the performance of the system. PCs are assembled with a dual-core processor, quad-core processor, Hexa core processor, etc. A good clock speed is responsible for fast processing. Experts suggest buying a PC that has 2.8GHz to 3.6GHz.

Intel Core i5 and i7 are the best picks for video editing, animation, and other multimedia project work. You can ask for the following one:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 Unlocked Desktop Processor
  • AMD Ryzen 2950X Processor
  • AMD YD299XAZAFWOF Ryzen processor
  • Intel Core i9 Desktop processor

LCD Panel

Buying a Laptop especially for video editing, graphic designing projects, or other multimedia purposes then the LCD panel is a considerable factor. When purchasing time comes IP and IGZO are the two preferable options as per the professional standards. Based on your budget, you can pick one for yourself. 

Graphics Card

As we are talking about Video editing that means pictures and graphics are present therefore your PC has an awesome graphics card. Your PC graphic card should have a great GPU clock speed and FPS(frame per second).

Graphic designing tasks follow a cycle from CPU > Graphics Card > GPU. If the PC doesn’t process this way there is no way to buy.

Remember one thing that the graphic card should be compatible with all the software and hardware (CPU, GPU) otherwise you’ll have to face the problem if you don’t have the replacement options when the one fails.


Different PC screens have different image resolution that is responsible for the picture quality it is measured in width and height. FHD resolution is 1920x1080Pp, 4K display resolution or ultra high definition range 3840x2160p and the Apple Retina display has 2880x1800p.


Are you editing content that has sound or not?

Will it be heard on headphones or without headphones?

If yes, then the PC should deliver a clear & ambient sound quality so you can hear the voice accurately in true essence. The sound should be bearable for your ears.

You can also look for external speaker sound that can catch the sound of content accurately.


No matter what your purpose is to buy a laptop, RAM is an important factor for all the systems it is responsible for fast data processing with the support of a CPU. For video editing, the PC should have a RAM of at least 16GB-20GB.

In many systems, you can upgrade the RAM and position others with your future requirements. But some PCs don’t allow it so ask the PC dealer about this thing in the beginning.


Video and graphic files are a bit different and it takes comparatively much space therefore the storage should be higher in the amount of GB or TB. To store the data, the PC has hard drives and solid-state drives(SSD). For general-purpose, drives have 500GB and 1TB storage space. Nowadays most laptops are coming with SSD that are more durable than HDD and can read/ write data faster. 

Hard Drives and SSD are internal drives that are assembled with the PC. Besides hard drives and SSD, we also use external/ portable drives, USB, OTG, Pendrives so the PC ports should establish an interface to manage file transfer faster and efficiently.

A camera that captures the digital images and video graphics comes with different resolutions so it makes a big difference for storage.

Color Fidelity/ Color Balance

The PC should have an awesome color display quality, sRGB is considered as a standard to define the color balance, Adobe RGB is also a factor. If the PC fails to display perfect vivid colors in a balanced amount it impacts video quality and image graphics.

Here, we have traversed all the factors that a multimedia video editing PC should contain so one can edit beautiful things with clear sound. Now, everything is clear from basic to advanced factors of the PC. If we have a sense of all the important factors, the selection would be worth the value. It’s a big investment and that’s why people want to be satisfied with all the things. 

We have tried our best to elaborate on the things a person needs for the multimedia video editing PC. We hope this will help you to pick the best PC for you.