Spare your free time in these Google Games or PC games at no cost

By | Jul 6, 2021

While working at our workplace we all get bored at some point. We feel the need to do some fun activities or chats. You can’t play heavy games like PUBG or others in the office but some games are offered by Google and can eliminate the boredom and freshen up your mood to complete the tasks.

Play Google games when you go offline on PC

You don’t need to arrange any other gaming console or tool to play these Google Games. It can easily play on your office systems. If you are done with your tasks or there’s nothing to do or spare time you can play Pac-man, Tic-Tac-Toe, dinosaur, or flight simulator.

Text-based adventure games

Google enables gaming accessibility for its users to avoid boredom. You can play text-based or visual games in your free time. Use the google search bar to type the terms and find the one you want to play on your system’s browser.

Go to the hidden google chrome console, type the text adventure to get it on your screen.

Use right-click on the browser’s window then Ctrl + Shift+J for browser accessibility. Confirm yes, once you tap on entering the game will get started.

Follow the game instructions, and use the commands to continue with your text-adventure games.

Flight Simulator

It is one of the most popular games available for PC users. People who love to fly in the sky full of stars can experience the atmosphere through this game. This app can be installed separately on your computer. To get the accessibility of the flight simulator Google Earth Pro should install it on the PC. To play this game, Ctrl+Alt+A. It’s such a nice game to spare the free time.


You may have heard the name of a famous spider solitaire game that is default installed on various Microsoft Windows PCs. It’s categorized as a card game. This Solitaire game is also available at Google Search. You just need to type the term solitaire or patience game and hit the play button to start the game. Set the difficulty level. Follow the rules and play the game.

Pac Man

Google browser allows you to play a classic, easy, popular game without any problem on your computer in your free time. It is a very quick pass-time game that doesn’t need any other information to play. It is available in HTML 5 version in a basic format web results for all. Search Pac man by its name. Start the game with a play button and control the game activities and moves with arrow keys available on the keyboard.

Google Dinosaur

When the internet connection gets disturbed or not finding the proper to establish the connection you see the small dinosaur on screen. It indicates the Google Chrome browser dinosaur game. It is a very simple game to play with the space key.

In this dinosaur game, there are obstacles in the path. You should jump over the cactus tree.

Google Doodle Games

The google doodle changes every day. It is a combination of art and entertainment. Now the google doodle has turned into a dynamic and interactive experience. You can have fun with its past and current google doodle mini-games. These games are available at the Google Doodle archive.


Along with Google-free games you have the accessibility to play Android cloud games. If your status is offline on the Google Android app you can have fun with games. You just need to tap on the animated icon and the game will open on the screen to play.

It is designed in flappy birds style where you have to fly the clouds without touching the birds, these are obstacles inside the game.

If you are not interested in google games there are few other popular games that you can play without going online but you have to install them on a PC that will consume the RAM space and system space. If you are comfortable doing so, give them a try. Search the details of their official sites for a full understanding of the gaming interface and their setup.

High-performance ancient character standard PC games 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

When a game is in its development phase there is a story, ideology, culture or background interest, place. The concept of the game is derived from ancient Greece culture. In this game, you have weapons, different play styles that you can upgrade with each passing level or mission, or standard of the game. 

You will not feel bored at any moment as you have the opportunity to defeat your enemies to have interesting intense sword fights. You can select your favorite characters according to their capabilities and your comfort level. You have a choice to become a living legend or an odyssey in search of hidden interests or stories.

All these games are perfect to have casual game activity fun without spending money or installing the setup.

Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops 4 

It is an interesting game to play. You can play it solo or with your friends in multiplayer mode. Many maps are included with these games that too on offline mode so you don’t have to worry about the internet. This offline game also enables the 3 zombie maps without internet accessibility. You can make your battles intense and tough from the gaming interface to enhance the interest and experience of the high-performance high-tech games.

You have the accessibility to play over all modes, grabbing the flags on the battlefield, at full-fledged action mode. You can go over the solo mission or multiplayer mission. New features and weapons have been updated with the new version to enhance the excitement level of the battles.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Want to experience the fun of the Skyrim world. Install this game on your PC and get the experience of a pro gamer. Try the battle rounds and intense fight with your enemies in your favorite character. In the elder scrolls V: Skyrim you are entering into the fictional world of true beasts and dragons.

Here you can see the glimpse and atmosphere of Nordic mythology. It is the 5th franchise of this game series and if you have played the previous version this will be comfortable for you. Take a tour to all cities of Skyrim fighting with your enemies and utilizing the modes and their functionalities, weapons, and extraordinary power. The journey as a  legendary Dragonborn will be fun and full of excitement.

This game will not disappoint you at any moment. You can play it overnight and for hours and get addicted to its modes and battle rounds.

Go and install these games to your PC to spare your time and refresh your soul. It will charge you to do productive work with more energy. There are a few games that will addict you so don’t waste long hours playing these games when you have no work or getting bored with a routine.