5 all-natural ways to prevent a migraine

By | Aug 12, 2018

Migraines are a common cause for emergency room visits amongst women aged between 18 and 45 years. Migraines account for lots of lost work hours and time we could better spend with our loved ones.

Supposing anyone suffers two or more migraines monthly, they’re labeled as to having chronic migraine disorder. For such cases, we strongly recommend the person take up preventive measures. The preventive regimen we’ll discuss are markedly different from therapies employed in cases of acute migraine attacks.

The precautionary treatment commonly endorsed by physicians relies solely on prescription treatment. While effective, drugs tend to cause unwelcome effects like sedation, memory impairment, and weight gain.


That said, let’s explore the natural ways to keep migraines at bay.

1. Try acupuncture

Acupuncture aims to balance energy flow – referred to as ‘qi’ – equalized along the meridians. Acupuncturists place needles at particular pressure points, generally along the neck or back with slow pain transmission. At times, a tender head massage follows needle placement.

Acupuncture treatments take an hour or thereabout, and patients are asked to attend six weekly sessions. Health Sumo wrote on daith piercing for migraine management that’s all the fuss.

2. Regular exercise   

During physical activity, our bodies release chemicals that impede the movement of pain signals to the brain. Also, these chemicals alleviate depression and anxiety which worsen migraines.

Obesity escalates the likelihood of chronic headaches, thus maintaining the recommended BMI through exercising and appropriate diet provides further perks in migraine management.

At your physician’s recommendation, choose exercises that you fancy such as swimming, cycling, and walking. However, take it easy at the onset and make progressive increments. Exercising vigorously triggers migraines.

3. Keep a diary  

Diarizing helps determine what triggers migraines. Note the onset of your migraine, what you were engaged in at that time, how long it lasts and what, presuming there’s any, provides relief.

Up until recently, avoidance of migraine causes was deemed the ideal advice. However, new studies submit such an approach escalates sensitivity to probable triggers.

4. Get enough sleep

Migraines wake you up in the dead of night or may even prevent you from sleeping all the same. Similarly, a poor night’s sleep may trigger migraines.

Set a regular sleep schedule. Sleep and rise at set times each day – weekends as well. Supposing you nap during the daytime, keep it short. A half hour nap should suffice, longer than that and you risk interfering with your nighttime sleep.

5. Ginger harbors a pharmacy   

Ginger roots contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties, aids in digestion, relieves nausea and settles the stomach. For persons who suffer from chronic migraine disorder, ginger is a must-have in your pantry. A glass of water laced 5ml ginger keeps migraine attacks at bay.

Key takeaway

Take time to understand specific migraine triggers. Be careful taking precautionary measures early enough; you sidestep the most troublesome symptoms.  


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