Tips on Running a Healthy Household

By | Aug 13, 2018

When it comes to our health, we all turn to nutrition, exercise, and medication to take care of it, forgetting that our surrounding environment also can affect it. Since many of us spend more than half of our lives at home, we can start doing some changes there to make it healthier for us and our family members. The process does not have to be expensive or overwhelming – just follow these tips and see the difference for yourself:

Avoid chemical cleaning products

The effects chemicals have on our health are endless. The list of their side effects can be scary, from cancer and asthma to pollution and poison. So to stay on the safe side and save your family member from such dangers, switch to non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products. The Hoboken cleaning service suggests using them because they are environmentally safe and they give better performance. You can also use ingredients found around your home to clean, such as vinegar to remove grease, baking soda for stains, diluted lemon juice to clean windows and grounded coffee beans to scrub the pots and pans with.

Get rid of the dust

Can you imagine that dust can be toxic! Well, it can. It might carry pollutant particles such as pollen, microscopic organisms, lead, fire retardants, pesticides and dander (dead skin cells from animals). Constant exposure to dust mites can cause allergies and asthma, according to the American Lung Association. It is impossible to stop the dust from entering your house but you can get it under control. Vacuum your house twice a week and always clean the vacuum cleaner afterward so the dust would not go back to the air. Also, change your beddings and pillows regularly and avoid heavily textured fabrics around your house, like drapes, because they tend to collect dust. Most importantly, try not to have your whole house carpeted from wall to wall, as carpets will absorb dust with years, which will lead to respiratory health issues.

Invest in a water filter

If you drink your tap water straight from the faucet, you should definitely invest in a water filter. Your water company probably already filters the water before sending it, but most time that is not enough. The water can contain lead, chlorine, E. coli and pesticides according to WebMD’s experts. Types of water filter can vary from pitchers that go into your fridge or filters that attach to your house’s plumbing system but they all will do the job. Change the filters as instructed and you will be on the healthy side.

Embrace natural light

Exposure to natural light has been proven to improve your mental health by making you happier, healthier, calmer and more productive. It is also better for your pockets as it saves the money spent on electric lighting. Plus, natural light fights off mold and mildew. It has also been proven to reduce eye strain and with it nearsightedness. So open those drapes and let there be natural light.

Cut back on using plastic

Plastic, the environment’s biggest enemy, is all around us. Our phones, fans, grocery bags, clothes and children’s toys all contain, if not being entirely made of, plastic. It has several types and some of them are more toxic than others, i.e. PVC plastic. Research has found that certain chemicals found in plastics, such as BPA, create hormone imbalances and they produce adverse developmental, neurological, reproductive and immune effects in human beings. So cut back on using plastic around your house and avoid it all together when it comes to storing your food. You can switch to using glass or stainless steel kitchenware and containers instead of plastic ones.

Add indoor plants around the house

Growing greenery around your house will not only purify the air and reduce carbon dioxide in it. It will also improve your health. Researchers at Kansas State University compared patients in rooms with plants to the ones without. They found that patients in rooms with plants request less pain medication, have lower blood pressure and heart rates. They also experience less fatigue and anxiety and are released from the hospital sooner. They concluded that when plants are added to patients’ rooms, they will speed up their recovery. Being around plants will also reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.

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