How To Get Google Drive Direct Download Link

By | Jul 22, 2013
At different places i saw people asking for direct download link for their blog. Some sites providing options for direct download either they are charging fees or they are opening many ads or sometimes they disable your link. Now your problem has been solved regarding this issue, now you are able to get 15 GB space and direct download to your blogger viewers and again one plus point there is no bandwidth limit. Its none other than a big company Google Drive. But there is also a negative point of Google drive regarding direct download as it does not provide direct download to a file greater than 25 MB. To give direct download to the file greater than 25 MB read this tutorial.

How to set direct link through Google Drive.
Check these two link how this tool will change your link into direct download.

Before Direct Link

After Direct Download Link

Step 1:

Login to your drive account.

Step 2:

Upload a file which you want.

Step 3:

Right click on a file and click on share. Now you are provided with the link.

Step 4:

Now watch “who has access” part in the opened window after you click share.

Step 5:

Now click on change and check “anyone with the link” and save it. Now you get another link for it.

Step 6:

Now copy that link. Let check this how it will appear for you “Click On this Link” before we provide it with direct download.

Step 7:
This is the main step so carefully follow it. Go to this tool Direct Download For Google Drive

Step 8:
In step 6 we ask to copy the link so now paste it in this tools in the above tab and click on create direct link.

Step 9:
On below tab you are provided with the direct download link.

Step 10:
Copy that link and where ever you want to post it in your blog post it.

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